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Loyalty is the ground rule of any relationship. However, in today’s modern era, people have extramarital affairs. Even if it makes the partner question her husband’s loyalty. Intermediate testing has become one of the most comprehensive investigative services among customers to clear all doubts and be credible. Tackle Detective in Malda offers its services as an Offer to delegate and search on secret data. Tackle Detective Agency in Malda subtle elements in Malda, sound/feature records of discussions, photography of those individuals,

Tackle Detective Agency in Malda is one of the well-known detective agencies and is a highly preferred offering of loyalty testing services to clients. Private detective agency in Malda is already investigated in a precise manner with all the stringent and subtle elements. Let’s start. Detectives in Malda will monitor all suspects and provide you with a full investigation report. The ideal aspect is that the investigation is offered to our client at an economically normal cost.


Malda, full of natural diversities, is located in West Bengal, India. Which is the headquarters of Malda district. Also, it is also known as the English market. Tourists love to see the breathtaking views of the forests and rivers of the city of Malda because while walking in the forests, they get to see many species of attractive plants and wildlife. A flock of neem, tamarind, peepal, mango and bamboo are found in abundance in the forests.

Some major attraction

1 Ramkeli
2 Barodwari Mosque
3 Filing Door
4 Firoz Minar
5 Shining Mosque
6 Luco Shred Door

Like the forests, tourists like to see the beautiful glimpses of the rivers here. Tourists can see fish of different species in these rivers, among which rohu, Katla, chital, boel, major, shola, hilsha, panda and various types of crabs are prominent.

Reason of Detective Agency in Malda

A couple’s wedding day is the most memorable day of their lives. To the highest degree, people describe their marriage as the new turn and a wonderful beginning from the tag of single to married. However, there are some significant prospects that need to be focused on while planning for the marriage. Let’s dive into a couple of aspects –

The statement, “Yes I do”, undeniably is one of the most awaited sentences in one’s life. So, If you are about to tie the knot with your prince charming or say with your dream girl, then here’s a Big Congratulations at first! Marriage is the beautiful blending of two lives, thus at the same time, it requires a proper probe in order to know the partner in-depth. However, it’s really arduous to know the exact nature and personality behind the person without doing any pre-matrimonial investigation. Doesn’t it sound logical?


Yes, it is! Pre Matrimonial Investigation in Malda let you know about each aspect of your to-be life partner; enquiry is generally centralized on unveiling several facts such as – background verification, character, partner’s behaviour, work status, or relation. But for this, one has to be get assisted by a smart and authentic private detective agency in Malda. And here we are – Tackle Detective Investigation Agency – we are one of the leading and most trust-able detective agency in Delhi, serving you all types of services like family background verification, partner’s social and financial status, his/her habits and behaviour, extramarital affair investigation, and so on.

When you get married, it is with the intention and hope of a lifelong union. It is not just a relationship, but a partnership built on the grounds of love, loyalty, and trust. Life, however, is no fairytale and infidelity in marriages are unfortunately too common an occurrence these days.

Extramarital affairs of all kinds cause major emotional and sometimes psychological distress to the person cheated on. And often that individual drowns in negative emotions, wondering what it was that caused their partners to betray them in the worst way possible. Some even start blaming themselves, doubting their own self-worth.

Thus, one must understand why their partner cheats in the first place. That not only helps one to keep a more straight head while coming in terms with the situation but also guides in deciding a further course of action.

Listed below are 5 reasons why people have extramarital affairs:

(1) Dissatisfaction in the marriage: Marriage is a lot of hard work. It needs time and continuous effort. It has to be both, emotionally and physically fulfilling. The lack of either can cause a partner to stray. Emotional or sexual dissatisfaction is the most common reason behind infidelity in a marriage.


(2) Boredom: Love matures in a marriage. The honeymoon phase gets over, and there is a sense of comfort that establishes between the spouses. However, not everybody understands that. They perceive that comfort as boredom and start looking for the thrill that one gets at the beginning of a relationship, elsewhere, outside of their committed relationship.

(3) Old flames: Social media has taken over every aspect of our lives. While it has made people come closer to each other, it has also made it super easy to keep track of the people in your past. Thus people who are unhappy in their marriages, sometimes seek out their old flames for the intimacy they might be lacking in their current relationship. It is more comfortable with those people as there is history, physical attraction, as well as understanding.

(4) Parenthood: The dynamics of a relationship change vasty once a baby comes into the picture. Priorities change too, and responsibilities increase. This, especially in the case of men, can lead to them feeling unimportant and unappreciated when they see their partners give all their time and attention to the baby. Such a situation can also cause them to indulge in extramarital relationships.

(5) Midlife Crisis: For a lot of people, during their 40s and 50s, their self-worth takes a hit. They feel unattractive, unsuccessful and overall unfulfilled with the way their lives are. At such times, any attention from the opposite sex feels like validation. It’s common for men and women to start affairs with someone younger than them, as it gives them a huge ego boost.

There is no one answer to why extramarital affairs happen. It’s a mix of various internal and external factors. But the thing is, no matter what, cheating on your partner is never justified. Communication is the key to every relationship, and an honest conversation can solve a lot of problems.

And if one thinks there is no way the marriage can work, they should just part ways with their spouse amicably instead of making them go through the humiliation of their infidelity.

Please remember, while extramarital affairs might seem like the easier solution, the emotional trauma that they cause are never worth it.

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