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We are a pioneer in the category of Detective Agency in Howrah, which has branches across India known for our professionalism and work rate. Tackle Detective in Howrah was started by the young and ambitious Poornima Singh, who has over 12 years of experience in the field of the private detective agency. With our team of experienced and competent detectives in Howrah, we have in a short time become one of the most prestigious Detective agencies in Howrah.

Our services, professionalism, and privacy have guided people across diverse fields. From giving pre and post matrimonial services such as background checks and loyalty tests to corporate services like sting operations and labor court cases, we have clients and services There is a wide range. All our employees are the highest quality professionals, which ensures that our customer information is 100% confidential. Customer privacy is our priority.

Tackle Detective Agency in Howrah is hired to meet our standards and professionalism after a thorough and careful recruitment process that includes thorough background checks. All of our detectives in Howrah are hired to ensure that we can meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

Private detectives in Howrah are known for the quality of their work and skilled investigators. Because private detective in Howrah has achieved tremendous success as they always ensure the satisfaction and services of their clients.

Howrah is an industrial city in the state of West Bengal, the second-largest city in West Bengal and the headquarters of Howrah district and Howrah Sadar. Situated on the banks of the Hooghly River, the city is known as the twin of Calcutta, which was once the capital of the British Government of India and one of the most influential and wealthiest cities in India and the world. Known as Twin, Howrah Nagar has a distinct identity despite having similarities.


Howrah is the headquarters of the Eastern Railway and Southeast Railway. National Highway 2 and National Highway 6 connect this city to Delhi and Mumbai. Calcutta’s Howrah Bridge, or Rabindra Setu, has been a witness to many historical events during its long journey since three-quarters of the century. Its construction started in 1936, which was completed in 1942. It was opened to the public on 3 February 1943.

 It completed 75 years in 2018. Bridge suffered heavy bombing during World War II Also saw the freedom movement, the independence of the country, and the terrible famine of Bengal. Richard has also been appealing to filmmakers like Attenborough and Mani Ratnam.

When is the need for a detective agency in Howrah

Marriage,  whether it is arranged, love, or divorce, it is an occasion of utmost happiness, not only for the couple but also for both the families involved.


As this is a matter of great importance, one must know about their partner-to-be.

They must know

* about other person’s job profile
* their financial status
* past relationships
* criminal activity
* drug addiction,  etc.

These are the common questions that will arise if you are planning to settle with a person with an aspiration of life long commitment.

Unlike traditional means, nowadays marriages are arranged through various unusual means and not in known families, for example through websites or newspaper ads. That’s why there needs to be concrete information about the other party with whom one is getting involved.

They say, marriages are made in heaven, and thus there lies a responsibility that it remains the same way.

The private detective agency in Howrah also specializes in divorce investigations and we recur such cases on a regular basis. We have experienced divorce detectives in Howrah who have helped thousands of couples with their deportation cases. . Detectives’ focus on divorce cases is to help the couple get things amicably and within the purview of the law. Our skilled detectives are able to conduct the best and in-depth investigation of divorce cases.

Private detectives in Howrah ensure that the separation is smooth and hassle-free. Detectives in Howrah can rely on clients to resolve alimony matters or to gain information on infidelity. Our detectives can gather evidence of extra-marital affairs and help you settle divorce cases They can help you by checking the financial background of the spouse to get proof of income, wealth, assets, etc.

In Howrah, our espionage agency, we investigate cases of bigamy or polygamy and we have a spring from the second marriage to find out if the spouses have remarried outside the legal spouses. Our post-marital verification is also to help clients with child custody cases. In the investigation under investigation, our detectives obtain information about the spouse’s ability to have child custody. We also examine beneficial employment evidence on the client to settle maintenance allowance cases.

 relationships are outside of marriage where an illicit romantic or sexual relationship or a romantic friendship or passionate attachment occurs.

the relation is that continues in one form or another even as one of the partners to that extramarital affair passes through marriage, divorce, and remarriage. . Several people claim the reason for an extramarital affair is their unsuccessful marriage relationship where both fail to please each other.

. All these behaviors are more usually called cheat

Extramarital affairs are synonymous with infidelity which means a state of unfaithfulness in marital life. Extramarital Affairs destroy the sanctity of marriage. Across every society of the world, fidelity is highly valued by the majority as a symbol of character and piousness. However, various countries across the world have made laws which make legitimize infidelity. But when infidelity is disclosed, it is highly disruptive not only for one’s marriage but also for one’s psychological well-being. Albeit, it may provide temporary bliss and excitement, but it leads to acute distress and loss of other valuable assets like health, partner, and mental peace.
Have you tried to sneak into your partner’s life and unable to discover anything?

Let the tackle-detective discover the real nature and orientation of your partner.
Never settle for anything less than what you deserve dear, Hire us today!

As Diamond tracks a sting operation with a diamond and inadvertently catches criminals by pursuing his way. The Tackle Detective Agency in Howrah hands over the sting operation to catch a crime or criminal. For which many techniques and techniques are applied to perform the sting operation. The sting operation is done in four stages. First, if they are unknown, an explicit investigation will be conducted to find out the wrongdoers.

Second, the activities of the suspects’ person will be carefully evaluated and evaluated. Third, a conspiracy or scenario will be created to trap them. Finally, fourth, they will be made aware of the law and necessary legal action will be taken. This service can be availed for personal and business purposes to avoid any fraud

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