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In India, a matrimonial alliance is not only the union of two souls, but it is the merger of two families. Unlike some other countries, marriage in India is an eternal bond in which the feelings, family honor, and prestige of both families are at stake. Each of us has a relative or friend who has experienced good or bad marriage. In this ongoing time, our society is full of incredible people. Therefore, we need to take the utmost care while searching for our life partner. And Pre Matrimonial investigation in Raipur should be conducted by a Private Detective Agency in Raipur before marriage. These days a lot of people are hiring private detectives to conduct background checks in the case of marriage. The team at Tackle Detective in Raipur gives you professional help in finding the background of your future bride/groom and secures your future. The verification includes verification of the social reputation of the family, information related to the job/occupation of the prospective bride/groom, detailed background report of their activities,

Details such as education history, previously broken marriages, and reasons for broken marriages (if any) will be included, financial status of the family, affair (if any). With the help of these important details, you will be able to make the right decision and it will make your married life happy and peaceful.

Raipur is the capital of Chhattisgarh, which is the 24th state of the country. The city, based on the remains of old buildings and forts, has existed since the 9th century. Raipur is the largest city on the banks of the Karun River. Raipur which is also known as Paddy Bowl.


The Mahanadi River flows in Raipur, the Maikal Hills, the Chota Nagpur Plateau, and the Bastar Plateau in the south. The city is on the Mumbai-Howrah rail line and is connected to all important cities. Raipur has five universities: Pandit Ravi Shankar Shukla University Indira Gandhi Agricultural University Hidayatullah Law University and Kushabhau Thakre Journalism and Communication University are the new Aayusha and Medical University. Among the tourist places are Nagargari, which recites Chhattisgarhi folk tunes every hour. The old pond, also known as Swami Vivekananda Sarovar, is the largest pond in the city, the Dudhadhari temple is a 500-year-old temple of Lord Rama.

Why is needed Detective Agency in Raipur

Marriages may be a sacred covenant that one enters however it is essential to enter this undertaking with fully informed about the prospective partner. These days online matrimonial websites are the preferred mode by which we scout for prospective partners. This essentially means that we do not have common links with the prospective family, so how does one carry out a background check? And also why is it essential to carry out a background check?


The best way to carry out a thorough check of background is to hire professional investigators. There are many reasons to do so :

1. To check the financial status that has been claimed by the prospective family.
2. To verify whether the information provided about the job, educational qualifications, etc are true.
3. To check the marital status of the prospective bride or groom.
4. To check personal habits for example does the prospective partner have any unbecoming habits like drinking, smoking, or drug use.
5. Are there any questionable past relationships that the prospective partner may have had? Or are they

There are many other components that may come to give a red flag warning in the background check. It’s better to make a decision armed with as much information as possible so as to ensure a bright and happy future.

When two people turn into a married couple, a new happy chapter in their life begins. After some time, one partner knows about the other partner’s external relationship, then all these happiness changes into sadness. Then the result of these wrong activities ends with divorce. Then the medium through which you expose the deception that happened to you with the help of the Detective Agency in Raipur is called Post Matrimonial Investigation. After that in Raipur

 The actual status of a detective agency in Raipur couples And discovers the truth of their stories and investigates the entire process. When the Tackle Detective Agency agency in Raipur works on the case then focus on all activity when a partner outside the house and all circular activity and especially the suspects Collect all evidence of activity. Social media activity also checks and targets suspicious activity and pays attention to the case.

Detectives in Raipur work very sincerely for this investigation and find out the real truth about the investigation. Mostly, the detective agency in Raipur finds out the truth and settles the case.

Extramarital affairs investigation, basically, means a romantic or sexual relationship with someone other than your spouse. It is not always necessary that extramarital affairs are all about getting physically close. There are emotional affairs too. While the two people do not get sexually close, their hearts and minds get connected. This type of affair generally revolves around flirting and sharing every intimate detail with someone.
There are also affairs that happen in spite of anger and revenge. This kind of affairs happens majorly due to hatred towards his or her’s spouse or just to get even with them. And if a partner seeks extramarital affairs in this kind of situation than it means that he or she wants to feel empowered. They just want to feel needed by someone and do not want to invest their time in mending their relationship with their spouses.
There are other kinds of extramarital affairs in which the person genuinely loves and wants to be someone other than their spouse. They become close in every aspect whether it be sexually or emotionally. This type of affair is like an actual relationship. It often leads to divorce and remarriage.
Extramarital can also be caused by a lack of communication. 4 out of 10 people end up having extramarital affairs. Extramarital affairs end in three ways.
1) divorce and remarriage 
2) divorce and break up from the extra relationship
3) break up from the relationship and a chance to reconcile with the spouse.


Relationships are based on different pillars of emotions between a couple, the main pillar that supports and binds the relationship together is the person’s loyalty. Sometimes the things you ignore about the other person are the signs of infringement of loyalty. Our Detective Agency in Raipur helps you get through the doubts of yours regarding the loyalty issues of your partner.

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