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Tackle Detective Agency in Patiala group the main points of the first case and they do not pay attention to the second case until the present case is resolved. The team is chosen according to the client’s requirement and case sensitivity. The client is made aware of every single step taken for his / her case with special results and satisfactory results are received. The focus of the firm remains to the point that there is no leakage of any data about the customer. is unlikely.

The initial stage of the agency’s main priority investigation is to understand the need of each client and work appropriately, and to provide 100% fulfillment to the client. Therefore, the system of each probe is completely one of a kind. We have practical experience in a wide range of espionage and investigations, for example, pre/post matrimonial investigation in Patiala, marriage investigation in Patiala, divorce case investigation in Patiala, surveillance detective in Patiala, fraud investigation in Patiala, Loyalty test Patiala, Loyalty test investigation in Patiala, Extramarital affair investigation in Patiala. An undercover operation in Patiala, evidence obtained in, still photos and videography, and litigation support.

All investigations mentioned will continue with strong evidence, for example, reports, pictures, video / audio recordings, and so on.

Patiala is a city located in the Patiala district of the Indian state of Punjab and is also the headquarters of the district. Patiala was a former state. Patiala district was the major princely state of erstwhile Punjab. Today it is the fifth-largest district in the state of Punjab. Patiala has its own distinct culture which reflects the character of the people here. The Jat style is seen in the architecture here, but this style has taken a new look by adapting to the local traditions. The fort of Patiala Mubarak Complex is a mine of beauty.


main attractions

1 Fort Happy Complex
2 Rang Mahal and Sheesh Mahal
3 Durbar Hall
4 runbas
5 gourmet food
6 Moti Bagh Palace
7 Panj Bali Gurudwara
8 Fort Bahadurgarh
9 Kali Temple
10 Gurudwara Dukhniwaran Sahib
11 Izlas-e-Khas Stay
12 Baradari Gardens
13 Rajendra Kothi
14 Laxman swing

Importance of Detective Agency in Patiala

Being an Indian and coming from typical traditional family background, getting married at a certain age is an important decision. The right time to get married is only after getting an ideal job. 3 out of every 5 people arrange a marriage. Marriage is an important part of every family. It is said that “marriage takes place between two families” but in today’s generation, it is about two people who are a husband and a wife.


We were talking about a marriage between two people, especially in an arranged marriage where both sides come from different backgrounds. We have no information about any other family apart from knowing from his statement there. Both families come from different places with completely different backgrounds. This is the time where we can seek the help of pre-marital investigation agencies. If a family asks for help from a private detective agency in Patiala, they will tell you all the details of both sides.

Some points to be searched: –

1. Have any children from previous marriages (if they are hiding)
2. divorced or not
3. Have a criminal record
4. Behavior towards people

And even more about drinking or smoking habits.

An agency such as these sometimes comes as a spouse because marriage takes place throughout life until death occurs.

Extramarital Affairs: 4 Common Reasons People Indulge in It

“Infidelity is an Opium of Unfaithfulness”

Toba Beta

When we fall in love, nothing fancies us much. Is this the ultimate truth or way farther than the reality? If we love someone so much, why do we indulge in Extramarital Affairs? If we can’t bear the thought of sharing our love with someone else, why do we let ourselves be shared among two people?

As per the national survey conducted by the New York Times the American Association for Marriage and Family, almost 15% of married women and 25% of married men confessed to having extramarital affairs. Moreover, most of these marriages included a lack of intercourse or intimacy.

So, what are the common reasons people get indulged in extramarital affairs? Let us discuss in this blog.

Common Reasons from Tacklr Detective agency in Patiala People Indulge in Extramarital Affairs

common reasons people indulge in extramarital affairs are listed below:

1. Marrying ‘Too Early’

One of the major reasons which cause men to have an extramarital affair is marrying at an early age. As per men, marrying early caused them to miss out on all the fun in their life. So, to explore and take revenge on their early marriage, they knock the doors of a third partner.

2. Re-entry of a Past Relationship

Sometimes, we have to get separated from someone we loved in the past due to certain circumstances. In most of the cases, we tend to move on with our lives and forget the past. Although, this is not always the case. Many times, people cheat on their partner and indulge in an extramarital affair with their previous partners. One of the main reasons behind this is to fill the emotional void which most married couples feel after a few years of marriage.


3. Lack of Intimacy

Lack of intimacy or sexual expectations is also a major reason why people get to indulge in extramarital affairs. Sometimes, people may feel their sexual desires are not met by their partner and that they are lacking the excitement on the bed. Thus, to get the spark back in their life, they search for someone else as an alternative.

4. Out of Boredom

After a few years of marriage, couples start getting bored out of their daily routine. This causes them to look for someone else which can bring some sort of entertainment to their life. That is why many get indulged in extramarital affairs, just to kill their boredom.

No matter what is the reason for having an extramarital affair, it can leave the other partner crushed and insecure. Have you ever been in an extramarital affair or have suffered through one? Share with us through the comment box below. We would love to hear from you. The tackle Detective agency in Patiala is always helping you.

For more updates and blogs like this, stay tuned!

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