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Tackle Detective Agency is the fastest growing and most trusted and reliable detective agency in Firozabad. Tackle Detective Agency is an expert in solving all types of marital matters whether pre-matrimonial or post matrimonial.

Detective in Firozabad is a well-trained and experienced person who solves cases with great honesty. As we are the most trusted detective agency in Noida, we never disclose the identity of the client as we believe That there must be a quantity of quality in any work. With 12 years of extensive experience as a private Detective Agency in Firozabad providing reliable, thoughtful, and affordable investigation services. Our detective agency in Firozabad provides investigative and espionage services in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, and Pan India, and Pan India offers personal investigation, corporate investigation, financial investigation, and matrimonial investigation, surveillance, backdrop investigation. These include personal tracing, financial fraud investigations, labour court cases, sting operations, and undercover agents. And personal investigations include pre/post matrimonial inquiries, surveillance, loyalty test investigation, divorce cases, Background check, extramarital affair check.

Firozabad is the city and district headquarters of Uttar Pradesh. The city, whose old name is called Chandwar, is known for the manufacture of bangles. The big towns under the Firodistrict include Tundla, Sirsaganj, and Shikohabad. Firozabad mainly has bangles business. Here you can see colourful bangles all around you. The beginning of the glass industry – Aligarh Institute Gazette on page 1083 of 1880 is written by Urdu poet Maulana Altaf Hussain Hali.


Tourist places in Firozabad –
1-Jain Temple
2-Chandwar Gate
3-Vaishno Devi Temple
4-Sufi Sahab Mazar
5- Kotla For
6-Sri Hanuman Temple
7-Mata Tila Temple

Know the benefits of a detective agency in Firozabad

There are times when a prospective bride or groom might seem a suitable match on a superficial level but to be sure that the person is right for you, it’s important to investigate. A pre-matrimonial investigation is nothing but a rigorous investigation of the person you plan on marrying. The investigation is going to include all the past details, work details, the family’s background, and of course the kind of friend circle and social activities the person indulges in.


It’s also necessary to find out if there is an underlying medical condition that might hinder the relationship of the couple. Medical investigation is also kept in the priority list. People often ignore pre-matrimonial investigation to get their wards married as early as possible. But to have good knowledge about the person’s background can be of great help. Investigation in matrimony is as important as due diligence in the orate world. The two people who are going to spend the rest of their lives together must have at least some details to work on their compatibility. With Tackle Detective Agency you can be assured to get all the details necessary for pre-matrimonial investigation. We do not compromise with quality and confidentiality.

An Affair is a sexual relationship or passionate attachment between two persons. extramarital affairs a relationship out of marriage.
There are many reasons why people cheat. ut the Scientists found four different ways how they cheat their spouse. ere I am telling you different kinds of extramarital affairs that exist and why people engage in them.
When one person lacks a connection with their spouse but finds it in another person.there won’t be any physical intimacy but they will be talking, texting all the time.
This is very rare but it happens. When two people involved in this relationship may even walk out of their marriage to be with their soul mate.
This type of relationship occurs when two people having strong sexual chemistry and act upon it. These relationship takes place when people hide their emotional problems.
This happens when one spouse very angry with their partner. One of the biggest reasons why this happens lies in the fact that the spouse doesn’t give other much attention, love, or excitement.
After children, many couples refrain from sex in marriage. his leads to physical dissatisfaction in marriage and prompt men to get involved in a commitment-free extramarital affair.
This can be from anyone- 60%
Of emotional affairs begin at the place. his usually ends in any one of the three ways
*Divorce and remarriage
*Divorce and relationship loss
*Recommitment to the relationship that was betrayed.
Longer time affairs usually last in 6 months to approximately two years.
But any way extramarital sex is not a criminal offence in India.


According to Indian law, the best way for each other to depart from their spouses according to the court of law is by mutual divorce consent. Maintenance is a financial aid that allows one spouse to another in the event of divorce or legal separation. The maintenance or alimony allowance, which is determined to be kept, is a payment made by a spouse to assist with the support of the receiving spouse. Which ends at the death of the spouse

The date fixed by the judge or agreed upon by the husband and wife. Or may also end on remarriage or cohabitation of the spouse. These payments are of limited time, but in long-term marriages, they can continue for life. Divorce rates are higher in India when you compare with other countries. In India,it is a mixture of many religions and there are different rules of divorce for many religions. Ego, excessive self-esteem, low care,and attention are the main reasons for divorce among couples. Sexual life is not expected. There are very disconcerting reasons from their partner. If two couples have difficulty adjusting and are not able to co-exist and do not respect each other’s feelings then divorce or that marriage. It is better to dissolve

“Loyalty is an expensive gift, But as humans, we tend to expect loyalty from our partners, irrespective of the fact that how they are. In any relationship, loyalty is all about being faithful and committed towards your partner.  A bond is there where you share everything with your partner. There are no secrets and there is nothing to hide. A bond that is just so pure and there are no doubts at all.
But there are cases, where one person feels that their partner is not being loyal towards them. They have a feeling of being cheated. They feel that their partners are hiding something from them or they are into some other relationships as well.
In such cases, a loyalty test is conducted in order to show them the proof of what all their partners are doing behind their backs. This test helps to come up with conclusions not only on the emotional basis but also on the basis of proofs and evidence gathered through the test conducted. It also helps to find out whether their partners are the right ones for them or not. Based on all this, further decisions are made.
The Tackle Detective Agency in Firozabad of India conducts a loyalty test and spouse cheating investigations. They maintain privacy and they do not reveal anything. It is highly confidential. The agency has its experts who look into this matter. The test conducted by them is considered and rated to be the best in entire the country

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