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Incepted with a bull’s eye focus on private investigation, Tackle Detective Agency in Pune has achieved great heights as a reliable and consistent detective solutions provider on the planet. We specialize in endowing our clients with multiple detective services such as Pre and Post Matrimonial Investigations, Surveillance, Loyalty Test, Extramarital Affairs, Background Check, you name it. Having years of experience under the belt, the investigators at Tackle Detective Agency employ the best spy gadgets and techniques to end the mystery of the case.

100% customer satisfaction is the core of what we do. The Detective Agency in Pune provides its clients with the quality that wins an enduring trust in our brand.

No matter how mazed the case is, we resolve it within less time frame. Our goal is to take our customer out of the doubt tangle and introduce them with the real face.

Confidentiality is paramount at Tackle Detective Agency in Pune, India. Our deep-rooted network of detectives leaves no stone unturned in every investigation case, making sure that the utmost privacy is maintained. Renowned as the best private digital agency in Noida, we deliver our investigation services across India. Count on us for dependable and high-quality private investigation services in the town.

Best Detective Agency in Pune for Pre/Post Matrimonial Investigation


Matrimonial in which two bodies are considered one soul, this is the partnership in which couples choose to stay together on seven births.

However, in our Indian society, Arrange marriage is a very old practice. Ancestors used to marry just their recognized people.
Now, in the Internet age, people choose partnerships through social media, magazines. People tell thousands of lies to hide the truth. Many scammers take advantage of this. In which it becomes very difficult to find out the truth. Your life dreams can be shattered, and the relationship becomes like a dirty business.
Despite all these problems, finding a good spouse is not a difficult task, because in today’s time you have every right to know the comprehensive analysis of a to-be partner.
You are the right place where Tackle Detective Agency in Pune offers services for pre matrimonial investigation in a very confidential manner.
Here are some services that you can relate-
• Family background
• Information about personality
• Info about affairs
• If any past marriage
• If any criminal activity
• Drug/Alcohol abuse
• If Online scammer
• Financial status
• Job profile and reputation in the workplace

If you want to know more than this, you can feel free to ask us. We will happy to serve you.

People look forward to getting married. It is one of the most dreamt about events in a person’s life. The honeymoon is exciting. After a couple has gotten married, the first couple of days are perfect. You are happy about having found your soul mate. Everything is like a fairytale come true. You think nothing can go wrong in your life thinking your better half loves you and will protect you always. After a couple of months, the excitement fades away and life becomes boring and mundane. Very soon, both of you begin to fight and are no longer happy. The test of time gave you a glimpse of what it was to be happy and now, it simply vanished.

Looking for post matrimonial investigation
In India, divorce cases are increasing each day. Yes, it is true. Several young couples look for ways to part of their marriage. Divorces are complicated matters in India. Hence, there are several companies that conduct post matrimonial investigations in Pune indiscretion. These investigations are highly confidential and offer evidence that makes the divorce case strong. Divorces are filed for various reasons; hence you have to prove your side of the case. Having a post matrimonial investigation in Pune is the best way to handle the matter.

Society, especially in India, looks down upon marriage. So, it is always best to consider post matrimonial inquiry. It can save a marriage


ExtraMarital Affair

The term marriage is a wider concept especially in this country where marriage is a holy institution. Marriage involves lots of comprises, adjustment between two people in a cost of love. But sometimes marriages don’t last long and people strive to chose a better option than their existing choices. Here, where something called Extramarital affair starts brewing when the couple doesn’t find happiness in a marriage or he/she is not satisfied with their desired partners.

An Extramarital affair just has its own justification. An Extramarital affair in Pune can be a whim or any forced situation. There are certain factors that influenced people to have an extramarital affair. Any of the partner state of mind, financial need, emotional want can be the greatest reason for the involvement of any of the partners in Extramarital affairs.
Extramarital affairs that are done by anybody’s intention are totally dependent on a personal choice of someone.

If somebody who loves to live their life with full freedom and doesn’t have any willingness to have a burden of being in a marriage with the only person for a lifetime.When they believe that they are the possibility of
Living their life with any other person who can make him happier. So, a person by choice made a decision of having an Extra Marital Affair.

The extramarital affair which is done out of forcedness situation is always done due to certain situations between the couple like he or she is no more willing to be together and just spending their life abide by the term and concept of marriage in such cases the person starts finding his or her happiness with other person and initiates an Extramarital affair.

The Extramarital affair always tends to be secretive people always resist accepting their Extramarital affair openly. As we live in a society where it is still not acceptable. Moreover, there are certain who always keep an eye on their partners to ascertain their whereabouts to check whether they are having an Extramarital affair or not. Sometimes doubting their partners always makes a formative decision about their partners for having an extramarital affair.

Why background check is important?

Marriage is a beautiful journey that two people share for the rest of their lives. But it can be a nightmare if the person is not appropriate. It is very important to know the background of the person. In India, as we know, marriage is not only between two people but between two families. A background check is very important to know the suitability of the family.

Financial stability, reputation, cultural diversity are some major factors that need to be focused upon. Background checks play an integral role in matchmaking. It’s a process that gives you a lot of clarity if to go forward with a particular family. As important as this process is, it is also very fragile and needs to be unadulterated. So a reliable source is of the utmost requirement that can provide authentic information about the family.

Background checks gives you a direction in which you need to go forward in. Even the past relationships of a person tells a lot about his / her personality. We believe that marriages should be sacred and for lifetime. So to have such a person on board, we need to have utmost clarity about him/her. From the types of jobs to the type of friend circle, everything projects the mentality, personality and mental stability of a person.

Marrying someone without a background check is dangerous and risky. It is like shooting an arrow in the dark without any idea of where the aim is. In a world where we have diverse people, it is a blessing and luck to find your perfect one. So to move forward without any ambiguity and doubt, one should not skip the Tackle Detective Agency in Pune process of a background check.


Long gone are the days when Law Enforcement agencies had to look for potential suspects, murderers, and killers. They also had to spend long man-hours and resources waiting for any leads on potential suspects and criminals. With the advent of technology, crime-fighting has got a new lease on life. Now it is very easy to track criminals, terrorists, drug dealers, murderers, and other criminals through using advanced tools of crime detection.

Surveillance is one such tool in the prevention of crime or any threat to national security. Earlier, surveillance used to be a tedious and time-consuming effort and many a time, it did not yield the desired result. Now, with the latest developments in technology, advanced surveillance tools like CCTV cameras, directional mikes, mini transmitters etc.have proved beneficial for the various law enforcement and other security agencies in fighting crime and international terrorism.

So you can see, that through advance facial recognition systems, bio-metric detection systems and CCTV camera surveillance any potential terroroist activity can be stopped and loss of lives and damage to property be prevented.

Therefore, surveillance is the best-advanced tool available for the present law enforcement and security agencies all over the world.

Corporate Investigation in Pune

Business these days is all about being informed so that high-order personnel can make best and well-informed decisions. Business investigations arm the decision-makers with the most sought-after information and other indispensable tools necessary for the organization’s success.
The more you know your competitors, your internal operations, your business partners, and your market, the probability of achieving success increases. It is common for organizations to onboard corporate investigators who can provide business investigation services for a wide range of topics such as criminal inquiries, background checks, financial searches, intellectual property breaches, and more.

To be on top of what is going on demands an edge over everyone else. Businesses these days are complex entities. The larger a company becomes, the less likely are the chances that the ‘real score’ gets delivered on top. With corporate investigations, you’ll see through departments that may be concealing data, partners that may also be partners with your competitors, or moles posing as job applicants.

If you aspire to discover

• An embezzlement or fraud,
• Personnel check
• Business hygiene of a potential business partner,
• Profit chances from a business merger, and more then

Tackle Detective agency in Pune is the foremost choice of organizations. It is an amalgamation of highly trained professionals who possess an excellent approach to different situations. Our agency leaves no cornerstone unturned and provides you with the most trusted and credible information.

Loyalty Test

Loyalty is like a beautiful flower but some cheap people mash it.
Indeed loyalty is a beautiful gift but some cheap people don’t respect it and they keep deception to their loved one they are just playing with their emotions. So we should beware of such people and don’t need to trust such people very simply. Before trusting anyone we should judge his loyalty or we should take his loyalty test.
Actually there are so many loyal peoples in our environment/world but not everyone and that’s the main point because everyone looks nearly about similar and also we can’t judge anyone with his face whether he’s loyal or not so loyalty test, is the best option for this all the problems indeed this is the best solution for this all the problems.

Results of a relationship without the loyalty test:
Because the relationship is like a bond with 2 different people but some cheap people don’t respect it and they break it any way that why we should test his loyalty before trusting. If we didn’t take any loyalty test and the person with you are making a relationship if he turns out to a cheap so we should face below problems:
*we can commit suicide because of this and its a truth every year people commit suicide because of this cheap type people
*we can get down into the depression
*peoples lose their hopes
*peoples become sick
*Some of them can’t even move on after this type of incident

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