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Tackle Detective Agency in Panvel has over 12 years of Collective Agency experience, which, based on its expertise and experience, has been used a lot in serving decision-makers. Over the years, it has been assigned to deal with sensitive operations in many cases. Which includes thousands of investigations at both the individual and corporate levels. Tackle Detective is India’s leading investigative firm based in Panvel, with a high-quality test capability on a pan India basis.

Tackle Detective Agency has a dedicated staff well trained to handle cases respecting client confidentiality, whether or not a non-disclosure agreement is signed for any case. They use investigative methods We also do a lot of swash which are not only legal but also moral in nature. It further helps clients to use the information gathered to support legal proceedings.

Tackle Detective in Panvel can easily become your stop for information in both public and private matters. With Tackle Detective Agency in Panvel, you can access not only pre and post matrimonial investigation in Panvel records, but surveillance And can also view corporate records. These include everything from public or personal records to social media observation to court / criminal records.

Services offered by Tackle Detective Agency in Panvel

Pre matrimonialinvestigation
Post matrimonialinvestigation
Loyalty test
Corporate investigation
Background check
Extramarital affairs
Divorce case

Panvel is a municipal area in the Raigad district under the state of Maharashtra. Panvel is considered the gateway to the Konkan Territorial region. It is bordered by Navi Mumbai, which is adjacent to the police station. The city is located on the Mumbai-Pune fast route. Panvel is the most developed and populous urban area of Raigad. The city of Panvel is the headquarters of Panvel taluka, which covers about 1000 villages. Panvel Municipal Corporation (PMC) and CIDCO (City and Urban Development Corporation) are responsible for the development and maintenance of the Panvel area. The villages and rural areas under Panvel are governed by the District Council of Raigad.


At Tackle Detective we offer a Pre Matrimonial Investigation Service with an excellent track record. Marriage is a sacred union of two souls, the foundation of which is fully founded on faith and truth. However, in these modern times, the idea of marriage has changed. The importance of having complete information about another person can be emphasized enough. The family name, groom or bride’s appearance, financial status are no longer the only means to make a final decision.

The speed with which we are moving forward in life, where to know our neighbor

Also do not get time, it seems a bit far-fetched to know what to know about the potential bride or groom. This is where we help you with the help of a Private Detective Agency in Panvel. Our Pre Matrimonial Investigation in Panvel will help you have a holistic view of the potential partner without endangering your lifetime. Making a hasty decision to get married without a background check can lead to a disastrous marriage and which can result in a miserable life. We conduct pre matrimonial investigations in Panvel in a professional manner to protect you from deception and unhappy lives. We are reliable in our investigation, as well as extremely careful and exceptionally detailed.


We provide the following services under pre-marital investigation:

– Personality check
– Social behaviour monitoring
– Family background check
– Temperature information
– Crime record
– Drug abuse inspection
– Character Verification

Tackle Detective Agency in Panvel is equipped with skilled and experienced personal detectives. With widely tried and tested strategies, our experts have helped prevent hundreds of families from being deceived. We enjoy our excellent track record and strive to save more and more people from destructive marriages. Weddings are a test of your dedication and understanding of a potential partner, a serious commitment for the rest of your life    

We all value love.

Then why do we engage in extramarital affairs?

According to a biological anthropologist, Helen Fisher, love is not an emotion but rather a brain system.

 When it comes to love, we have three brain systems: first is the sex drive, second is the romantic love, and third, partner attachment. The brain architecture works in a manner that, while being attached to one partner, we can feel immense love for another and a sex drive for even more partners. Detective Agency in Panvel always supports you.

Different individuals react differently to extramarital affairs. While some are looking for self-reassurance that they are still desirable, others want to kill boredom or reduce stress, and even explore outside their marriage.

Let’s look at the motivation which compels people to have an extramarital affair.


Dissatisfaction with marriage, either emotionally or sexually, is normal. Marriage is work, and without mutual efforts, couples may grow distant.

Lack of commitment

Everything else aside, a recent report found that individuals who are less dedicated to their relationship are bound to swindle.


People searching for the energy of newly discovered love might be bound to cheat. Apart from finding an alternative for their partner, some allege that their fling is just a way to spice up their marriage. Dropping out of affection is often referred to as a purpose behind cheating. It might include an absence of comprehension of how love develops in marriage.


 Having an issue, particularly an emotional affair, is a lot simpler than before, and social media is held responsible for many illicit relationships and separations. Internet infidelity or “web-based cheating” is still cheating, regardless of whether the two individuals never met up close and personal.


Pornography or erotic entertainment is perilous to marriage and is a “passage” for specific individuals. Lamentably, pornography has gotten substantially more available to the web.



People often become suspicious about their partner cheating on them, but don’t have any substantial evidence. While the best approach in marriage is to be downright direct, but you may wonder if it will cause more damage if asked directly.  Also, the answer your spouse gives could either be the truth or a lie. Tackle Detective Agency in Panvel is always With you.

In such cases, the partner repeatedly tries to get caught to bring the issue to the fore. Other times a partner may see infidelity as an exit strategy to end an unhappy marriage.

Regardless of the underlying cause for a spouse to cheat, it can either destroy a marriage or be the catalyst for rebuilding it. A lot of this depends on how the one who has been cheated upon deals with this betrayal.

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