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Best Private Detective
Agency in Delhi

One of India's most trustable detective agency in Delhi which works pan India

Post Matrimonial Investigation
in Delhi

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Know About Tackle Detective

Tackle detective agency in Delhi has increased huge popularity in a brief time frame. The work approach of the firm is intact to the point that there are no chances of leakage of any data about the customer. The main priority of the company is to give 100% fulfillment to the customer. The initial step of the investigation is to understand the need of each customer and work appropriately. Hence, the system for each investigation is completely one of a kind.

Tackle detectives work with devotion and make a group for each case. Till the planning case isn’t over the group does not look at any other case. The team is selected according to the requirement of the client and the sensitivity of the case. The customer is educated about every single step of the taken for his or her case with particular outcomes. Tackle faith in execution and in this way it might build the length of the case if the satisfactory results are not gotten.

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Why Tackle Detective

Most Trustable

As illustrated earlier tackle detective agency in Delhi has earned huge applause in the terms of its trustworthiness and honesty.

100% confidential

Tackle detective agency in Delhi does not share the credentials of its client with their investigators.

Registered Agency

Tackle detective agency in Delhi is registered and approved. There are many fake detective services in Delhi which can fool anyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tackle detective agency in Delhi take cases of Delhi/ NCR and pan India.
Tackle detective agency in delhi maintains 100% confidentiality. Since our field investigators do not have the credentials of our clients, even in the worst senario company will take the responsibility.
Tackle detective agency in Delhi provides 100% authentic proofs supported by audio, video or written evidence.
Tackle detective agency in Delhi treats every case as unique the prices vary from case to case. Though we try to keep it as nominal as possible.
Tackle detective services in Delhi treats every case differently so there is no estimated time but we try to do it in 2 weeks. In case of the additional time period required company do not charge the customers.
Tackle detective services in Delhi has multiple ways to provide output to the client depending on the type of evidence obtained and the convenience of the customer. It could be through emails, personal meetings, the customer can visit the office, through phone or any other medium as specified by the client.
Tackle detective services in Delhi provides multiple payment options like credit card, debit card, net banking or cash.

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We have 10 Years

Of Experiences







One of India's Best Detective Agency in Delhi

Tackle Detective has solved a number of complicated cases in such a smooth way that the suspect had no clue about the investigation and extraction of information by the detectives. The detectives are experienced in their particular filed like fraud investigation, corporate investigation, mystery shopping, due diligence and matrimonial investigations.

The case is not performed just for the sake of completion of a task but in order to form a relationship with the customers. Therefore Tackle is known for great guidance for further steps after the investigation. Many fraud cases are solved and families are saved from being shattered. It is not one in many but the only which can be trusted blindly.

Tackle Detective’s Mission & Vission

Our ‘VISION’ is to provide an answer to each discern. Our detective agency in Delhi work until the satisfaction of the client is achieved. It also has the provision of a one-stop solution for various safety and security needs of an organization. Every task is performed by the private investigation specialist team of a detective agency in Delhi, people trust that Tackle Detective is the best private detective agency in Delhi.

Delhi’s most rooted information network which can bring even the slightest information about the case. We have a vast and fruitful team that gets activated according to the case. It is the immense knowledge of senior investigators and has given 400 successful projects. The base of 300 delightful customers is the true earning of our detective services in Delhi.

Best in Solving Matrimonial Cases

Tackle detectives specialize in Pre and Post matrimonial service, they have solved thousands of pre and post matrimonial cases.  Private investigators provide proof of all kinds of legal cases. Our detective agency in Delhi also specializes in corporate investigation.

Tackle Detectives is among one of the best detective agencies in Delhi. It has proved itself through the labor and skills of the investigation. The experience of 10 successful years has fuelled it to run so far. The major aspect of the Tackle detective agency in Delhi is to reach the right source of information without ever giving a glimpse of it to the suspect. In tackle, the investigations are done not for the purpose of making the client win the conflict but to solve the conflicts. The emotional understanding of the client’s situation and mental status is important to get the right approach to the case.

Tackle Detective agency in west Delhi has been rated as one of the most valued detective agencies in Delhi. Synonymous with unmatched investigative solutions it has received many awards in the field of private investigative for its impeccable track record and robust national network.

Well-Supportive Staffs

With a team of experienced private investigators on its payroll, the agency finds it easy to solve cases of any complexity and nature. The main aim of the agency is to see its customer happier after the case is done. This is the main reason that they focus on the emotional side of the client to find out the real need.

Deceived must be punished for its wrongdoing. The aim of the Tackle detective agency in Delhi is to bring out the truth and work for the wellbeing of society. It has served the industry with excellence, achieved a preeminent position, and awarded the trust and confidence of customers from across the city.

Privacy Protected & 100% Confidential

Tackle detective agency in Delhi assures 100% privacy of each customer. This has created not just the base of satisfied clients but also trusted. Tackle detective services purely work in favor of the customer’s interest is, therefore, the information of the customer is not shared with our detectives so that client is safe in every situation.

The MD of the firm has himself solved many cases gaining great respect in the eyes of industry pioneers and peers. It aims to reach the Everest of detective services in Delhi and catch the sight of every needy.

Tackle detectives services in Delhi is known for is transparency and delete all the information about the client once the case is done. It is also possible for the client to check it himself is all the data has been removed or not.

Why is a detective agency necessary?

People are not ways who they claim to be and so its always right to be precautious. As they say, prevention is better than cure, finding complete information about a person before spending the rest of your life with them is 100% important than everything else. Sometimes you may feel paranoid or if this is all too much but it doesn’t hurt to take precautions but you will be surprised how many people choose to marry so soon without knowing much about a person and later get cheated in one way or the other.

People who have always been with you, your friends, relatives, everybody has a different face. Nobody is who they claim to be. So what can u expect from somebody who you’ve met on only countable occasions? Even if you have known them all their lives, people can always surprise us in many ways. Their likes may be different than what they portray. People marry due to various reasons, like parental pressure or wealth.

Knowing the true financial status of the person and who the members of their family are is very essential as you will be associated with them after the marriage. A person can pretend to be somebody else for a long time but there are ways to discover their original characteristics and understand how their minds work. At our agency, we provide the finest detective service with accurate reports which will help you make the correct decision for your lives. The information you provide to us is strictly confidential as we value each and every one of our clients and you are our priority.

Extramarital affairs have become the news of every day. If you are the regular audience of the TV program, Crime Branch, you would be very much familiar with it. If you are not one of them, let us know about it.

What is Extramarital Affairs?
When a married man or woman keeps a sexual relationship with another woman or man, then it is called extramarital affairs. Most important thing is that all the games are played secretly without the knowledge of their partners.

Now the one question in our mind arises if extramarital affairs are right? The simple answer is: No. It has so many side effect and all of them are either bad or worse and in rare cases worst like suicide or murder by the partner.
So when it has so much negative impact on life, one question arises in our mind: how to save our married life from it? The answer is if you could know your partner’s extramarital affairs timely it can be prevented.

The idea of divorce and maintenance props up in our minds when we find ourselves in desperate need to live our lives after the marriage dissolution. Divorce and maintenance rights have been created and designed to put the divorcees out of the hell-like situation that might occur after a divorce.

In order to avoid any unwanted predicament after a divorce and also to make the after-divoce life of the couples trouble free and undisturbed, divorce and maintenance law and rights have come up as serious healers for all the contemporary couples who seek divorce.
This law assists in accomplishing the financial and emotional needs that are indispensable for sustenance after a divorce. Without them the act of using spouses as carpets could have gone on without punishment.

This is the process in which we check the all internal as well as external affairs of any particular candidate or a person internal affairs means check their desired academic record at any level ie schooling, intermediate or graduation and vice versa it is done because of crosscheck of given data to original data and external affairs means related to their behaviour towards your friends society as well as staff where u work it is done because of vision to determine the inbuild characteristics of any person background check is necessary in every aspect of life when u going to any organisation to work or join any job or when u move to own country to another country both internal and external affairs both are very important to check at every level.

Doubt can devastate relationships, both personal and professional. At Tackle detective Agency in Delhi we work round-the-clock to help you lay your doubts to rest. If your romantic or business partner has been acting suspiciously, it is natural to fear the absolute worst. Your husband or wife could be cheating on you, or your business associate may be pilfering money from your company. You would rather learn the truth than let your doubts fester. The Loyalty Test service at Tackle Detective Agency is your best bet.

We offer proof in the following forms:
-written statements

We understand that trust rests on a tricky balance. One wrong move could take years of reparations to heal. Suspicions as strong as they may be could often turn out wrong. Here, at Tackle detective agency in Delhi we actively help you resolve misunderstandings between you and your partner.

We collect information through an agent who poses as your partner’s friend. They extract knowledge about their meetings and the reasons for those meetings. This way you can get a clear understanding of your partner’s activities. If it’s a hidden marriage you suspect, or even a traitor at work, our Loyalty test will flush the answers out for you.

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    I was extremely satisfied with the pre-matrimonial service of the Tackle detective agency in Delhi. They perform their job so well and extract every minute detail about the suspect. I was saved from being fooled by a fraud. The person was unemployed and he told us that he is working in IBM. It was with the efforts of a detective agency in Delhi that I came to know the reality and broke my engagement.

    Reena Chandra

    I am very satisfied with the results of the detective agency in Delhi. I like the way their detectives work. It’s difficult to share our credentials but detectives in here work professionally and there are no chances of any leakage. They deleted all my data after the case which was my major concern. The corporate investigation is a difficult job which they performed very well. This is exactly what I expect from detective services in Delhi.

    Dr. Mohan Joshi

    I am glad to share my experience with the detective agency in Delhi. My husband used to go out of station very frequently in the name of office meetings. Later with the help of detective services in Delhi I came to know that he was staying in Delhi with his second wife and two kids. I was shattered but all hail to the detective agency for making me aware of the truth. Now I have filed a case against my husband and tackle detective agency in Delhi is helping me with the proofs.

    Shradha Sharma

    I had a great experience with detective services in Delhi. It was almost impossible for me to win my divorce case but they brought strong proofs against my wife. Things have sorted and I am out of the case with very low compensation. Detectives are highly professional and maintain the secrecy of the case.

    Anuj Goyal

    It is one of the best detective agencies in Delhi. They understood the privacy and urgency of my case and solved it as per my requirement. The customer support is excellent and provides guidance in performing the case further. Tackle detective services in Delhi is highly professional and customer oriented.

    Rahul Roy

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