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With focus like a bull’s eye in private investigations, Tackle Detective Agency in Jamnagar has attained great heights as a reliable and persistent detective solution provider on the planet. Detective Agency Pre and Post Matrimonial Investigations, Surveillance in Jamnagar, Specializes in eliminating the problems of his clients with many spying services like loyalty test, extramarital affairs, background check.

After 12 years of experience, investigators at the Tackle Detective Agency hired the best detective gadgets and techniques to eliminate the mystery of the case. Our core is 100% customer satisfaction. The Detective Agency in Jamnagar provides its clients with a quality that wins lasting trust in our brand. Detective in Jamnagar no matter how the case is, we solve it in a short time frame. Our goal is to get our customers out of doubt. And they have to know the truth. Our deep-rooted network of documents leaves no stone unturned in every investigative case, ensuring that utmost confidentiality remains. Known as the best Private Detective Agencies in Jamnagar Provides its investigation services. Trust the Tackle Detective Agency in the city for reliable and high-quality private investigative services.

Jamnagar is a city in Gujarat with the incorporation of modernity and antiquity. Located in the south of the Gulf of Kutch, adjoining the Arabian Sea, cement, pottery, textiles and salt are the industrial products here. The city is known for Bandhani art, brocade embroidery and metallurgy. Jamnagar Refinery located in Gujarat is the largest oil refinery in India and the world. It produces 1.24 million barrels per day. Which is owned by Reliance Industries.


Doshi Kalidas Art and Science College, Government Dental College, MP Shah Medical College, MP Commerce College and VM Mehta College of Commerce and Arts are among the educational institutions here. The only Ayurvedic college in the country in Jamnagar is also famous for its tie and dye (Bandhani) arts and Ayurveda University. Lakota Museum, Dr Ambedkar Gardens, Kali Temple, Jain Temple, Sri Krishna Pranami Sampradaya, Sri 5 Navatanpuri Dham-Khizda Temple, Sri Swami Narayan Temple, Manik Bhai Mukti Dham, Shahi Mahal, Pratap Vilas etc. There are places to see.

Best Detective Agency in Jamnagar

We offer pre matrimonial investigation in Jamnagar services to help you and your family get a complete verification of the family. We understand how substantial it is to get the Background authentication without any miss There is a certain piece of information that you should know before the wedlock happens. Moreover, knowing the sensitivity of the situation, we assure you about complete privacy and safety. Our services include a complete and thorough Background Check of the individual, the family, and the social reputation too. However, we are open to invade further as per your specific demand.


If you have ever a struggle with making a decision on to whether go ahead with a marriage proposal or not, don’t worry. Our services have covered all for you. You can discuss the requirements with us without any hesitation.  We will help you to get the concrete evidence with proper documentation.  Marriage is a beautiful association between two people, families, and society. We endeavor to nurture this association with fact-based information. To get a complete overview of our pre matrimonial investigation services and its results, please feel free to seek our professional advice.

Initial thoughts- High Competition for tags like ‘Best Detective’ ‘TopDetective’ Few companies have gone to the extent of naming their company ‘TopDetectives’ Quite a low blow in my opinion. Anyway, I think it’s better if we concentrate on other related keywords around the area “lie detector” ‘Private Detective in Jamnagar’. If we make that primary and ‘detective’ as secondary, we can cut the competition to an extent. I am going to be adding notes on the side in Parenthesis just to keep it more transparent.

Where to get a Lie Detector Test done in Jamnagar?

We know how you feel right now. Never in your wildest dream did you think that a day would come where you’d be searching ‘Lie Detector test’ on google and that too with a head full of doubts about the love of your life. We understand it’s not an easy step to take, but you deserve the truth. You can’t continue living with second thoughts about your spouse’s loyalty. That’s where we come in.  Tackle Detective Agency in Jamnagar has a track record of 98% accuracy on the Polygraph Lie detector test. Husbands and wive’s from all parts of Jamnagar and all over India have taken our Lie detector tests in private and have gotten conclusive closure on whatever little doubts they had on each other. This might not be public knowledge but affluent Jamnagar Elite circles have been using our services behind closed doors to settle everything from Marital, property, criminal disputes. Our services are unparalleled not just because we claim so, it’s backed by the latest equipment and world-class technicians. We offer discreet services where we send our technician with the machine to your resident.


(emotional connect-> Services_-> making it seem more common than it is->Hard sell with the quote,in case they wanna convince spouse and get into an argument)

In present time it is probably one of the most common problems that a lot of families are facing, where partners are having relationships outside their marriages and the other person, also the person involved doesn’t know how to handle the whole situation which obviously has an impact on the entire family especially the child(if any). We all are actually into the relationship with a belief system that we are supposed to get love, get respect, get acceptance, get appreciation, its always supposed to be coming from the other side and when we don’t find it coming from other side forgetting that’s it’s not only about getting but also giving, what happens at home when you’ve been living together for quite some time we tend to try to change other people a lot because of another deep belief system that my way is right and for me to be happy you have to be the way I want you to be, so we try to keep on changing other people which means we are not accepting them as they are which basically turns into complaining and nagging, when you get rejection/no acceptance from your family members you find someone somewhere else who is accepting you the way you are which tends you to get closer to that person and where it all begins. Privacy is paramount at the Tackle Detective Agency in Jamnagar. Sometimes the rejection from your partner is not due to lack of appreciation, acceptance and respect but also physical, it been researched and analysed that 77% of Indian women cheat because of their monotonous, boring life. And so there are many factors which begin with above-mentioned rejections in the family. Factors like :
1. Early marriages: As people want spice in their life which had been messed up due to their early marriage and responsibilities, they go for extramarital affairs.
2.Reflaming old candles: Social Media plays a very important role here, which has made us connected and updated. When an ex comes back it’s easy to fall in love again.
3.Becoming Parents: Baby takes center stage here, Priorities Changes.
4. Physical Dissatisfaction
5. Emotional Dissatisfaction

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