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Tackle Detective Agency in Kota is a registered and approved agency, which has been working with Pan India for the last 12 years with a well trained and experienced team of investigators for corporate and matrimonial investigation services. During the last 12 years, detectives in Kota have taken thousands of cases with successful results and satisfied customers. We ensure the investigation and confidentiality of the case to suit the exact needs of the customer, at an affordable price.

Each case is assigned to a team of detectives designed to focus only on the case to ensure a high-quality investigation with detail and accuracy. Private Detective Agency in Kota

 Highly complex cases are easily handled by the suspect, such as the suspect is unaware of the ongoing investigation. The detective agency in Kota works closely with the client to keep them updated about any new information, audio to all, Is verified through video evidence. Case investigations are conducted with 100% customer fulfillment priority and our work ethic has made us the best-reputed agency in Kota. At Tackle Detective, we ensure confidentiality with confidence, and results are guaranteed.

Kota is a major industrial educational city in Rajasthan, situated on the banks of the Chambal River. The city is about 280 kilometers by road and rail from the capital Jaipur. Kota city is popular for palaces, museums, temples, and gardens. Kota is one of the cities where industrialization has taken place on a large scale. Kota is a unique blend of novelty and antiquity, being popular for palaces, museums, temples, and gardens.


The city’s monuments give a sense of antiquity, while the hydroelectric plant and multi-metal industry built on the Chambal River gives a feeling of modernity. The city has recently become the seventh most crowded city in the World Trade Forum list. Major Attractions Center –

1-City Fort Palace
2-Rao Madho Singh Museum
3-Jagmandir Mahal
4-Government Museum
5-Chambal Garden
6-Om-Devta Ki Haveli
7-Ganesh garden (standing Ganesh Ji)
8-c. V Garden

This city is particularly famous for cotton and Kota Doria sarees, Kota stone, Kachori. Kota is also known as an education city.

Benefits of appointing a detective agency in Kota

In India, where Arranged Marriages still take place on a large scale, a person does not get to know his or her fiance very well before marriage. This is where a Private Detective Agency in Kota comes to the rescue. Sometimes a person can be double-faced and can be a totally different person behind your back. Pre Matrimonial verification is important for soon to be bride and the groom to know their partners better. Private Detective Agency provides Detective in Kota and the whole of India at affordable rates. The Tackle Detective Pre- Marriage Investigation agency services include the report of all places visited and identification of all people met by the spouse plus the provision of videos and photos of them. Reports will be sent every day so that the customers are satisfied and up to date with the investigation. Our specialized services include a Background check of the family, Social and Financial Status, Habits and Behaviour, Health and Fitness, Friends Circle, etc. So if you are ready to tie the knot and looking for a private investigator, Tackle Detective have all your answers covered. Give us a call or Whatsapp at the number given, or  email us at info@tackledetective.com


Many people do not even know that a private detective agency is also present in Kota for post matrimonial investigation. During the social media era, cases of extramarital affairs or infidelity have intensified, which have now become uncontrollable. It is right to be able to change the behavior of the partner, but going to divorce without knowing the reason behind it can become the destruction of a beautiful alliance like marriage. It is possible that the act done on the partner is wrong and that quantity is an illusion. In order to solve all your problems, a private detective agency in Kota is serving post matrimonial investigation so that you can know the reason behind your infidelity and save your relationship from breaking up and if this quantity is not your illusion you Really, if you are a victim of deception, then you can take appropriate action.

Do you really trust your spouse? Do you think you are in a happy marriage or is there something fishy about your partner these days? If any of these questions is yes or you relate to them, my friend, you are in the right place. At Tackle detective, we find the truth. We investigate to the matter that if your partner is cheating on you with someone or is it only something that you think.


Our services are not to just give you an assured and unbridged information but also to find out the real truth. We will tell you every premises and keep you under the loop as we understand how critical and important it is for your life.

We also understand that you don’t want to break your marriage (not without a cause); therefore we will make sure that we investigate in secrecy. Neither your spouse nor anyone will find out what measures you are taking to find out the real truth.

It’s never too late to save your marriage than to destroy it with a mare misconception. One should know the truth before making any life-changing decision.

We will give you the chance to save your beautiful marriage and reveal the truth before your eyes.

Without wasting any further time, call us today.
Financial fraud is a piece of breaking news. Billions of dollars of scams committed by corporate giants are innumerable financial frauds in India. Small scale frauds are reported every day targeting innocent people. The fraud is unethical and against the civil laws governing the society. Where everything is happening online and information is floating, cases of financial fraud offenses have increased yesterday. There are ways to prevent this, The most obvious way is to be vigilant and follow precautionary measures while conducting financial transactions. In these cases, it is always appropriate to approve the concerned authority as soon as possible.

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