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Searching for the best private detective agency in Surat, at this point contact the Tackle Detective Agency without any trace. The best service in Surat is the service of Tackle Detective. Tackle Detective Agency works on Pan India.

Pre serves best in many matters such as matrimonial investigation, post matrimonial investigation, surveillance, corporate tatus., Husband wife cheat and divorce.

The best detective agency in Surat, we do pre-wedding and post-marriage investigations, a criminal investigation, confirming the foundation of competitors in the corporate dimension, antitrust investigation, Tackle programming investigation, court case identification, and investigation, for two people. Participates in undercover work such as associations, resource checks at whatever point is required. We then offer custom-tailored answers in a practical manner to the customer’s needs, while maintaining their privacy. And uphold their principles.

The private detective agency in Surat has a wide-ranging system as spies. We use a variety of the most innovative innovation control controls in our investigation, such as spy cameras, Bluetooth. With the help of which we collect and secure the data or evidence which is going to be given to our customers. We have been in this private espionage field for 12 years. Also exceptionally experienced as just experienced or acclaimed detective group  Those who stick away in our affairs to deal with the things happening around and to get the best results. The secrecy of the planets, along with all the senses we have collected, is very much desired, it does not spread to outsiders.


Surat is the major city located in the state of Gujarat, which was once known as Surya Pur. The city is also known as the economic capital of Gujarat. Surat is also the cleanest state at 3 in the country. Surat is also known as Silk City and Diamond City due to its cloth and diamond business. Surat is a port city of Gujarat. Surat is the second-most populous city in Gujarat. It is known as the ‘city of flyovers’. It is polished 90% of the world. Dances like Garba and Dandiya can be enjoyed in the city.

Why need detective service in Surat

We offer pre matrimonial investigation services to help you and your family get a complete verification of the family. We understand how substantial it is to get the background authentication without any miss There is a certain piece of information that you should know before the wedlock happens. Moreover, knowing the sensitivity of the situation, we assure you about complete privacy and safety. Our services include a complete and thorough background verification of the individual, the family, and the social reputation too. However, we are open to invade further as per your specific demand.


If you have ever into a struggle of taking a decision to whether go ahead with a marriage proposal or not, don’t worry. Our services have covered all for you. You can discuss the requirements with us without any hesitation.  We will help you to get concrete evidence with proper documentation.  Marriage is a beautiful association between two people, families, and society. We endeavor to nurture this association with fact-based information. To get a complete overview of our pre-matrimonial investigation services and its results, please feel free to seek our professional advice.

Marriage is a way of love and trust, but the team at Tackle Detectiveagency in Surat has found that many times these relationships are deprived of love and trust and break up due to deception or misunderstanding or deception. In Surat Tackle Detective Agenceb has solved many cases like Post Matrimonial, Pre Matrimonial, Second Marriage, Divorce, and Corporate. Our job is not just to gather together but to avoid every misconception between the couple and save the relationship. And rather whether the partner’s suspicion is right or wrong.

Marriage is not only for two people and their families, neither for taking ahead of the family dynasty nor for the society to be happy.  When two people get married with complete harmony and accord, they enter a bond where not only physically but even mentally, they are into a relationship, where they are meant to make the marriage successful with their love and loyalty for one another, share things with each other like pals, fight too but then try to understand each other better than they knew them prior.  It’s all about two souls coming together.


Sometimes these bonds turn out to be so unmanageable for both the mortals, that they shatter love into pieces and smash loyalty. Then there is no space for continuing the marriage, but sometimes, it’s just one of the two who does that and leaves the other in despair. There are times when one person is kept blindfolded for a great deal of time.  Which makes everything worse, because the person cheating is not loyal but yet another one trusts.
Now and then, maybe someone loses feelings for their partner, maybe it is natural but it’s always finer to first try and give chances or rather just disclose and keep everything in front of them.

Loyalty in a simple dictionary term is the quality of being loyal or having a strong feeling of support or allegiance to someone or something. In the case of individuals, it is mostly between couples/friends/business partners/employees. A loyalty test or loyalty test investigation is conducted by detective agencies on behalf of their clients/customers on a subject to find out if they (subject) have been cheating their partners or family.
This loyalty test is also conducted to check if that person (subject) is having any extramarital affairs or even just love affairs with anyone outside their committed or marital relationship. A loyalty test is the most pervasive investigation service provided by detective agencies to clear the questions regarding loyalty and make a sense of the reliability of your spouse/friend.
The main purpose of the loyalty test is to find in case-
•       The partner/spouse is cheating on the client/customer before the marriage.
•       The partner is having an extra-marital affair or a hidden marriage.
•       The business partner is working with some other people that are detrimental to the business objectives/goals.
•       The employee or employees are involved in any kind of wrongdoing/ill-legal activities that may affect the company or firm.

The loyalty tests will enable in extracting the hidden truth that may help the client in getting protection from any damage both psychologically/physically and in monetary terms.

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