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shocking, during lockdown period divorce cases, increase-

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shocking, during lockdown period divorce cases, increase-

Divorce cases have increased significantly during Lokdom which became a concern. Matters that have come to the fore are not only about newly married couples but also of couples who have traveled for 40 years together. In lockdawn, the husband and wife have been living together for months, due to which they are having estrangement, published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy that there has been a sudden increase in the rate of divorce, 3,371 cases were reported in this study. Have tried to know the reason for divorce from people.
response to this, people have described lack of trust and confidence in each other, lack of ideas and constant distortion due to divorce. Lack of job has also been the cause of tension between people and there has also been a steady increase in incidents of domestic violence. Couples are also constantly asking lawyers and legal counsel for divorce.

Let us know what are the reasons why the divorce rate has increased during Lokdhon

1 – decrease or increase in communication
According to Weaverd of Only Health, 45% of the people who participated in this research reported a lot of lack of communication or communication among themselves. Communication is the only means by which one can become or make a living. Excess of work or excessive work is likely to occur on the way.

2- shortage of intimacy in relation-

In this research, 96% of people have told about the reason for their divorce. During lockdown, children were unable to make time for intimacy due to being with the child or family. While it is necessary to have intimacy to express love to your partner, it is necessary to have a spark to pursue any relationship. Because when there is a lack in them due to some reason, then the love in the relationship ends.

3- Lack of trust and respect for your partner-

During lockdown, the couple is spending time under the same roof. Due to not having any opinion on any issue among themselves, there is a situation of estrangement among themselves. Due to bad blood, there is a lack of love between the couples, due to which, respect for each other between them started working. Description has told about 36% of the people to break up their relationship.
4- More than love in a relationship – Everyone gets bored with the same kind of life Sally as Khan Pan. Likewise, couples are getting bored every day by having sex. Seeking it daily from your partner and not respecting the feelings of the front has also been the main reason for divorce.

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