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Tackle Detective Agency in Aurangabad is a registered and approved agency, which Pan India works with a well-trained and experienced team of investigators for Corporate and Matrimonial Investigative Services. For the past 10 years, we have done thousands of cases with successful results and satisfied customers. We ensure our investigation and confidentiality at an affordable price to suit customer requirements. Each case is assigned to a team of detectives created to focus only on the case, to ensure a high-quality investigation with detail and accuracy.

Detective in Aurangabad has the experience to easily handle highly complex cases such that the suspect is unaware of the ongoing investigation. In Aurangabad, the detective works closely with the customer, keeping them updated about any new information, all of which are verified through audio, video evidence. Detective Agency in Aurangabad case is investigated with 100% customer fulfillment priority and our work ethic has made us the best-reputed agency in Aurangabad. At Private Detective Agency in Aurangabad, we ensure confidentiality with confidence, and results are guaranteed.

Aurangabad is a metropolitan city in the state of Maharashtra, making it an important tourist center due to its proximity to several tourist destinations including Ajanta (Ajintha) and Ellora (Veru) World Heritage Sites. Aurangabad is a major industrial city and education center which is also the district and division headquarters. Aurangabad is known for the famous Buddhist caves of Ajanta and Ellora in the world. Himro Factory is a popular place in Aurangzeb from where tourists should shop.


Being in the center of India, the region was considered to be the most secure as the region was less vulnerable to attackers from Afghanistan and Central Asia. Aurangabad was named after the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. Aurangzeb’s Himro factory is a popular place where tourists should shop. The fabric made here appeals to women. Goods made of metal are of good quality at a low price. The city is known for its culture and civilization. Every tourist place here is special in itself.

Why is there a need for a detective agency in Aurangabad

Marriage is one of the most important decisions that a person and their family make. Weddings are a match made in heaven. However, a failed marriage can disrupt someone’s life. It is essential to invest time in pre matrimonial investigation to avoid such a situation in life.


A pre-marital check would keep you safe from frauds and discrepancies. One of the common procedures that we follow for pre matrimonial investigation is we go and speak to the neighbors. However, likely, the neighbors are not aware of all the information. Therefore, it is essential to hire a pre-matrimonial detective to save yourself from such discrepancies. You should never say yes before conducting a proper investigation and verifying all the facts. You never know, the person may be involved with cruelty/ harassment/ or may have been in a pre-matrimonial affair with someone. You need to be aware and sure of the person and their families.

Detectives in Aurangabad are professionals who would also maintain complete secrecy throughout the process. A pre matrimonial detective would also check the family background of the individual.

This happens quite often that people lie about their jobs, salaries, education. Or they have certain habits of smoking and drinking.

There are times where families are involved in unprecedented demands and start asking for dowries. Therefore, one must always consult a pre-matrimonial detective before making any significant decision. Our experienced detectives will assist you in making this crucial decision and conduct a thorough investigation for you.

In India, divorce cases are increasing rapidly. The matrimonial bond that was considered the most sacred, sacred, and sacred in previous generations is no longer enough to strengthen such couples. The primary reasons for the termination are ego-conflict, neglect of extramarital affairs, infidelity, domestic violence, and much more Some are But more than 95% of these reasons are fraught with doubt.

A matrimonial investigating detective agency in Aurangabad is growing thick and fast to conduct prudent and confidential investigations through private and expert investigators.Private Detective agency in Aurangabad gathers important evidence that proves to be important in strengthening divorce cases. Trusting a post matrimonial private investigative agency is the best means, especially in divorce proceedings when he/she is against infidelity, alimony or maintenance claims, child custody issues, etc.

It is a state where a married woman or married man having a physical or mental affair with somebody. In this condition, the person who’s having an affair is doing a mistake that He or She is cheating on his/her partner and he/she is fully liable for that. In today’s world, it seems quite common in elite class because their needs physically or mentally are not fulfilling with his/her partner. Due to this many married couples are being taken divorce. In India divorce rate, in this case, is increasing day by day. Just because of that, Nowadays it is a great matter of concern. Just because of this people hire private detectives to inquire about his/her partner.
Many crimes, violence, cheating, and various cases are increasing every day and to get out of all these cases one needs to know the truth. There are many investigative agencies available in Aurangabad which helps the client. But the Tackle Detective Agency in Aurangabad is lenient and provides services in a limited budget. Let’s talk about the corporate investigation. Such investigation helps any organization to find out the real cause/culprit of their loss.


Which can cause any kind of loss and can be caused by anyone even if it is due to misuse of data/company by employes. This investigation is done in various ways –

1. User Detection.
2. Search investigation.

The client should not take any kind of stress while being a private detective in Aurangabad as the entire information is kept hidden. Investigations are done very secretly in Aurangabad. All cases, big or small, are handled by the investigator. If the private detective agency in Aurangabad is claiming such big words then it has to be believed. Tackle detective is a very big name in private investigation. The agency digs deep and brings out the truth. You just have to be patient and confident.

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