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Do you have any doubts about your partner or partner’s behavior? Are you worried about your business? Has anxiety made your life something that you are not even sure of? Are you having many such doubts inside your head? Then you should appoint a detective agency in Vijayawada to clear your problem and doubt. Tackle Detective Agency is one of the best detective agency in Vijayawada with 12 years of experience.

detective in Vijayawada has handled over 400 cases and the Tackle Detective Agency in Vijayawada has received 15 awards over the course of time. However, we are aware of job sensitivity and that is why we strictly align our moral compass with professional ethics. However, we are aware of the sensitivity of the case and that is why we are in tune with professional ethics Strictly align the moral compass. Privacy is highly valued at Tackle Detective Agency and we are very proud of it. If you need any kind of investigation like surveillance and/or matrimonial, matrimonial, corporate investigation, and let our work speak for itself.

Vijayawada is a city in Andhra Pradesh. The city is full of temples and caves. The temple of Lord Malevara is situated here. Situated on a hill near Vijayawada, the Victoria Museum has a giant statue of Buddha made of black granite stone. There are three cave temples in the fifth-century caves of Bhogalrajapuram, which have idols of Lord Nataraja, Vinayaka, and others. The idol found of Rathnarishwar is considered the only one of its kind in South India. Among the caves is the major caveat Undravalli, which was built in the seventh century.


An idol of Vishnu while sleeping is a fine specimen of art here. This city is 12 km to the south on the hill of Mangalagiri, a famous temple of Lord Narasimha, the incarnation of Vishnu. Many holy relics of Jains and Buddhists have been found at Gandiwada, 45 km from the city. 99 small mausoleums containing the remains of Buddhist stupas are another unique site.

Reasons for appointing a detective agency in Vijayawada

A couple’s wedding day is the most memorable day of their lives. To the highest degree, people describe their marriage as the new turn and a wonderful beginning from the tag of single to married. However, there are some significant prospects that need to be focused on while planning for the marriage. Let’s dive into a couple of aspects –


The statement, “Yes I do”, undeniably is one of the most awaited sentences in one’s life. So, If you are about to tie the knot with your prince charming or say with your dream girl, then here’s a Big Congratulations at first! Marriage is the beautiful blending of two lives, thus at the same time, it requires a proper probe in order to know the partner in-depth. However, it’s really arduous to know the exact nature and personality behind the person without doing any pre-matrimonial investigation. Doesn’t it sound logical?

Yes, it is! Pre Matrimonial Investigation in Vijaywada let you know about each aspect of your to-be life partner; enquiry is generally centralized on unveiling several facts such as – background verification, character, partner’s behaviour, work status, or relation. But for this, one has to be get assisted by a smart and authentic private detective agency in Vijayawada. And here we are – Tackle Detective Investigation Agency – we are one of the leading and most trust-able detective agency in Delhi, serving you all types of services like family background verification, partner’s social and financial status, his/her habits and behaviour, extramarital affair, and so on.

Still, running thousands of questions? Contact our Support-team! We would be happy to guide you with a suitable solution and top-notch services.

In India, divorce cases are steadily increasing day by day. The matrimonial bond that was considered the most auspicious, unbreakable, and sacred in previous generations is no longer enough to strengthen such couples. The primary causes of divorce are ego-conflict, extramarital affairs, infidelity, domestic violence, and many more. But it has also been observed that 95% of these reasons are due to extramarital affairs and suspicion of divorce.

Vijayawada is growing thick and fast to conduct prudent and confidential investigations through private and expert investigators. Detectives in Vijayawada reveal important evidence that would prove to be crucial in strengthening divorce cases. Huh. Getting help from a post matrimonial investigation agency is the best tool, especially when it is against infidelity, alimony or maintenance claims, child custody issues, etc. So he can stop the divorce proceedings. If you are facing any problem of marriage

One should always consider going for a post-matrimonial investigation, which helps you to find out whether the suspicion is false or correct. If your suspicion is incorrect, then again everyone is likely to patch-up and restart.

As technology becomes more advanced, surveillance cameras are becoming a part of our regular busy lives. Already, video surveillance devices have been installed for security in your office premises, parking zones, schools, colleges, individual homes, government buildings, or research centers. Surveillance security cameras have also been installed and installed in every city and every area for security in suburban neighborhoods and urban residential complexes.


People are demanding a high-tech security system in their surroundings. Surveillance has become a part of our lives due to these increasing crimes. Monitoring is the biggest boon for the modern technological society. The mere presence of surveillance can stop criminals in a second. The detective agency in Vijayawada uses detective agents or police surveillance as it is the primary source for their investigation and can use those videos and images to catch the culprits, prevent future crimes. Family safety is an essential thing in life for everyone. High-quality surveillance cameras are a great medium for home security. If you are busy with your work using the system’s remote monitoring feature, they can help you check your children.

When you notice unusual behavior or pattern of your spouse, it disturbs your mental peace. There are possibilities that your spouse might be seeking comfort somewhere else and they might not be doing any such thing. We understand that you might need assurance and that is why we are here. Extramarital affairs are nothing new, but how Tackle Detective Agency deals with it are the latest in the market and the most effective too. We have the latest equipment and are a highly qualified team of detectives. Extramarital Affair can be tricky and can hurt both the parties involved at large. We take care of that.
Such investigations bring out the truth and if everything between you and your partner turns out good, you can let go of your doubts and hold on to your relationship for a longer duration. Living life with stress-free bonds if wonderful! We help you achieve that. Our client information is confidential and you will feel at ease with us.

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