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Tackle Detective Agency has gained a big name and fame in the industry for being the most trusted and affordable Detective Agency in Begusarai. The Private Detective Agency in Begusarai has professional and dedicated detectives with rich experience and expertise in the field. The agency examines any extramarital affair or loyalty, our experts make sure to complete it in a safe and secret manner. Detective in Begusarai assures their clients that we will bring them the final results as soon as possible. Tackle Detective Agency charges are economical and will not burn a customer’s pocket. Just in case you need to get in touch with us, we are here to assist you and resolve the matter as soon as possible. We will provide you with the best service.

Begusarai is a district of Bihar province which is located in Begusarai, Madhya Bihar. It was established in 170 AD as a sub-division of Munger district. Begusarai became an independent district in 1982. Begusarai is well connected to Bihar and other parts of the country by road and rail. The New Delhi-Guwahati railway line passes through the city of Begusarai. There is a small airport at Ulav at a distance of five kilometres from Begusarai, where important people coming to the city keep coming.

Begusarai is also the birthplace of our national poet Ramdhari Singh Dinkar. The town hall in the name of the poet is known as Dinkar Kala Bhavan. Here Akash Ganga Rang Chaupal Barauni, The Fact Rangamandal. There are also many prominent Natyamandalis such as Ashirwad Rangamandal who have raised their minds by gaining national fame. Passed out from the National School of Drama, Ganesh Gaurav and Praveen Gunjan are constantly committed to the field of art and literature.


Lalit Narayan Mithila University in Begusarai district is affiliated to Darbhanga. Important colleges here include Ganesh Dutt College, SBSS College, Sri Krishna Mahila College. Moon Asarfi Bhagirath Singh College Khamhar. APSM College Barauni. RCS College Manjhaul. Etc.

What the importance of Detective Agency in Begusarai

Marriage, which is the bond created between different two souls and a new phase of life for both. It is the lifetime process of co-operating with each other nooks, lacunas and always putting efforts to make others happy. But only it is possible if the opposite party puts that much effort to do the same. As for clapping both the hands are required. So as soon as one hand gets its occurrence low or put down hand, their claps didn’t sound the same or not even clap.


Thus, the consequences started arising, and the most bitter cause of this is divorce. What if the couple has the offspring? Then the worst scenario is seen by ruining their children’s life. So it’s better to choose a partner with a better understanding and don’t make a hurry in that process. Otherwise, almost two families get disturbed and if get late in knowing the opposite person, then your child’s life is also destroyed and there remains no place for the trust. Because of this all reasons, pre matrimonial investigation to be done is an important detective agency in Begusarai.

Cautious about:

I found something fishy about anything related to that person.
If that person is hiding something from the family and you.
The information given/ found doesn’t match.
If that person hesitates in visiting any public places with you.
If that person isn’t comfortable talking to you and your family.
If that person hesitates in visiting a doctor.
If that person avoids inviting you or meeting you with his/her friends.


Checking background (near home, working office, clubs /society’s/residential flat/house)

Family background checking
Police records
Medical history & some medical test to be done
Friends background & status

Loyalty is the base of any relationship. But sometimes, even the most beautiful relationships have to deal with the most horrible event , that is cheating. There are plenty of reasons why this happens. Scientists have found four different ways people deceive their partners. It varies from anger to revenge to pleasure to fun to even experiencing a soul connection.

Let’s tell you the various types of extra-marital love affairs that exist and the reason for people engaging in them.

1. Cheating emotionally

Many say that cheating on your partner for an emotional fulfilment with someone else is as pityful as cheating for sex. It happens when your partner lacks a bond with you but seeks it in someone else. They might not be having a physical intimacy but they will be engaged with deep conversation, flirting and chatting all the time.

2. Deep bond :

It’s rare but it happens when someone finds a soulmate connection with someone else. People tend to find a part of themselves in a person they’re cheating with. The couple involved in this soulmate connection will find a ray of hope to be together and may even walk out of their existing relationship/marriage to be with their soulmate.


3. Kinky relationship

This kind of relationship occurs when two people have lust for each other and want to have sexual pleasure with each other.

4. Relationship for revenge

This happens when a partner is angry with their partner and looks for a revenge. Such affairs are most often a distraction but it does ruins a relationship

Background checks can not only be used for finding negative information on someone, but also the positive aspects. Whether it is someone you are dating, your spouse, employee or even your nanny. We do it all here at Tackle detective.

With a team of best and experienced private detectives in Delhi, we fulfil and prioritise our client’s needs and 100% client satisfaction is guaranteed. The client’s data is protected and complete professionalism is maintained.

We understand the sensitivity of most of these cases and provide the best support emotionally and well as professionally.

List of services offered are as follows:

Individual Check

Matrimonial Check

Pre-employment check

Post-employment check

Due Diligence

Debtor issues

Nanny background check.

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