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Nothing is permanent in this world, no matter what your relationship is. Just like every shining thing is not gold, so it is not necessary that every relationship is trustworthy. Your spouse/fiancé or loved one, on whom you have put all your fortune, maybe enjoying behind your back. If you face deception Doing or want to end your doubt once for all, then you knocked on the right door, “Tackle Detective Agency in Mathura” will not only eliminate all your doubts but will also relieve you from a relationship that was not a part of your life. Our name is a pioneer in being the best espionage agency in the Mathura city circuit. We have 12 years of experience in handling all kinds of cases and the Detective in Mathura always strive to provide the truth even if it involves going to any length.

Most customers have questions about whether their identity can be revealed to their loved ones.

But there is nothing to worry about, customer privacy is always important to us. With more than 100 experienced detectives in more than 100 cases working in this field for over a decade, we are just one step away to uncover the truth you want. Whether the case is an extramarital affair, the former and Be it post matrimonial investigation, background investigation, corporate investigation, divorce cases, surveillance, financial fraud we have the right team for the right case. Please contact us to find out the truth.

Mathura is a city in the Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh, India. Which is historically a city founded by the Kanishka dynasty. Today the city is famous as a religious tourist destination. The city has been the centre of Indian culture and civilization. Mathura has always been an important contributor to the creation and development of religion, philosophy, art and literature. Even today, the name of this city is associated with Mahakavi Surdas, Acharya Swami Haridas of music, Swami Dayanand’s guru Swami Virjanand, poet Rasakhan etc.


The most special thing is that Mathura is also known as Sri Krishna Janma Bhoomi.

Places to visit [in the city]
prem mandir
Vaishno Mata ka mandir
angrez mandir
JAMA masjid
Bankey Bihari Ji ka mandir
Shahi Mosque Idgah
Dola Mola Ghat
Mathura Museum
Krishna birth land
Dwarkadhish Temple
Resting place
Jai Gurudev Temple
Dauji Bade Madan Mohanji Temple Bengali Ghat
Sankha Govardhan
Ramani, Mahajan
Shri Nand Bhavan Chaurasi pillar, Old Gokul, Mahajan
Bramham Ghat, Old Gokul, Mahaban

Best Detective Agency in Mathura

The foundation of every relationship is on trust. Without trust, you can never have a happy and healthy relationship in any relationship. Once someone has lost trust, it becomes almost impossible to regain it. If you start suspecting your wife of being in an extramarital affair, find out the truth first. Unless you have solid evidence, do not face it. An extramarital affair inquiry in Mathura will open the door of truth for you. Assuring that your partner is only yours or yours or another way.


The threads of the heart are very sensitive yet very deep-rooted strongly  The human heart is blind for its full of love and good intention yet the mind sees everything and the gut senses everything. And as we all move along this pavement if life road. We often walk hand in hand with many relationships and which play a major role in our lives. Sometimes even crucial turning points in our lives. And unveiling certain truths become necessarily important.  It can save lives, energy and breakdown of oneself if done at the right moment.
And so, at times we come across such events which come to us most unexpectedly and need to focus some light on such matters including an extramarital affair or even a loyalty test to make a clear vision ahead. It must be faced with courage and so the more we try to avoid it or make our mind wander away from it. The more it grows and the more attention it seeks. The human psyche can go haywire if it stays in dismay. And furthermore, we need answers. Not necessarily to prove someone guilty or innocent.  But sometimes the case demands it to be so, or maybe just to clear those doubts and have a harmonious relationship ahead. Removing the clouds of doubts from our mind allowing it to think clearly and carry our day to day activities in peace.

For as it said that there is nothing more difficult than to stay at a place where you don’t belong.
Here we play our role in assisting and helping you out and act as a detective to clear and investigate in the most proficient and professional manner and ethics. From things ranging from an extramarital affair or having done a loyalty test for the same.  We deal in all. And these things stand for something more important and sensitively such as fidelity and we understand and stand with you in patience.

We at Tackle Detective Agency in Mathura offer you our best investigative and assisting professional detective for the same. We keep all your information confidential and in secrecy.  We understand your complete privacy concerns.
You can trust us. Our role is only to guide and lead you to the truth. If you have any doubts and are going through the troubles of some extramarital affairs and need some assistance.  We are always there. Contact us at Tackle detective.com at any time. Private Detective Agency in Mathura at your service any time ahead.


Surveillance is known as active monitoring of a person or place of importance. Monitoring realistically encompasses a wide range of activities – from collecting data to ground reports; Monitoring allows for an unbiased evaluation of an unfavourable hand, even before the card is played. Surveillance is not just for rival countries to divide into each other’s secrets, however; Monitoring can be done at any level –

Tackle Detective Agency in Mathura has its expertise in a Background check. Videos and photographs are provided to support the other party’s statement. Every detective service in Mathura is required to work with a unique approach to every case. The matter is very sensitive and it is possible that the other party is also taking help from someone.

Our detective in Mathura has solved many cases and found that most people are involved in a relationship with another person and such evidence is helpful in court.

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