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Tackle Detective Agency in Imphal is your smart companion to unveil the hidden truth. Tackle detective in Imphal value your concern and deliver you the finest solution for the purpose.

Happy married life is the dreamy desire of all, but unfortunately, some of them won’t get the desired married life. When they don’t get what they desire in their partner, then they get attracted to the outer fantasy.

Extramarital affairs investigation is the outcome of an unhappy married life in most of the cases.

But, unhappy married life is not the only reason for extramarital affairs, as some people find it fancy to engage with different people even after enjoying a happy married life.

If you have a suspicion in your mind that your spouse is having an extramarital affair outside, then we are there to help you with our effective and impeccable Detective Agency in Imphal.

We will serve you with services of proof collection, spying the target without affecting their personal life,

Detailed info of the other person engaged in affair, investigating about any evil intention etc.

Feel free to reach us. We are here to serve you.

Imphal city is the capital of Manipur province of India. Recently the Imphal Peace Museum has been established on Red Hill, Imphal on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Imphal War.


The Imphal Peace Museum has been established in the foothills of Red Hill. It has been established by the Manipur Tourism Form and the Government of Manipur in collaboration with ‘The Nippo Foundation’.The museum is divided into three sections; In the first section, the sequence of war and the names of the dead are recorded,

The second section attempts to show the post-war influences, the last section deals with the cultural heritage of Manipur thus the museum is the only museum in India in terms of its features. The second section attempts to depict the post-war influences, the last section deals with the cultural heritage of Manipur thus the museum is the only museum of its kind in India in terms of its features.

tourist spot

1 Shri Govind dev Ji Temple
2 martyr tower
3 3rd war memorial
4 Manipur Zhu
5 sing da
6 Om Langbal

Best Detective Agency in Imphal

In today’s corporate and urban life those days are gone when marriages were fixed by close relatives from among themselves. Everything was already known about the bride and groom and their families. Today the scenario has completely changed. In western societies about half of the marriages end in divorce. Today the background check has become extremely important to ensure a happy married life. The pre-marital investigation has many aspects to cover such as personal, professional financial, etc. Ever since the job opportunities have mostly shited to megacities like Delhi and Mumbai where the social life of the individual is confined only to a few friends, it has become very difficult to find all the facts regarding the personal and professional lives of the parties to the marriage. Negligence on this aspect will not only ruin the marriage but even destroy the lives of two individuals. Marriage with the right partner not only ensures a happy married life but also smooth and stable life.


A 24-year girl Priya (young ambitious wanted to have her own business) got married to a guy Shekhar(already a businessman) it was a love marriage they had a nice relationship of 4 years before and got married happily with the blessings of there parents.  Everything was going good until she saw the rudeness of Shekhar the coin was upside down, it was a complete shift for her, he started to fight over petty things, he didn’t give her money even for household chores. The days were getting tough and tough day by day she slept on the floor, he didn’t made love or even talked for days or sometimes for weeks, things were going like this his mother was very helpful and his father was the very polite man they use to asked what happened but because it was a love marriage and what will society say she never opened up she used to talk to her friends and delete the call logs she would share her things with a friend Rishi. He gave him emotional support physical strength and would help her in money sometimes. The time kept on passing as ‘time never stops for good or for bad’ they meet when she was at her mother’s place and would to talk to him, her mental condition was getting better one day she meets him at a cafe and while driving him back to his place Rishi said Priya it is never too late you can get out of this and start all over again she held him tight and said let it be like that I can’t leave him because what will my parents have to go through, I just need your support and now it has been 2 years and her life is on with that support and love from his friend that is also known as extramarital Affair. Sometimes the affair is out of choice and sometimes it is by situation some do it for money, for sex and for love of course, but it is hidden in our society, because of society itself. There are 75% of marriages according to study that says there marriage is not going good and they have partners out their marriage also so according to me sometimes affair is not just for fun many times it is to live life happily. Tackle Detective Agency in Imphal collect the real truth for the clients.


corporate investigation means investigation which is done for corporate sectors like corporate fraud, unethical use of corporate things, etc. It is very necessary for the corporate sector to take off the company. The most important thing that everyone knows in the company that they should give their best for each and every task that was assigned to them. This corporate investigation only is done when people do not maintain their loyalty in the company. We can overcome this problem but all we have to do is to find a solution regarding this problem. Most important of all is the loyalty and honesty of an employee regarding his or her company. At I last I want that we all should find a solution regarding this.private Detective Agency in Imphal helps to know the truth.

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