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Divorce & Maintenance Case

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Divorce is the worst turn of any marriage. It is not just about the breaking relation but more about the wrong allegations, compensation and child custody. Tackle detectives work with the most versatile team to give tailored services to our customers.

There is always a fear of losing even a strong case because legal proceeding does not go like our life, it needs evidence which is strong enough to help. This evidence is given along with the device to get it checked by the court. This can only be done with a planned approach.

We provide versatile solutions for the following:

  1. Child Custody
  2. Divorce cases
  3. Extramarital affairs
  4. Parental property cases
  5. Financial disputes

Tackle detectives are highly reputed and are known for providing accurate data backed by pieces of evidence. We have a track record of the delightful customer base. Further, these services are offered at very effective cost with precise results.

It does not matter how remote is the area, our skillful team can reach anywhere to extract the required information along with a physical or virtual evidence.

A spouse may sometimes try to hide some information about assets to save it from getting divided. We get each and every information about financial assets, bank account, salary and property details.


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