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Tackle Detective agency in Nainital is a registered and approved agency working pan India with a well trained and experienced team of investigators for corporate and matrimonial investigative services. Over the course of the last 12years, we have taken on thousands of cases with successful results and satisfied customers. We ensure privacy and tailor our investigations to suit the exact needs of the customer, at an economical price. Each case is assigned a team of detectives created to focus solely on the case at hand, to ensure top quality investigations with detail and precision. Even highly complex cases are handled smoothly, such that the suspect is unaware of the ongoing investigation. The team works in tandem with the customer, to keep them updated about any new information, all validated through audio, video, or written evidence. Every investigation is conducted with the priority of 100% customer fulfillment and our work ethic has made us the most well-reputed detective agency in Nainital.  At tackle detective agency in Nainital, we ensure confidentiality with confidence, and results are guaranteed.

Nainital is the most famous tourist city of India located in the state of Uttarakhand. The city is also known as the town of lakes. Nainital is known as a tourist’s paradise due to its beautiful landscapes and serene surroundings. The lush green forests of oak, pine, and rhododendrons make it the best picnic spot to relax amidst nature.


It has a natural habitat for more than 580 species of colorful birds. It also gives an opportunity to see the breathtaking views of the lush green valley surrounding Nainital.

Naina Peak another name is China Peak it is the highest peak of Nainital. Zoos, flats, malls, St. John’s Church in Wilderness, and Pangot, Cold Road, Gurney House, Khurpatal, Guano Hill, and Aurobindo Ashram other tourist attractions of Nainital are.

Benefits of pre-matrimonial investigation

Marriage is no easy process. It is like a complete gamble where several things about your partner open up as you start living together. To be on firm footing, a lot of people go in for pre-matrimonial investigation so that they get a lucid picture of the other party.


Several agencies offer pre-matrimonial investigation services. Hire one that has good testimonials and will help you find the maximum information about the person you are planning to marry. When people have had a bad experience in life or they are little skeptical about their future partner, they usually opt for the pre-matrimonial investigation. Marriage is a long term association. It not only encompasses emotional investment in a person, but it also entails a huge amount of financial entanglement.

Owing to a sharp rise in cases of deceit and fraud, several people want to be sure than to be sorry later on. The world cannot be viewed with rose-tinted glasses. It is better to know what you are venturing into than be in for a setback later on. Pre-matrimonial services verify the background, medical history, social status, etc. of the prospective groom or bride.

When is post matrimonial required

Post Matrimonial Investigation is required when you need to conform to your partner and to make sure that your way does not fall prey to any deception or misconception. This saves you from the deception your partner is giving you or eliminates any misconceptions and saves your relationship and makes it even better and stronger than before. Tackle Detective Agency in Nainital maintains the privacy of its customers to avoid any kind of trouble.

Detectives of the Tackle Detective Agency in Nainital do not only prove what has gone wrong, but they find out the cause of the broken crack between the couple and solve it.

The team of investigators of Tackle Detective in Nainital is very professional and experienced. Which considers every point given by the customer.

The plan made by the Agency investigator of Nainital for any case by detectives is unique and confidential.

Customer priority and resolving matters is our priority. Once the matter is resolved, we end the customer’s credit.

Why surveillance is important

Monitoring is the monitoring of collecting information, taking care of the activities of a particular person. Monitoring can be done by observing remotely through electronic devices. Including the interception of information transmitted through electronic means such as close-circuit television (CCTV), or Internet traffic. It includes simple technical methods including human intelligence gathering and post interception. Synonym: Overview (Example: This room is protected by round the clock observation). We collect intelligence through surveillance, Crime prevention, a process used to protect an individual, group or object, or to investigate a crime.


Apart from this, on the basis of monitoring, we can keep a watch on the behavior of a particular person, his activities, his social activities, personal or professional life. Monitoring is a very risky job. But investigators of Tackle Detective Agency in Nainital do this service very easily for their customers. This work requires a lot of patience.

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