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It is the practice of keeping a close eye on a certain place, person, or object. The detectives performing this task are highly equipped with the latest gadgets and great knowledge of pathways and areas nearby. Surveillance is not an easy task and therefore, only highly experienced investigators perform such operations.
Our investigators are conducting surveillance of all types all over the nation. The surveillance officer is decided on the basis of the case like male to male, male to female, female to male, and female to female.
The team of Tackle detectives is very friendly and understanding of the client. We work with full empathy to fulfill the requirement of our customers in the best possible way. When is Surveillance Used?

  • Missing Person Searches
  • Cheating Spouse Investigation
  • Recurrent Theft
  • Worker’s Compensation Cases
  • Vandalism
  • Fraud Investigations

How does it work?

1. At Tackle detectives we first understand the desire of the customer to give the best results. This helps in determining the right approach and the depth of the study required.
2. Investigator will conduct a vital background check of the convict and understands the situation of the case and prepare an investigation plan with the help of our extensively rooted team.
3. Investigators will analyze the geographical area where the investigation has to be performed. It helps them in understanding each and every pathway and also in deciding the static points of performing the operation.
4. According to the study of the areas of operations, investigators will decide about the set of gadgets to be carried along for the investigation. Each and every case is discrete from other cases and therefore the type of evidence also varies according to the requirement of the client and availability.

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