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Tackle Detective Agency in Karnal based Detective Agency which is working pan India and is known for their result-oriented performance. We are having an Expertise in handling pre & post matrimonial detective services to all major cities like Delhi, Delhi Ncr, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Lucknow, Agra, Kolkata, etc.

If you are looking for Top private Detective Agency in for Pre Marital Investigation, Post Matrimonial Investigation, Divorce Cases Investigation or Corporate Investigation then you have come to the right place. Tackle Detective is running under the top guidance of female business visionary Poornima Singh, having over 10 years of involvement in private investigation services.

We will help you get the proof you in photo or video need to identify a Cheating Husband, Wife, Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Partner. Tackle Detective is the best-certified detective agency in Karnal with over 12 years of experience obtaining evidence for Video & Photographic evidence that will expose the lies and help repair the relationship.

Not only this, but Tackle Detective will also help you identify the fraudulent corporates. You will get a detailed investigation on Financial Frauds or any Labour court cases going on by this best corporate detective agency.

Our Detective agency has solved a number of complicated cases in such a smooth way that the suspect had no clue about the investigation and extraction of information by the detectives. The detectives are experienced in their particular filed like fraud investigation, corporate investigation, divorce case investigation and matrimonial investigations.

Why Choose Us?

No chances of leakage of any information about the any client.

Provide 100% satisfaction and trustworthy- As illustrated earlier Tackle detective agency in Karnal has earned huge applause in the terms of its honesty.

100% Confidential –

10+ years of Experience in both Matrimonial and Corporate investigation

Standard Fee Structure (Don’t worry if you belong to a middle-class background)

Karnal, located in Haryana, India, is the district headquarters of this name. Which is located on the banks of Yamuna River at a distance of 126 km from Chandigarh on National Highway 1. Gharaunda, Nilokheri, Asandh, Indri and Taravadi are its scenic spots. There are many factories in the city of Karnal. In which factories make vegetable oil, perfume and alcohol. Apart from this, it is also famous for its grain, cotton and salt markets. Paddy is cultivated mainly here.


Kurukshetra is situated in the north-west direction, Jind and Kaithal in the west, Panipat in the south and Uttar Pradesh in the east. Tourists can visit many tourist places here. Such as Kalander Shah Gumbad, Cantonment Church and Sita Mai Temple etc. are prominent among them.

Major attraction

1 Kalandar Shah Dome
2 Cantonment Church
3 Karna Reservoir
4Om Sita Mai Temple
5 Kunjpura
6 Taravadi
7 Bastali

Importance of Detective Agency in karnal

Over the past few years, the cases of extramarital affairs in India have soared tremendously. This could be indicative of a cultural paradigm shift as earlier, such things were completely unheard of in India but with the increasing influence of westernization, MNC culture, and media propaganda, now extramarital affairs stories are not just limited to metropolitan cities with extramarital affairs in Karnal, extramarital affairs in Mumbai and so on. Now, such cases are proliferating in towns and small cities too. If we analyze the things scrutinizingly and tax our intelligence to explore the reasons behind this unprecedented growth in such cases, there are many factors that directly or indirectly contribute to the problem. There is no doubt that this problem has ripped apart many lives and also filled many with lamentation, frustration, and agony. Hence, the magnitude of the problem can’t be underestimated, and urgently demands our rapt attention and rapid action-plan.One of India’s Best Detective Agency in Karnal


Let us try to understand some of the factors which contribute to the problem:
1. Unrealistic Expectations: There is not even a tinge of doubt about the fact that modern relationships have become expectation-driven and not service-driven. When the feelings of selflessness, sacrifice, and service get replaced by selfishness and craving for dominance, then our natural propensity to love and serve to get misdirected towards satisfying one’s bodily urges and mental whims and unrealistic expectations towards the same from people associated.  The problem is defined as the gap between expectation and reality. The more I become predominant in a relationship, the less becomes the satisfaction derived. In the present scenario, the unrealistic expectations among partners are one of the leading causes of extramarital affairs.

2. Unhealthy Comparison: It is interesting to note” When two couples meet, the wives look at each other’s sarees and the husbands look at each other’s wives.” We are born in a society where the comparison is inevitable. Even in a classroom, students are compared based on marks obtained. A certain amount of comparison may be necessary to push one beyond one’s limit but when unhealthy comparison creeps in relationships and life-issues, the result is a catastrophe and plunges many into the valley of desolation. The testimonial of the fact is broken relationships and extramarital affairs. An investigation was done by Tackle detective agency in karnal.

3. Influence of Media and Bollywood: Media, Bollywood, and TV Serials undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the mind of the viewers. Thus, the content and message that is portrayed and advocated through media must be a perfect synthesis of values, education, and entertainment. When the naive and innocent minds become gullible recipients of unhealthy bombardments in the form of sexually erotic content and short-term or provocative solutions to emerging dissatisfaction and differences, most people tend to believe them as practical and ethical. This belief later transforms into action. One must take into account that in the last few years, many extramarital affairs based movies have been released by Bollywood. So, let us be vigilant to the seeds that are being sown into the sapling hearts of the present generation from the onslaught of materialistic and hedonistic civilization.


The background check investigation by Tackle Detective agency in Karnal is required in our day to day life as we meet new individuals consistently and now and then likewise manufacture a relationship with them. These connections could conceivably be acceptable which will influence your own, proficient or business life.

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