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Tackle Detective Agency in Haridwar is one of the most reputed private agencies. Tackle Detective is doing its best in this field for 12 years.

Tackle Detectives in Haridwar is doing its best service in pre-marriage, post-marriage, business fraud, a criminal investigation, corporate investigation, background check, divorce and maintenance, and cheating husband investigation. Tackle Detective Agency in Haridwar performs its work on time with complete confidentiality. Tackle Detective services in Haridwar is best known among the private detective agencies of Haridwar. We have an organization of the most experienced, famous, and dedicated to their work. Our aim is to give 100% results while maintaining your privacy. Our agency in Haridwar also provides matrimonial services


Haridwar is also known as “Gangadwar”. It is the ancient religious place of Hindu religion followers. These checkups as well as professional checkups and give you complete proof through video and photos. Haridwar is known for its world-famous religious center and tourist center. The more religious place here is situated on the banks of river Ganges. This greatest holy place is ‘Har Ki Pauri’ which is known as “Bhram Kund”. After every 12 years, this Kumbh Mela is held for which all the world devotees come to participate in this emotional and religious festival.

Apart from the religious outlook, this place is also very developed from the industrial point of view. Here India’s first technical institute Roorkee University or IIT Roorkee was established. Also, Bharat Heavy Electricals India is present here. The time between September to June is the best time to visit Haridwar because the weather is pleasant here.

Haridwar is also a center of attraction for its unique Gurukul Vidyalaya, natural beauty and greenery, along with Ayurvedic medicines and herbal remedies.

Best Matrimonial Detective Agency in Haridwar


Everyone wants to tie up in a beautiful relationship like marriage, but there is a concern about whether they have chosen the right choice for this relationship. To overcome this problem, we need to check before marriage. Tackle Detective In Haridwar is a very popular espionage agency in the city that completes its work with complete confidentiality and risk to any investigation. Tackle Detective Agency in Haridwar has an organization of very experienced detectives.

Is post matrimonial investigation important for us

Many times, this beautiful wedding does not last long. In Haridwar, private detective agency has found many such cases which are broken due to lack of love, trust and trust. In Haridwar, the detective agency has worked in cases of husband and wife cheating each other, adulterous, second marriage and divorce. Tackle Detective Agency works with photographs and videos with strong facts and figures.

Our job is to save the relationship by removing the doubt of the couple’s relationship.

Why does surveillance have to be done

How to invest in surveillance technology
 Technology is growing by leaps and bounds one must learn how to make the best investment in surveillance technology for your home and office. You should have products based on open standards to invest in surveillance technology.

Here are some things you need to look at to invest in surveillance technology:
1. Make sure the size fits the technology: You should have a room that can be enlarged to include investment or tools used in surveillance technology to safeguard your home.

2.  Set a minimum baseline for investing in surveillance technology: You must decide what you wish to achieve. It will justify your investments in surveillance technology so that appropriate upgrading of software and analytics can be made for surveillance technology.

3. Set up a shared space for investment in surveillance technology: You need to pool in a team of shared space for investing in surveillance technology for selecting appropriate technology and logistics for the surveillance endgame.

 On the last front, select surveillance tools with a good reputation for safeguarding as these things should last long term and surveillance tools should have open and reliable standards.

Why does divorce happen


Divorce is an unwanted event is also known as the dissolution of marriage. It only comes with experiences of grief, sadness, and loneliness in life. Tackle Detective Agency in Haridwar during this difficult phase of its client’s life, realizing the sensitivity of the case. Divorce can include distribution of property, custody of the child, alimony, child visitation/outreach, parenting time.

Divorce is an unusual process of termination of a contract between a couple. Also known for the dissolution of marriage.  Legally allowed in special circumstances when both members of the contract willingly want to break the contract. In some cases, one or both members want to break the bonk have to go under judicial investigation and the legal contract is not terminated.

Every country have their own law either religious or specially designed law for the sake of public benefit.
Termination of marriage is legally allowed only when both members face difficulty inequality of mental status, social discomfort, sexual incompatibility, lack of independence.  therefor several countries enforce the Judicial process to break the bond.

Some law provide dominance over other signed at the time of marriage, on the contract paper. And some like Philippine not allow divorce.

Both member of the contract known for husband and wife till divorce.

Why background check important for marriage

Tackle Detective Agency in Haridwar has dealt with many cases on this basis in a short time. However, this is a very risky job.

To start a healthy relationship it is important to know about the partner’s origin. Not to judge but to understand each other better, because a person’s upbringing can explain a lot about there thought process and also the journey which makes them the person they are today.

About extramarital affair

The Extra Marital Affair is the main reason for the divorce, which shows false love and trust towards their partner. Many times the extramarital affair leaves the house devastated and marital life is spoiled.

An extramarital affair is not just about sex. It occurs when a married person is not satisfied, whether physically or mentally, and looking for the in-love stage in their life forever. Sex bounds, someone in a relationship is nothing to do with marriage because psychologically every thirst has an end, and finding a new one is human nature. So, the train of thought runs in a way where they could contend their emotions. An affair is anything, whether sex, love, friendship, or just caring, but having a relationship after marriage with another man or woman is termed as extramarital, which is not accepted socially, but has a great extend psychologically. The reasons are many to make relations out of a marriage commitment, but the matter of the fact is strong, relies on the partner’s satisfaction from both the end. Being in love is a powerful emotion that can win with every defeat and people starts to think positively in every circumstance. However, going ahead with a person you like, love, or just want his/her company is no more a question mark!

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