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Earned appreciation from its various customers in Ujjain. At Tackle Detective Agency we have a team of experts from diverse fields to provide impeccable customer service. With 12 years of experience as a private detective agency in Ujjain, we have a highly professional approach where every client A special team is dedicated according to the requirements and sensitivity of the case. The team works for a specific customer with full dedication. We respect the privacy of our customers, Therefore, we ensure that your information is protected and confidential.

With a nationwide presence, our local experts are familiar with their local area and have a number of contacts who assist in extracting the desired information. The Detective Agency in Ujjain provides the most accurate and reliable information from the most reliable sources. You can count on us for various services like phone number check, marital affairs investigation, missing person check, business check, pre/post matrimonial check-in Ujjain, etc.

Ujjain (Ujjaini) is a very ancient city, a major city in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, on the banks of the Kshipra River or Shipra River. Mahakala is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva located here. It is the fifth-largest city of Madhya Pradesh, covering an area of 157 square kilometres of the municipal corporation. Historical and early ironic materials were found in abundance in excavations done from the citadel of Ujjain.


Ujjain is a witness to many changes in history. The difference between Kshipra and the rise and fall of this traditional city has unique and distinct sensations.

Some Tourist Places in Ujjain –

1-Mahakaleshwar Temple
2-Shri Bade Ganesh Temple
3-Mangalnath Temple
5-Kshipra Ghat
6-Gopal Temple
7-Gadhkalika Devi
8-Bhartrihari Cave
9-Kaal Bhairav

Simhastha Kumbha is the great bathing festival of Ujjain. This festival is celebrated after a gap of twelve years when Brihaspati is situated on the Leo zodiac. The rituals of virtuous bathing in the river Kshipra start from the full moon of the Chaitra month and the different dates throughout the month till the last bath of the Vaishakh Purnima. It takes place in The city which is known by the name Ujjain has been named in the past by many names like Avantika, Ujjayini, Visala, Pratilpa, Kumudavati, Swarnashringa, Amravati etc.

Expert Detective Agency in Ujjain

Every parent is concerned about the security of his or her daughter or son, especially when they are in the process of getting them to tie the nuptial bond. It is the right of the parent as well as the person who is going to enter a matrimonial alliance to know about his or her would-be life partner. At this point, we come into the picture.


With utmost precautions and secrecy, we plan and find out all the necessary information you need to be sure about the match that is in consideration. The enquiry made at your own level and the enquiry and authentic information with relevant proofs will make you sure about this most important decision. Within a specific period,  we would provide you answer to all your queries

Divorce is not a natural part of any marriage alliance to articulate. The divorce investigation by the Detective Agency in Ujjain is complex, sensitive and dangerous. Under the personal rules and laws of India governing the relationship between a husband and wife, it also focuses on the maintenance aspect after divorce. Tackle Detective Agency in Ujjain to get you hassle-free divorce check And can help with maintenance.

The documents and information find that the detective in Ujjain during the inquiry will be 100% secure and strictly confidential. Therefore our customers should not worry about any information leakage. In a divorce investigation, we can investigate the finances taken, hidden bank accounts, unlicensed income, and many more.


As technology becomes more advanced, surveillance cameras are becoming a part of our regular busy lives. Video surveillance devices are installed in your office premises, parking zones, schools, colleges, individual homes, government buildings, or research centers for security – surveillance cameras installed in suburban neighborhoods and urban residential complexes for security. is. The private detective agency in Ujjain has a team of highly skilled professional investigators who can help you get everything out of the secret grave.

A surveillance camera has been installed everywhere to avoid any problem. Every life is meaningful, That is why people are demanding high-tech security system in their environment. Crime has increased so much that this camera has become a part of our lives. Surveillance is the biggest boon for a modern technological society. The mere presence of surveillance can stop criminals in a second. Suppose a theft occurs, your professionally installed surveillance cameras may have recorded all incidents in high definition. Jasu agents or police use surveillance as it is their primary source of investigation and capture of the culprits. You can use those videos and images to prevent future crimes and return your items.

Marriage is a sacred entity. But more so, a huge social-emotional responsibility. When two people commit to each other, it’s not just giving in to the emotion but making the decision to share one’s own life with another individual where probably issues co-exist even without each other.
Marriage, like all relationships, is built on trust and respect. If two people trust each other, there will be mutual and reciprocated respect. However, human beings tend to make mistakes or lose control. One person can be unfaithful to another, but that is not an alternative for the other person to go through hard times.
No one deserves to be cheated on or to live a life in a bubble which might pop someday for them to suffer. When truth prevails, it’s easier to move on with life and start afresh and getting cheated on and then living up to its implications.
We at Tackle Detective Agency in Ujjain help people in finding the truths of their life and accepting the situation for what it is, that being unsure about something. If it’s just a misunderstanding or an Extramarital Affair, we will shed light on it for you with the help of our competent team of detectives who make things easy for people. With the help of latest technology and documented proof, you can be sure that what is true, cannot be hidden once we start seeking it.

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