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Detective Agency in Gaya or you can say Tackle Detective Agency is the one you are looking for in confusion with your problems? Establish a relationship with us and you will not be confused. Private Detective Agency in Gaya is the fastest growing and most trusted. Tackle Detective Agency is an expert in solving all types of marital matters whether it is Pre matrimonial or posts matrimonial, divorce cases, extramarital affairs, background investigation.

We have a well trained and experienced team of detectives who solve cases with great honesty and confidentiality. We never disclose the identity of the customer because we believe that quality works contain quantity. We are providing reliable, thoughtful and affordable investigation services with over 12 years of extensive experience in the field. Our Detective Agency in Gaya provides investigation and detective services in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, and Pan India, Corporate investigations include skin personal tracing, financial fraud investigations, labour court cases, sting operations and undercover agents. Personal investigations include Pre / Post Matrimonial Inquiry, Surveillance, Loyalty Test Investigation, Divorce Case, Background Check, Extramarital Affairs Investigation.

Gaya is the second-largest city in the state of Bihar, bordering Bihar and Jharkhand and on the banks of the Phalgu River. Gaya like Varanasi is also primarily a religious city, like Varanasi, Gaya’s fame is primarily that of a religious city. Is famous as Gaya is one of the important pilgrimage centres of Bihar, which is especially famous for Hindu pilgrims. According to the Puranas, a temple has been built on the footprints of Lord Vishnu, which is an important place in Hinduism.


For this reason, the Vishnupad temple here is popular among tourists. This city is also famous for Pitridan. It is said that by offering Pind Daan on the banks of the river Falgu, the dead person gets Baikuntha.

Holy places
1 Vishnupad Temple
2 Ramanuja Math (Bori)
3 Baba Siddhanath, par
4 Jama Masjid
5 Bitho Sharif
6 Banabar (equivalent) mountain
7 Ancient and Wonderful Shiva Temple (Chovar Village)
8 Koteshwarnath
9 Sun Temple
10 Brahmani Hills
11 Mangala Gauri
12 equal cave
13 Devi Temple Niajipur, Gaya Bihar

Top Detective Agency in Gaya

Marriage is a life-changing milestone. It is essential to know and trust the person with whom one is entering this sacred bond. There are always warning signs that the person may not be right for you. Some of the warning signs that the person may not be compatible with you can be ascertained in social settings for example:
1. How does the person talk to subordinates I.e. waiters, household help?

2. How does the person behave with a younger sibling?

3. How does the person talk to elders?

However, these are just some things one can ascertain in social settings. There are other more important things that one must know before entering matrimony like financial disclosure- does the person have any outstanding debts or have they defaulted on loans.


A corporate investigation requires a thorough examination of an organization to detect and expose any act of misunderstanding on behalf of any employees, representatives, third parties, and/or stakeholders associated with the enterprise. . The corporate detective in Gaya will generally conduct one or more of the following in the relevance of the case under investigation:

Secret Investigation: It involves a secret investigation of employees to identify organizational misconduct by employees towards the organization.

 Research Investigations: Here, in-depth investigation of the acquisition, commercial prisons and other operational organization processes are done to ascertain any irregularities from the prescribed norms.

 Monetary check: The investigator discovers any dislocation in the company’s finances in relation to its balance sheet, bank accounts and other monetary instruments of organizations on trails.

 Electronic investigation: An organization’s phone and social media records with electronically stored databases are accessed to identify deficiencies that may cause organizational misconduct.


Regardless of the type of organization, internal and external deception can lead to an uncontrolled outcome when left controlled. A corporate investigation is able to distinguish correctly to reduce organizational corruption. For your problems, you can also consult our detective agency in Gaya.

Adultery has existed since marriage was invented and so with the taboo against it.

The definition of extramarital affairs varies all across the globe from flirting, to pornography, to physical intimacy and more. The following definition touches what seem to be the three common elements of extramarital affairs, also known as infidelity: a secretive relationship which is the core structure of an affair, an emotional connection to another, and sexual alchemy.

When one finds out about the unfaithfulness of their partner, the first question is usually “Why”. Why have they had the need to find someone to play the role that you are committed to fulfilling. It threatens your sense of worth because when you are in a marriage your belief is that you are indispensable to your partner.

There is no universal reason for the occurrence of extramarital affairs, but when you have been deceived it is important to note as therapist Esther Perel stated; that when one is unfaithful it isn’t always to turn away from their partner but from the person, they themselves have become. A search of self, not someone. Majority of the time it is prompted by a desire, a desire to feel affection, a desire to feel wanted. Going in search of a feeling that they either miss or have not found.

In looking at how to stop an Extramarital Affair Investigation it is important to first break down what caused it in the first place. One partner will be filled with the consequence of guilt whilst the other will feel hurt as the effect of the partner’s actions. Therefore, it is best for the guilty partner to constantly reopen the line of communication to slowly rebuild the foundation of trust.

However, in opening this line of communication, the partner feeling hurt must avoid asking questions that will simply inflict more pain instead of moving the relationship forward. Questions like that “Was she better in bed?” will simply lead to sleepless nights, an unresolved problem, or divorce in unfortunate incidences. It is better to ask questions such as “What made you start an affair?”. An explanation of the extramarital affair can sometimes help to mend what has been broken or lead to a deeper understanding of your partner. If you could bring in the same amount of boldness and imagination into your marriage as you do into an affair, then you probably would never have an affair. Tackle Detective Agency in Gaya helps to know you all truth.   

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