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Everything is not permanent in this world, even if it is a path. It is not necessary that all that sparkle be son, your spouse, fiancé, or loved one, who has been entrusted with all his fortune, does not know that he is cheating on you. If you are facing deception or want to overcome your problem then you must knock the door of a detective agency. Tackle Detective Agency in Mussoorie will not only remove your will but will also get rid of those places which you were never a part of.

Tackle Detective Agency is one of the best and leading detective agencies in Mussoorie. We have 12 years of experience in all kinds of matters. Tackle Detective Agency in Mussoorie strives to provide the truth to the satisfaction of its customers. Whether we have to go to any length.

Mussoorie is also called the queen of the hills. Which is located in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand. It is a city located at an altitude of 1880 meters above sea level at the foothills of the Himalayas, which is also considered the gateway to the religious centers of Yamunotri and Gangotri. Mussoorie is popular for ancient temples, hills, springs, valleys, wildlife sanctuaries, and educational institutions.


Mussoorie attracts a large number of tourists every year due to its extremely pleasant weather.

 Mussoorie, with its green hills and diverse flora and fauna, is an attractive center. Mussoorie Adventure Park consists of adrenaline-pumping activities such as skywalk, zip swing, and zip line, rappelling, skiing, and paragliding. There are Kulri Bazar, Landour Bazaar, and Library, which sell everything from antique jewelry to plush and stylish sweaters and shawls.

Best Matrimonial Detective Agency in Mussoorie

Marriage is no easy process. It is like a complete gamble where several things about your partner open up as you start living together. To be on firm footing, a lot of people go in for pre-matrimonial investigation so that they get a lucid picture of the other party.


Several agencies offer pre matrimonial investigation services. Hire one that has good testimonials and will help you find the maximum information about the person you are planning to marry. When people have had a bad experience in life or they are little skeptical about their future partner, they usually opt for the pre matrimonial investigation. Marriage is a long term association. It not only encompasses emotional investment in a person, but it also entails a huge amount of financial entanglement.
Owing to a sharp rise in cases of deceit and fraud, several people want to be sure than to be sorry later on. The world cannot be viewed with rose-tinted glasses. It is better to know what you are venturing into than be in for a setback later on. Pre matrimonial services verify the background, medical history, social status, etc. of the prospective groom or bride.

Why do divorce happen

Every day divorce cases are increasing in India, which is a matter of concern. Many young couples or old couples are both becoming part of it. Tackle Detective Agency in Mussoorie is providing post matrimonial service to overcome this problem. Tackle Detective Agency handles Post Matrimonial Investigation with great secrecy. And brings it whole. Which makes the divorce case stronger.


Divorce is a sad gut of any marriage. Tackle Detective Agency in Mussoorie realizes the pain of their planet and tries to pull them together to break free from this involuntary relationship. It is perfect to get away from the person who is bothering you but it has to be dealt with very cleverly and wisely. In the case of divorce, there is a need for a strong whole, which is necessary to win the case. Tackle Detective Agency in Mussoorie is fully supportive of its client’s pain, pressure, stress, legal proceedings, and all other matters.

Why is Post Matrimonial needed?

Marriage is the most memorable and important decision in life. If it is not taken at the right time, it can prove fatal and harmful. The post matrimonial service proves to be effective in collecting the securities against the infidel partner. The Tackle Detective Agency in Mussoorie has easily solved many complicated cases of post matrimonial.

In some cases, post matrimonial service can also be saved by removing misconceptions between relation .our spies on post matrimonial very risky investigation carry out this task very easily.

Background check is required

This is the process in which we check the all internal as well as external affairs of any particular candidate or a person internal affairs means to check their desired academic record at any level ie schooling, intermediate or graduation and vice versa it is done because of crosscheck of given data to original data and external affairs means related to their behavior towards your friend’s society as well as staff where u work it is done because of vision to determine the inbuild characteristics of any person background check is necessary for every aspect of life when u going to any organization to work or join any job or when u move to own country to another country both internal and external affairs both are very important to check at every level.

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