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Nothing is permanent in this world, not even your relationship. All that glitter is not gold. Your spouse/fianc√© or loved one, upon which you had put all your fate might be enjoying behind your back. Remember it’s good to be informed rather than ill-formed. If you are facing trust or want to end your suspicion once in for all, then you have knocked on the right door, ”Tackle Detective Agency in Agra” will not only end all your doubts but also relieve you from the relationship which you were never a part of.

Our name is among the leading or nothing short of being the best detective agency in the Agra circuit. We have 10 years of experience in handling all sorts of cases and have always striven in providing the truth even if it involves going to any lengths.

Most of our clients have the question if their identity might get exposed in front of their loved ones. Don’t worry, client confidentiality has always been our forte. With over 100 experienced detectives working for over a decade in this domain, we are just one step closer in exposing the truth which you are seeking. Be it extramarital affair, pre, and post matrimonial investigation, we have the right team for the right case.

So, if you reading this then you are already late. So, get in touch with us to find out the truth.

Detective Agency in Agra for a Family matters

Pre matrimonial investigation in Agra is very much needed nowadays. Irrespective of country, class, creed this investigation has its own significance. To avoid the increasing fraud cases, it is indeed mandatory to get accurate information about the person with whom we would stay for long. It would save us from the would-be nightmares.

We, the country’s best Detectives would love to fix your post matrimonial investigation in Agra obstacles that everyday pinche and confine you, we make you assure that our highly intellectual gumshoe will prove your benchmark.as we have been spying for decades.
we believe this era as a technically bind to one another.we have the best hackers to get all the crucial confidential chat and browse in a jiffy now we have magically complete access and fully watch his or her smoke, nothing can be hidden from our eyes what are you waiting, for now, you have the best of the best chance to hire us to fulfill your all Desire, don’t let your desire Grave in dear.
best of luck!
“Don’t fear
We hear!”

Extra-Marital Affair

Trust is the foundation of every relationship. Without trust, you can never have a happy and healthy relationship. Once the trust in someone is lost, it is almost impossible to regain. If you are starting to suspect your wife of having an extramarital affair, find the truth first. Don’t confront her unless you have solid evidence. An extramarital affair investigation in Agra will open the door to the truth for you. Hence, reassuring that your partner is yours and yours only or the other way around.


Surveillance is known as the proactive monitoring of a person of interest or location of importance. Colloquially known as “keeping a tab”, surveillance, in actuality, encompasses a wide range of activities – from collecting ground reports to analysis of the data; surveillance allows for a fair assessment of an adversarial hand, much before the cards are even played. Surveillance is not just for rival nations divulging in each other’s secrets, however; reconnaissance can be done at any level – quashing criminal behavior to tracking MIA individuals – a premeditated autopsy is a powerful tool in the right hands. Modern surveillance employs the usage of gadgets and technologies, not limited to merely CCTV’s and Drones, but also Tracking, as well as Eavesdropping software (commonly known as “bugging” an individual).

Divorce Case

Under the ambit of personal laws in India, there is a very important role in governing the relationship between a wife and a husband. Under these laws, there is a specific focus on the aspect of maintenance after divorce.

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