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Tackle Detective Agency is one of the most reliable and reliable Detective Agency in Jalandhar. Detective in Jalandhar is an actively developed private detective agency in Pan India operating in Jalandhar. Private detective agency in Jalandhar has gained popularity in a short span of time based on its highly professional and systematic work environment. It has become easier to hire a legal detective to put all your concerns to the client because we, at Tackle Detective, ensure the complete privacy of the client.

Keeping the agency’s detective work as our priority in Jalandhar, we ensure that we provide complete satisfaction at the end of every espionage mission.

Following is the list of services offered by Tackle Detective Agency –

Pre matrimonial investigation
Post matrimonial investigation
Check fidelity test
background check
Corporate investigation

Jalandhar is a city in the province of Punjab (India), which is the oldest city in Punjab. Jalandhar is a major industrial area where the main production is leather, sports, and hand tools, due to which Yer city is world-famous. The city also has four hospitals, due to which it is also making achievements in the field of medical tourism. It is the city that has given many valiant warriors to the country. Jalandhar is named after Jalandhar Nath, a disciple of Lord Adinath Yaniki Shiva, who is also mentioned in the Nath Granth and Mahabharata.


Jalandhar is a widely growing city bounded by Ludhiana in the east, Kapurthala in the west, Hoshiarpur in the north, and Ferozepur in the south.

Tourist places in Jalandhar –

* Devi Talab Temple
* Shiva Temple.
* Shahid-e-Azam Sardar Bhagat Museum
* Wonder Land
* Baba Sodhal Temple
* Imam Nasir Tomb and Jama Masjid
* Gurudwara Chevin Padshahi
* Tulsi Temple

Getting Married? Congratulations, you reached one of the most important milestones in the walk of life. A wedding is an auspicious event that brings in Abundance happiness only when you choose the right person. Getting to know the person via marital-courtship? How well do you think you can get to know the person? Would you be able to trust the person you are about to marry? Conducting a Pre Matrimonial Investigation through Tackle Detective can reduce your stress and prove whether the person you choose is really the right one for you? Get to know their Past and Present so you can predict your future with them.


The entire process of Matrimonial Investigation is a highly confidential and secure way to get to know the chosen one. Don’t let their past behaviors and action ruin your valuable future. Get to know the person through Pre Matrimonial Investigation so you can achieve your happily ever after. All your details are in the trustworthy hands of Detective in Jalandhar. Do all the research you need about the person you going to marry but we bet still you won’t know all the details about them, this is where Detective Agency in Jalandhar brings in their expertise to Pre Matrimonial Investigation and gets the job done.
In the realm of innovation like today, it is impossible that you get similar feelings back which you anticipate. This absence of care or love we anticipate from our life partner prompts a decrease in enthusiasm toward one another. It in the long run causes the association of “third individual”. Despite the fact that it isn’t right, yet when you are the person who isn’t getting a lot of adoration and having the illicit relationship outside the marriage, you justify it.
It cannot be claimed that every extramarital affair happens because of problems in marriage. Sometimes people intentionally get involved in relationships outside their marriage.
However, if it is by any chance due to the problems or something which can be sorted, you need to step in and should talk about it to your spouse.
Before assassinating each other’s character, it is highly recommendable to find the cause. Is there anything really genuine that caused the other person to ditch you? Is there anything we can do to let it work?
Finding the causes and working on the solution is usually skipped by most couples. But, with belief in the sanctity of your marriage, both the spouses (offending and non-offending) must take the responsibilities. The culpable party ought to be really heartbroken and self-reproachful about his demonstration. Simultaneously, the other companion ought to likewise acknowledge the issues, assuming any, in their marriage, and put forth shared attempts to make their relationship work.
Surveillance is the benchmark of the 21st century as it is a technological age. Surveillance is one of the popular ones through the camera. Monitoring a known or unknown person from a distance is a major factor in keeping the views of the segment prominent. Currently, almost every segment of human behavior in every organization or industry requires a surveillance system. A corporate or a private segment is the center of minimum firm monitoring system security for the tech giant. The surveillance segment has large boundaries


Which is trustworthiness and trustworthy. Everyone who has committed a crime for a firm, or against the law, surveillance cameras are official eyes for everyone.

“Loyalty is an expensive gift. Do not expect it from people.” A very famous quote that needs to be followed and practiced by each one of us. But as humans, we tend to expect loyalty from our partners, irrespective of the fact that how they are. In any relationship, loyalty is all about being faithful and committed towards your partner.  A bond is there where you share everything with your partner. There are no secrets and there is nothing to hide. A bond that is just so pure and there are no doubts at all.

But there are cases, where one person feels that their partner is not being loyal towards them. They have a feeling of being cheated. They feel that their partners are hiding something from them or they are into some other relationships as well.

In such cases, a loyalty test is conducted in order to show them the proof of what all their partners are doing behind their backs. This test helps to come up with conclusions not only on the emotional basis but also on the basis of proofs and evidence gathered through the test conducted. It also helps to find out whether their partners are the right ones for them or not. Based on all this, further decisions are made.

The Tackle Detective Agency in Jalandhar conducts loyalty tests and spouse cheating investigations. They maintain privacy and they do not reveal anything. It is highly confidential. The agency has its own experts who look into this matter. The test conducted by them is considered and rated to be the best in entire the country.

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