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Tackle Detective in Thane work with dedication and honesty and make a bunch for every case. Until the first case is settled, the other does not investigate the case. The client is selected with the private detective agency in thane need and therefore the case’s sensitivity. The client is informed of every step taken for his / her case with special results. The work approach of Thane’s Tackle Detective Agency remains intact to the point that there is no possibility of leakage of any data about the customer.

The detective in thane main priority is to provide 100% fulfilment to the client and maintain client confidentiality. The initial phase of the investigation is to understand the need of each customer and work on it appropriately.

Thane is a city in Maharashtra located at the northern end of Mumbai and the former Thana, in the northeast of Mumbai, at the mouth of the Ulhas River in the state of Maharashtra, southwestern India.


The city is known as ‘Lake City’ (City of Lakes) because of the countless lakes in Thane. The most beautiful lake of all is the Masunda Talao, which he knows by the name of Talav Palli. The eastern part is hilly, mainly inhabited by tribal communities. Fish farming is the main occupation here. To the south of the mouth of the Ulhas River and in the upper part of the Ulhas Valley lies some major cities of the district, which are Bhiwandi (famous for handlooms), Kalyan (railway junction), Ulhasnagar (populace of Sindhi people), Ambarnath (for chemical production Famous), Vasai (famous for being settled on the beach and fort), Palghar (famous for fruits), Tarapur (India’s first nuclear power station) and Dahanu (an educational centre), etc. Unvan Lake is also beautiful which is situated between the Your Hills and the Nilkanth Heights.

When is the need for a detective agency in Thane?

Marriage is a heavenly blessed union of two persons but, this union could turn out to be hell if you have entered the matrimony with the wrong person. A blessed marriage could not be attained if you do not have a clear knowledge about the significant person. In today’s world, everything is fast-paced and digital so you cannot completely rely on the information provided by some digital place about the most important decision of your life. The scenario in metros is far uncertain in comparison to rural areas


So, here comes the question: why do I need a premarital investigation? Just ask yourself a few questions here and you would understand the need for an investigation:

Does he/she avoid discussing his/her past?
Does he/she doesn’t see their friends with you?
Do they have secure financial stability?
Is his/her behaviour seems changed for a while?
Does his/her family seem speculative?

If your answer to these questions is yes or you have any doubt while answering any of these questions then you need a premarital investigation. We provide a list of parameters while investigating:

Family background check
Character/behavioural details
Health and fitness report
Financial and social status of the family
Past affairs or relations or divorce
Screening of employment or business status

Tackle detective agency in Thane investigations can be helpful to anyone be it the bride/groom or even their parents. We make sure that all our work is done discreetly and confidentially. All the information gained is kept securely and once the job is done we dispose of all the information in a protected way. Consequently, it is important to get the premarital investigation led by a team of highly professional and ingenious detectives. These investigations are very crucial as you are taking an important step ahead in your life as marriage is a bond of a lifetime.
Marriage begins with a bond of love and trust. But sometimes when your spouse’s behaviour is changing and you are unable to judge his / her personality, then post matrimonial investigation has to be resorted to. Post-wedding investigations may also be related to pre-wedding investigations when the help of your pre matrimonial investigation is not taken. An investigation can solve a lot of marriage matters. Such as dysfunction, drugs, or any kind of intoxication. This will help you to know deeply about your partner. Is Your Partner Cheating on You? Or is your partner in trouble? Or is it in the wrong company? As matrimonial cases and divorce cases are increasing day by day, the demand detective agency in thane for post matrimonial investigation is also increasing. If your partner is cheating or giving you, then you need a witness to act legally on him. Thane’s detective agency is always there to help you. Or your partner is in some trouble, then the detectives of Thane will help you to know the whole matter and solve it. According to research, there is a misunderstanding and misunderstanding with the couple on account of marriage breakdown.

Marriages might be “made in heaven”, but in real-time needs a realistic approach to sustain. Extramarital affairs are emerging as a part of a modern Indian marriage. If you’re experiencing grave concerns or suspicious activities in your marriage – feel free to connect with us. We ensure to bring out facts while keeping all client information completely discreet and confidential.


During this pandemic, the couples have a chance to live together. But the surprising thing is that between couples there has been a lack of understanding, love, and time spent together. In Anta, the relationship results in divorce. Ending a happy married life is not so easy. The spouse may have financial troubles, divorce may cause spouse financial difficulties, as well as mental problems including depression, trauma, and more. Detective agency in thane solves this type of case very easily. The way to maintain your relationship is to give space to your spouse.

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