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Tackle Detective Agency in Bangalore is a well-known investigation service agency that has earned accolades from its various clients all across the country. We at Tackle Detective Agency have a team of experts in diverse fields that are essential to provide impeccable customer service.

With over 12 years of experience as a private detective agency in Bangalore, we have an extremely professional approach where each client is dedicated to an exclusive team as per the requirements and sensitivity of the case. This team works for a specific client at a time with full dedication.

When a case is accepted by our team, the initial efforts are directed towards understanding the situation and the requirements of the client. Thereafter, the client is apprised with each step that is taken to tackle the case. We respect the privacy of our customers, therefore we make sure to keep your information protected and confidential.  

With a countrywide presence in 37 major cities, our local experts are familiar with their local area and have numerous contacts that aid them in extracting the desirable information as and when required. It is our effort to provide you with the most accurate and reliable information from the most trusted sources.

You can rely on us for various services such as phone number investigation, marital affairs investigation, missing person investigation, business investigation, etc. We have been able to provide solutions to problems of various clients in the past and we look forward to fulfilling the needs of the customers in the future as well. We assure you that once you invest your trust in us.

Detective Agency in Bangalore for Best Matrimonial Investigation


Pre Matrimonial Investigations, these days have become a necessary evil. In a country like India, weddings are a huge deal. It’s natural to be curious and to double-check the facts about your future spouse. let’s face it- Who will be held responsible if later you find out that the things you thought were intriguing and got attracted to were merely false and deceiving? What’s the point of having any scope of regrets in your life? Why not have your peace of mind rather than walking straight up into a well-designed setup!!

The authenticity of the profiles registered on the matrimonial sites is quite debatable. People often lie about their earning capacity or their age on matrimonial sites according to their convenience. It is safe to be sure whether the information posted online is actually true or not. It’s not only unethical but, can also be devastating in the long run. Marriage is something that can neither be and nor should be built upon lies. Marriages in India happen between 2 families. Therefore, a family background check is also very important. Earlier, the society was closely-knit and trustworthy wherein getting to know about someone wasn’t such a tedious task. However, keeping in view the present scenario where everyone is busy with their own lives, seeking some kind of professional help definitely seems like a better option.

Marriage is not only the relationship that a pair forms , but includes the family and the society as well. People build relationships on trust and respect, but once if trust get broken , so does everything does too.

Post Matrimonial Investigation becomes necessary at the particular time where you need some to follow up with your partner for you and ensure that your relationship gets saved.

It solves the disputes and improves the relationship, making it stronger than ever .

We as tackle detectives in Bangalore ensure your and your family’s privacy, avoiding any kind of chaos.

Our investigation is not only to prove what went wrong but also to solve and clear each and every doubt between the couple , by collecting even the smallest steps taken by them that caused a problem in the relationship.

Marriages that leads to avoidance and fight could also be because of a small misunderstanding that took an extreme turn.

Our team of investigators is highly professional and experienced,  documenting each and every place visited, tracking their phone calls, and other social media accounts too.

The plan created for the same shall be unique and safe.

Tackle Detective Agency in Bangalore ensures that once the case is solved, we delete the credentials of the clients. Your privacy and solving the case will be our top priority.

Why is a background check required?

By background checking, i am considering that something has happened and i have to collect information about the incident and the person affected.  Since i was a kid, i am little bit good in finding household missing things, after knowing that what is missing and when and where it was seen last time.

One night, When i was in 3rd or 5th standard, we heard somebody has jumped into our home at night. we were awake and talking with father’s staff member, who lived few steps away. It happened two times with few minutes of gap and then stopped. After some time, somebody threw bricks at night at the door of a staff member. After few weeks, again somebody was reported to break-in to the same staff member’s home.

NOW THE THOUGHT STRIKED MY MIND. The first break in attempt was made in our house in which let’s say Mr. X(staff member) used to live before us. The second attempt was in Mr. x’s house. The third attempt was again at Mr.X’s house but he was transferred to other building. So I concluded that somebody, not local, had some unfinished business with Mr. X and he or they were trying to  straighten up things with Mr. X.

Why does Tackle Detective Agency provide surveillance services?


As technology is becoming more advanced, surveillance camera becomes a part of our regular busy life. Not too long ago, having video surveillance equipment installed in your office premises, parking zone, schools, colleges, individual houses, government building or at the research center—also,  surveillance security cameras placed in over suburban neighborhoods and urban residential complexes for safety. Everywhere the surveillance camera is placed. Every life is meaningful, so people are increasingly demanding a high-techie security system in their surroundings.

Crimes increased so much that it becomes a part of our life. Surveillance is the greatest boon in modern techie society. The mere presence of outdoor surveillance can deter criminals in a second. Suppose burglary does occur, your professionally-installed surveillance cameras will have all recorded the incident in high-definition. Your detective agents or police use surveillance as it is the primary source for their investigation and can use those videos and images to capture the culprits, prevent future crimes and return your items. Family security is an essential thing in everyone’s life. High-quality surveillance cameras aren’t limited to the protection of a home. They can help you check your kids while you are busy with your work by using the system’s remote monitoring feature.

Is Extra Marital Affair Right?

An illicit romantic or sexual relationship outside of marriage, commonly known as an extramarital affair, can turn a beautiful bond based on solemn vows into ashes.

In our fast-paced modern lives, we have quick fixes for almost everything – our simple plate of food turned into a fast-food takeout, letters became e-mails, and a simple telephone transformed into a smartphone. Today, an extramarital affair becomes an alluring quick fix when our marriage does not work the way we expected.

Nowadays, we can observe so many extramarital affairs around us.

One of the primary reasons behind an extramarital affair is the unsatisfactory sexual relationship. Generally, people tend to avoid this kind of conversation with their partners, which is why they seek physical relations outside of their marriage based solely on lust and sex.

Some extramarital affairs develop due to the inability of spouses to connect emotionally in marriage. It is crucial for one to just be there for their spouse in their times of need. However, we often hear excuses or arguments like ‘I just don’t have the time’ or ‘I am sorry’ over and over, which can lead to emotional distancing in marriage. In such scenarios, any other person who can just listen may seem desirable and attractive.

There can be various root causes behind the deception and infidelity of a person in marriage.

So, partners should delve into the reasons why an extramarital relation became a quick fix in their marriage, instead of blaming and cursing each other. Exploring the different layers in their marriage may provide answers to why and how they should stay married.

Why is it important to have a corporate investigation?


When you hear the word  “corporate investigations,” there are several things that come in mind. Corporate misconduct, abuse, and fraud take various forms and it applies to different types of companies. Be it a small business or large scale enterprise, corporate investigations are often a necessity. It becomes necessary because of in-house misconduct or outside threats.

A professional investigator’s role is to find out exactly what’s going on from the information you provide and then gather further evidence of wrongdoing. It is a private investigative expert’s job to conduct corporate investigation clear the dirty work so that you can concentrate on the crucial tasks at hand. It is necessary because even though something illegal may be occurring within your organization or business, there are still other day-to-day tasks to manage.

It is necessary to fight against fraud and any kind of employee abuse with the help of corporate investigations that reduces potential risks and damages for your organization/business.

Corporate investigations often take the following forms:

Employee Misconduct

Employee Time Theft

Asset Misuse

Workplace Incident Investigations

Non-Competition Enforcement

Fraud and Internal Investigations

Loyalty Test

“Love and loyalty runs deeper than blood” – Mario Puzo

Life provides us with certain choices and when we have experienced betrayal once , trust becomes an issue that requires a stronger foundation to become settled again.

At Tackle Detective Agency in Bangalore, you can rest assured that we will provide you with best in class services to test the loyalty of your partner and provide you with facts and evidence to reassure and allow you to think more realistically in establishing a future with your partner and overcome the emotional pressures to clarify your decision making the process of your life.

Do you suspect your partner hides things from you or have you witnessed some red flags but are unsure if you should believe them or ignore them?

You can rely on our detectives to skilfully and patiently derive the truth and provide you with a more open-ended channel of communication with your partner with facts on your side.

All you have to do is gather up the courage and reach to us, be it your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, loyalty tests can help you bring peace of mind and give you the power to protect yourself and the power of truth to shield you from all the treachery the situation or doubts hold.

Why do divorces happen?

Divorces are not a natural part to clear out. It is complicated, sensitive, and dangerous as per the divorce investigation. Under the personal laws of India governing the relationship between a husband and a wife, it also focuses on the aspect of maintenance after divorce.

Tackle Detective Agency in Bangalore can help you go through the hassle-free divorce investigation and maintenance. The documents and information that we got in the inquiry will be 100% safe and strictly confidential. So our clients should not worry about any info leakage.

As in Divorce investigation, we can investigate taken finances, hidden bank accounts, unreported incomes, and many more. We have a team of highly-skilled professional investigators who can help you get everything out from the secret grave.

Along with the Divorce Maintenance, we will help our clients to get what they deserve in compensation from their spouse. Tackle Detective Agency in Bangalore can help them to get child custody and also visitation approval to support the facts.

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