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Tackle Detective Agency is a pioneer in the spying service sector in Ulhasnagar. Handle the best detective in Ulhasnagar Local Private Detective Agency in Ulhasnagar, where our ultimate objective is to provide clients with the most extreme fulfilment in all dimensions of investigation. Tackle Detective Agency is one of the best private Detective Agency in Ulhasnagar.


Pre Matrimonial Investigation, Post Matrimonial Investigation, Background Investigation, Divorce Cases, Extramarital Relations and Monitoring Agency in Ulhasnagar to deal with all types of investigative cases across India with 100% effectiveness. We face challenges in every task we get The central goal the agency is excited about accepting is to understand customer satisfaction as quickly as possible. We deal with security measures on everything at the time of the investigation. We never do austerity for the safety of customers as we never disclose the identity of any customers as we believe in quality services. Also, our result-oriented spy services Detective Agency in Ulhasnagar should satisfy customers. The team consists of highly prepared and experienced experts from the industry. Our detectives are experienced to handle all situations to get the best. Possible details in any situation.

Thane district of Maharashtra state. Which is part of the Mumbai urban area, the city derives its name from the Ulhas river, the longest river of Konkan. At the same time, India was partitioned and became Pakistan. At that time there was a lot of persecution of Hindu Sindhis in Sindh province of Pakistan and Sindhi. Came to India as a refugee. One lakh Sindhis among them 5 km from Kalyan. M He was placed in a military camp located at the distance of.

Later that place was made this palace in the year 1979. The city was named by the then Governor-General C. Rajagopalacharya Ji. This city is a municipal corporation.


Scenic Spots-
Chalia Saheb Temple
Jhulelal Temple
Japanese market
Shiva temple
Sadhu Vaswani Garden or Gol Maidan
Prajapita Brahmakumari Peace Park
Sant Asharam Ashram
Saint Madhusudan ashram
Sacho Satram Ashram
Nizdham Ashram
Saint Jeevanghot Ashram
Sri Sai Vdarkamai Temple
Jijamata Garden

Private Detective Agency in Ulhasnagar

Marriage is a lifetime moment where two hearts need to bind together for the rest of life no matter what life has challenged. Some marriages fail due to past affairs, habits and other things which left unknown before marriage. This leads to several complications in life a turn life miserable.

Pre Matrimonial Investigation helps you to find the positive and negative of the match before entering into the marriage. This helps both bride and groom to have a clear picture of their backgrounds and past. It helps to avoid complications after marriage.


The intention of pre matrimonial is to bind the couple to the fullest with great transparency and wholehearted to make their life ever best without any problems.

Is your spouse acting weird nowadays?

Do you surmise their freakish behaviour as a sign of infidelity?

How do you find out the possibility of extramarital affair?

Sadly, infidelity is becoming a norm as more and more couples are resorting to the pleasure of cheating on their counterpart. We attempt not to embed doubt in your mind because our intentions are rather noble. But the extramarital affair is a grim reality and we aim to assist in clearing your suspicion about your spouse with our confidential and reliable services.

Investigating your husband or wife for an extramarital affair is not done to create disruption in your marriage, but to prevent major future damage to your married life. There is no point in dragging a marriage that has lost its moral grounds of trust and love. It is better to hire detective services and get your doubts done away with then to stress yourself into sleep every night.

The extramarital affair, being a common and evident reason why marriages fail in India, is the experience that can have the most detrimental effects on the faithful spouse with unimaginable consequences. This sad reality has ruined the lives of many, but you can save yourself from the greater damage by taking our services and move onto better things in the future.

With the aid of Tackle Detective Agency in Ulhasnagar, you can get your spouse monitored in a secretive and ethical manner. Our supreme quality services are sure to meet all your spying needs with precision. We have become a widely acknowledged detective agency in India owing to the finest detective facility offered by us.

Operating under the aegis of Poornima Singh, our decade-old company is your best bet for investigation services. We work in collaboration with well-experienced and sharp detectives having the ability to solve even the most intricate case of extramarital affair investigation. Our detective services include both pre matrimonial and post matrimonial detective facility at the best possible cost.

Reasons that make your spouse cheat

For finding out the signs of an extramarital affair, let us first understand what makes your partner cheating. As opposed to popular belief, the unfaithful partner does not succumb to cheating because of their married partner, but due to some other deeply rooted issues.

When you hear the word “corporate investigation”, many things come to your mind. Corporate Investigation Malpractice, misconduct and fraud can occur for any of the various and apply to every company whether it is a small business or a large scale business, the corporate investigation is required both.

This investigation by a Detective in Ulhasnagar finds out how much truth is there in the information given by them. The job of a Private Detective Agency is to conduct corporate investigations that clean up dirty work.

You can focus on important tasks. This is necessary because there are still other day-to-day tasks to manage if something illegal is happening within your organization or business. It is essential to fight against fraud and any type of employee misconduct with the help of corporate investigations. Reduces or can protect potential risks and losses to the organization/business.


Corporate investigations often take the following forms:

Employee Misconduct
Employee Time Theft
Asset misus
Workplace Incident Investigations
Non-Competition Enforcement
Fraud and Internal Investigation

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