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Pre Matrimonial Investigation

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Pre Matrimonial Investigation in Delhi and India

Marriage is the most beautiful event of life but only if it happens with the right person. Sometimes it is difficult to understand whether the person is actually what he or she is showing. There could be hidden facts which will be revealed after the marriage. In such cases, earlier the spouse used to manage until the whole of the life but now a day it results in divorce.

Marriages are not made in heaven but we have to create it heaven like and this can only be done with the help of pre-matrimonial check. A sacred relationship marriage is which has now turned into the dirty business of claiming dowry or maintenance. It is difficult for both men and women to trust someone without any pre- matrimonial investigation in delhi.

Some warning signs:

  • Has your partner been hiding or avoiding discussing his or her past?
  • Have you met any of his or her friends, family, or co-workers?
  • Has partner been overly curious about your whereabouts? Has it turned from cute and flattering to obsessive and intrusive?
  • Partner not feeling comfortable in discussing his or her family background.
  • Hesitating in visiting the doctor with you.


All the information provided by the client along with its credentials is deleted once the job is done. Also, we never try to reach our customers after the work is done until the customer first take the step to approach our agency. The plan created for each case is unique and as per the convenience and instruction of the client to provide results in the best possible way.

The Tackle detective pre-marriage investigations agency services include documentation of all places visited and identification of all people met by the spouse beside also the provision of video and photos of them. Reports will be providing day wise to create are a clear picture in the mind of the customers.

It is an evitable truth that every parent wants their daughter or son to get married to the best person made for them on planet earth and therefore for the sake of their life it is a duty for every parent and the individuals themselves to inquire about the person they are planning to get married to.

Our specialized services include:

  • Background of the family
  • Details of family members
  • Business and Professional income
  • Social and Financial status
  • Previous Matrimonial disputes in the family if any Character of the Subject
  • Accommodation Status
  • Habits and Behaviour
  • Health and Fitness
  • Social Friends
  • Vices and Addiction
  • Extra-marital affairs
  • Habits and Behaviour of the spouse
  • Daily routine, during and after work hours of the spouse
  • Friends circle
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