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Detective Agency in Delhi Charges

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What are the charges of private detectives in Delhi?

If we talk about private Detective Agency in Delhi, then Delhi is a lot of detective service providers in Delhi and every detective has different charges. Detective agencies provide various types of investigation services such as.
1.Personal Investigation
2. Matrimonial Investigation
3. Divorce & maintenance case
4. Child or employee monitoring software
5. Surveillance, etc.

Every service has different charges depending on how many details the clients have and how long the case is going to last, it is not a minor matter to hire a detective agency in big cities like Delhi because every detective agency is here not for serving quality service, some detective agency is here to cheat the customers.
If we talk about a normal detective agency in Delhi charges, it is 5000 to 6000 par day charges, 25000 – 30000 1 week charges, and if we see the 1-month cost, then it comes to 85000 – 100000.
Getting Detective Service is a very big task. We also have a risk of our privacy so that the agency does not disclose it because it is a normal case for the Detective Agency but for the customer it is a question of his life, because they come in a similar problem, if we do something upside down, then the customer breaks in.
Therefore, you should think very carefully while hiring the detective agency because if your case accidentally went into the hands of some wrong agency, then you can take the position of taking it.

Tackle Detective agency is India’s branded detective service they have solved many typical cases in the worst situation. Their main objective is to help the customer so that they can live a greater and peaceful life.
They have an amazing team of private detectives thus they work very confidentially and securely so that customers can identify that someone is doing an investigation of him/her.

detective agency delhi charges

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