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We are a class-leading Delhi-based Detective agency that has branches throughout India, well-known for our professionalism and work rate. Tackle Detective Agency in Faridabad was started by the young and ambitious Poornima Singh, who has more than 12 years of experience in the field of private investigation.

With our team of experienced and able detectives, we became one of the most reputable agencies in a short time.

Who Are Our Clients?
Our range of services, professionalism and confidentiality has led people from different walks of life seek our guidance.

From providing Matrimonial Detective Services in Faridabad like Background Check and Loyalty Test to having Corporate Services like Sting Operation and Labour Court Cases, we have a wide array of clients and services.

Your Privacy Matters
We believe in privacy.
All of our staffs are the highest quality professionals, who will make sure our client’s information remains 100% confidential.

Our Staff

Tackle Detective’s staffs are hired to meet our standards and professionalism after thorough and meticulous hiring process involving a thorough background check.

Our client’s satisfaction and privacy is our priority, and all of our staffs are hired to ensure that we can meet and exceed our client’s expectations

matrimonial image

We are the best matrimonial detective agency in Faridabad

Marriage is a heavenly blessed union of two persons but, this union could turn out to be hell if you have entered the matrimony with the wrong person. A blessed marriage could not be attained if you do not have a clear knowledge about the significant person. In today’s world, everything is fast-paced and digital so you cannot completely rely on the information provided by some digital place about the most important decision of your life. The scenario in metros is far uncertain in comparison to rural areas.

So, here comes the question: why do I need a premarital investigation? Just ask yourself a few questions here and you would understand the need for an investigation:

Does he/she avoid discussing his/her past?
Does he/she doesn’t see their friends with you?
Do they have secure financial stability?
Is his/her behaviour seems changed for a while?

Does his/her family seem speculative?
If your answer to these questions is yes or you have any doubt while answering any of these questions then you need a premarital investigation. Tackle Detective Agency in Faridabad provides a list of parameters while investigating:

Family background check
Character/behavioural details
Health and fitness report
Financial and social status of the family
Past affairs or relations or divorce
Screening of employment or business status

The investigations can be helpful to anyone be it the bride/groom or even their parents. We make sure that all our work is done discreetly and confidentially. All the information gained is kept securely and once the job is done we dispose of all the information in a protected way.

Consequently, it is important to get the premarital investigation led by a team of highly professional and ingenious detectives.  These investigations are very crucial as you are taking an important step ahead in your life as marriage is a bond of a lifetime.

When a married couple living tighter and after some time one partner knows about an external affair of other partner and engaged all-time with another person some wrong activity at last situation ends on divorce and living separately. When some agency work to find out the real truth their investigation called Post Matrimonial Investigation.

When a couple ties their marriage, they do not consider divorce, but no one knows the demand for time. And the couple finds it easier to end the relationship rather than deal with the situation. That is called divorce. Tackle Detective Agency in Faridabad is a good way to find out the reason for divorce.
Nothing works in life, not even divorce. Couples practice divorce and later do the strategy.
Maintenance after the antecedents and subsequent plans of divorce is also an important point “maintenance”.
Maintenance is the amount a male partner has to pay to a woman after a divorce.

Divorce Image

According to the Indian Act, the husband is responsible for the living of the wife. After the divorce, the husband only has to bear the expenses of the wife. Which is called maintenance. But the question is whether the husband only has to finance. The answer is yes. If it is paid in kind, the court in India has determined 25% of the total share of the husband’s income. There is no criterion if it is thought to be given at one time, but the amount varies from 1/5th to 1/3rd. Divorce and maintenance is an important decision.

Tackle Detective Agency in Faridabad helps you in gathering evidence against your partner.
Child maintenance payments Parents still be accountable for supporting their youngsters financially once a divorce. This responsibility ends at the earliest once the kid reaches the age of majority or completes a primary level of education and coaching that enables it to start work. The size of the upkeep contributions ought to mirror the requirements of the kid, though they have to not exceed the suggests that of the person paying maintenance and drive them below the minimum subsistence level. For info on however maintenance contributions area unit calculated, contact a judicial authority or an attorney.

Living conditions If the youngsters live primarily with you, you’re accountable for transportation them up and contribute during this thanks to their maintenance. If the youngsters don’t suffer you, you need to pay monthly maintenance contributions as long as your financial gain is over the minimum subsistence level. the quantity of your time you pay taking care of the youngsters is taken into account within the calculation of the upkeep contributions If maintenance isn’t paid If your adult male or partner neglects their maintenance obligations: The cantons area unit needed to produce a free service to assist the person entitled to maintenance to recover the payments.

Divorce Image

Additionally, all cantons can, underneath sure conditions, create advanced payments to tide you over till the quantity is paid. In sure circumstances, you’ll be able to apply to the court for a debt recovery order to possess the outstanding contribution taken directly from the earnings of your adult male or partner and transferred to you. If you’re owed maintenance payments you’ll be able to initiate debt recovery proceedings at the credit agency of the person owing contributions.

You can conjointly initiate criminal proceedings against the one that neglects their maintenance obligations even though they were in a very position to pay maintenance.
Which the couple does after much deliberation and is closely watched by the authorities. In this way, the result of the case is reached. Due to the increasing rate of divorce, the government can bring some changes in the rules of divorce and maintenance. Tackle Detective Agency in Faridabad is considered the best detective agency for divorce.

The Need Of Agency (Tackle Detective in Faridabad)

After that some agency work on this to find the real condition or situation of the couple so in which Tackle Detective in Faridabad work on it and investigate the whole process and find out the truth on their stories. When agency work on this case so focus on all activity when one partner outside the home and collect all evidence of all circular activity and especially suspicious activity. Finally, collect all the details of the partner and note down that activity for further process.

Tackle Detective in Faridabad work for this investigation very honestly and find the real truth about the investigation. Mostly this agency finds out the truth and solves the case

corporate investigation image

Why is it important to have a corporate investigation in Faridabad?

As much as technology has been a boon to the corporate world, with streamlining and simplifying the work process, it has also opened gates to vulnerabilities. Companies of all sizes, shapes, and industries are under constant threat of fraud, forgery, and getting their data breached, from external as well as internal bodies. This can include competitors trying to get your data, a scorned ex-employee attempting to tarnish your reputation, someone from the internal workforce bribed to leak the confidential data of your clients.

Without a system in place, overlooking such aspects can have dire consequences on your business in the long term, leaving you with a damaged image that will take more years than it took you to build your stance in this world of cut-throat competition. This is why you should hire a credible and reputed corporate investigation company to identify and mitigate any possibility of the risk-regardless of how big or small it is.

Tackle Detective Agency in Faridabad has a dedicated team of corporate investigators, backed by extensive knowledge and experience of successfully executing strategic investigation. They are equipped with the tools and technology to implement every process with due diligence and legality.

Tackle Detective corporate investigation services involve:

Skip Personal Tracing
Financial Fraud Investigation
Labour Court Cases
Sting Operations
Undercover Agents

Our corporate investigators will:
Audit current system
Quickly identify maleficence
Find the cause and person accountable for it
Ensure 100% compliance with the rules and regulations
Help with the recovery of loss
Minimize the possibility of liability with effective reporting
Tackle detective is your one-stop solution to strengthen your company’s security.

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