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Tackle Detective is one of the most trusted detective agency in Indore. It is a registered and approved Delhi based detective agency. Due to which, it has 12 years of experience. The Detective in Indore has resolved several cases in which multiple awards have been won. The priority of the agency is to give 100% client satisfaction, as well as the secrecy of clients’ credibility, which is carefully maintained. A suitable team of experienced members is organized first keeping in mind the need of the customer. The team of the agency is fully committed to the case and works with full devotion

Indoor is a city in the state of Madhya Pradesh. It is also the most densely populated city of Madhya Pradesh in terms of population. Indore is also called the commercial capital of the state of Madhya Pradesh. The city is famous as a center of education. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Smart City Mission” selected 100 Indian cities, including indoor.


Daily College, one of the oldest co-educational boarding schools in the world, was established to educate the rulers of the central Indian princely states of ‘Maratha’. Holkar Science College is known as the Model Autonomous Holkar Science College of the Government. The college was founded by Shivaji Rao Holkar. Indoor has both the Indian Institute of Management (IIM Indore) and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Indore) installed in it.

Why is there a need for a detective agency in Indore

Marriage is one of the most important decisions that a person and their family make. Weddings are a match made in heaven. However, a failed marriage can disrupt someone’s life. It is essential to invest time in pre matrimonial investigation to avoid such a situation in life.

A pre-marital check would keep you safe from frauds and discrepancies. One of the common procedures that we follow for pre matrimonial investigation is we go and speak to the neighbors. However, likely, the neighbors are not aware of all the information. Therefore, it is essential to hire a pre-matrimonial detective to save yourself from such discrepancies. You should never say yes before conducting a proper investigation and verifying all the facts. You never know, the person may be involved with cruelty/ harassment/ or may have been in a pre-matrimonial affair with someone. You need to be aware and sure of the person and their families.

Detective agency in Indore investigators are professionals who would also maintain complete secrecy throughout the process. A pre matrimonial detective would also check the family background of the individual.

This happens quite often that people lie about their jobs, salaries, education. Or they have certain habits of smoking and drinking.

There are times where families are involved in unprecedented demands and start asking for dowries. Therefore, one must always consult a pre-matrimonial detective before making any significant decision. Our experienced detectives will assist you in making this crucial decision and conduct a thorough investigation for you.

When a married couple starts a new life, after some time one partner knows about the external relationship of the other partner that he is busy with the other person all the time, then in this situation the relationship breaks down and it is final The form divorces. Some agencies work to find out the real truth behind the baffling which is called Post Matrimonial Investigation.

Agency required (Tackle  Detective Agency in Indore)

Some agencies then work on it to find out the real status of the couple or behind the deception, in which the detective agency in Indore works on it and investigates the whole matter and discovers the truth of their case. Marriage is one of the most sacred relationships but after some period becomes monotonous due to some reason. Conflicts of interest, misunderstandings, reason enough to crack arguments on petty issues.

A particular habit of our spouse starts bothering us so much that it becomes merely the cause of our sorrow. When the ideas of both do not match and the two do not find time for each other, we begin to lose the connection that we had vowed to have throughout our lives at the time of our marriage.

Marriage is considered as a sacred bond in Indian society. So pious that it couldn’t be broken for even 7 lifetimes. But nowadays this sacred bond has become so weak and complicated and it has also lost its sacrament. It can be the result of the new Hindu Laws OR the consequences of English Laws which were also included in Hindu Marriage Laws.

According to the current scenario of marriages in India, there are more than half of the married people in India who are not happy with their married life and now Indian law also has the provision for divorce.

Moreover, One of the Fundamental Rights in our constitution is “Right to Life”. So if someone is not happy with His/Her life as a married person then He/She can adopt the weather to live with that person or not.

Divorce is the process of dissolution of the bond between two people who are bound to perform certain duties inside marriage. Once the divorce cases are approved by the court or any other competent body, the Husband and Wife are afterward not bound to perform those duties inside the marriage.


     Maintenance comes in existence when the Divorce is approved and there are certain rights for both Husbands and Wives after the dissolution of marriage. According to “The Hindu Marriage Act,1955”, these rights are provided for both the husband and wife like the right to claim maintenance.  The woman is allowed to ask for the maintenance from her husband to preserve herself and her child(in some cases). Some additional benefits are also given to the woman under the Hindu Adoption and maintenance act, this act applies only to the Hindus community.
    The law relating to Divorce differs from religion to religion.  the amount of Maintenance is not fixed and varies from person to person,  Husband’s financial condition and the number of dependents, etc.

There are two categories of Divorce petitions through which the couple can be judicially separated.
1. Through Mutual Consent
2. Without Mutual Consent

In this case, the Husband and Wife mutually agree to Get Divorced. they both can decide if the wife or husband wants maintenance or not. there is no forceful act is done in this case.

In this scenario, one party goes to the court asking for the Divorce. The party needs to state a valid ground for doing so.  Under Section 13 of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, the ground can be:-
Cruelty, Adultery, Mental Disorder, Presumption of Death, Renunciation, and many more.

India is a Secular country. People from different religions reside here. Everyone has the right to Life and Right to Privacy. But at the same time violation of Constitutional Rights is not tolerated as it happened in the case of triple talaq, where the man was given the utmost power to divorce his wife without acknowledging her wishes; the court struck down triple talaq as it was treating a woman unequally. Maintenance is also sometimes seen as biased in favor of Women. but looking at the vulnerable nature of a woman her dignity and needs are to be protected in the best way possible.
   Mutual Divorce is generally less traumatic for both the parties and their families, contested divorce brings more problems that relate to child custody, maintenance, and other things. Some laws provide Maintenance to the Husband in some cases which is a positive thing in case if the husband is in a miserable condition.

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