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Is your own partner worried about a middle issue? Is doubt about a corporate problem giving you a hard time to sleep? Do you want to confirm these and many such doubts which are the reason for your problem? Then allow the Private Detective Agency in Mirzapur to uncover this fact. Tackle detective in Mirzapur will solve the case with great secrecy with their experience and hard work. Tackle Detective Agency has solved more than 400 cases in Mirzapur. During this time the Detective Agency has been awarded 15 awards for its best work. However, the agency is aware of the sensitivity of detectives’ work and that is why we strictly align our moral compass with professional ethics. Customer privacy is his priority at Tackle Detective Agency. If you have any type of investigation like pre/post matrimonial investigation, divorce cases, surveillance in Mirzapur, background check, extramarital investigation, corporate investigation, You can check to avoid any cheating.

Mirzapur city (Vindhyachal) is a city in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Which is the headquarters of Mirzapur (Vindhyachal) district. Mirzapur (Vindhyachal) is considered a very important district in terms of tourism. Because of its natural beauty and religious atmosphere, it attracts the attention of the people. Mirzapur city Vindhyachal Dham is one of the major Hindu pilgrimage sites in India. Due to which Navratri, lakhs of devotees visit here.


Apart from this, it is also famous for Sitakund, Lal Bhairav Temple, Moti Talab, Tanda Falls, Vildamphal Falls, Tarakeswar Mahadev, Maha Triangle, Shiv Pur, Chunar Fort, Gurudwara Guru Da Bagh and Rameshwar, Deoraha Baba Ashram etc. The city is bounded on the north by Varanasi district, south of Sonbhadra district and west of Allahabad district. The international standard time of India is taken from the place of Amravati square in Mirzapur, Mirzapur is very famous for “Lalstone”

In ancient times this stone was used by King-Emperor Ashoka of Maurya dynasty to make Buddhist Stupa and Ashoka Pillar (presently national emblem of India).

Major attractions of City-

1 Tarakeswar Mahadev
2 Maha Triangle
3 Shivpur
4 Sita Kund
5 Chunar Fort
6 Gurdwara Bagh
7 Virtuous River
8 Tanda Falls
9 Kantit Sharif
10 gurudwara guru da tiger
11 Rameshwar Mahadev Temple

The Matrimonial Detective Agency in Mirzapur

Get a pre-matrimonial investigation done for the person you are considering for yourself or for your child, do a little background check about it, there will be no problem in the long term. Marriage is not just the union of two people, but all the other things that come with these people, so assuring yourself to endless possibilities will always be useful to make your final choice. Also, in this day and age, it is almost impossible to see through a single “presentation”


This is where the detectives come in. Tackle Detective Agency in Mirzapur also offers Pre Matrimonial Investigation in the city from its long list of services, but operating from the city, we also provide our services including Pre Matrimonial Investigation in India. When you really need us Ask yourself the following questions –

• Have they disclosed everything you asked for?
• Does he ultimately have very important information about himself in communication?
• Behavior patterns seem inconsistent with you?
• Have they revealed where they work, their source of income, their stability, etc.?
• Or maybe, the coming party “too good to be true”?
• Behavior patterns seem inconsistent with you?
• Have they revealed where they work, their source of income, their stability, etc.?
• Or maybe, the coming party “too good to be true”?

These are just some of the common questions you need to address, but apart from this sometimes your mind will tell you about playing a foul or something else will tickle you.

One of the most important questions, when it comes to seeking professional help, is credited with the service provider. In fact, privacy is our top priority, naturally, being a private detective agency in Mirzapur, if we cannot maintain privacy and confidentiality in our ways then we will just betray our cause. If you choose us in the agency, we ensure your transparency, complete transparency and regular updates regarding your case as per your choice.

The reports are as detailed as can be with photos and videos if needed. We provide an in-depth report of the family, from detailed reports about the family, within and outside the community, past (present) matters, social scope, about the behaviour of the person, physical and mental health details, financial Provides complete information about the situation and its stability, properties, current disputes, daily routines and habits. At the agency, Tackle Detective Agency in Mirzapur gives

Our professional service a human touch by understanding the values of marriage and the customs associated with it. Agency work is a guarantee of a completely secretive method to reach our objective. One understands the anxiety and pressure of entering a marital life and thus wishes to be a little comfort from their end.


According to me, divorce means the separation of a couple (husband or wife), who will be no longer in a marital bond. Divorce helps the couple to dissolute their martial bonds, rights as well as obligations. In case, if the couple feels like that they cannot live together anymore, then the only option left is the dissolution of the marital bond and get separated. From the recent decades, it can be seen that the rising divorce rate is continuously increasing without any doubt. Moreover, it a decision among the husband and wife, when they both think that the life becomes unbearable in between them and want to live independently according to their rules and regulation, then divorce is considered to be one of the fair solutions.

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