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Do you have trust issues rising between you and your partner? Our suspicions about a corporate biggie giving you a tough time sleeping? Has anxiousness taken over your sanity on something which you aren’t even sure of? Are you seeking confirmation for these and many such doubts raging inside your head? Then allow us to get rid of one such doubt by highlighting the fact that we are one of India’s best Detective agency in Pondicherry with 10 years of experience. We have handled more than 400 cases and recieved 15 awards in the course of time. However, we are aware of the sensitivity of the job and that is why we strictly align our moral compasses with professional ethics. Confidentiality remains of utmost importance at Tackle and we take great pride in that. Reach out to us at if you are in need of any sort of surveillance and/or pre marital, marital, corporate investigation and let our work speak for itself.

Pondicherry, known as Puducherry since 2006, is the capital of the Union Territory known by the same name. Both the city and the region are rich in heritage derived from French colonialism, which has contributed significantly to the region’s unique culture and heritage. The Union Territory of Pondicherry city is made up of four coastal areas spread over three Indian states: Yanam (in Andhra Pradesh), Pondicherry city, Karaikal (both located on the eastern seaboard of Tamil Nadu) and Mahe (located near the west coast of Kerala).


The city is an excellent place for a traveler seeking a varied travel experience. The city has four great beaches – Promenade Beach, Paradise Beach, Serenity Beach and Auroville Beach which provide a new holiday experience to the visitors here. Another major attraction, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, India’s famous ashram and yoga There are many monuments and statues in Pondicherry. Gandhi ji statue, Matrimandir, French war memorial, statue of Joseph Francois Dupleix

And there is a statue of the Zone of the Arch of Marble on Gubert Road, as well as other attractions – Pondicherry Museum, Jawahar Toy Museum, Botanical Garden, Austerity Wetland, Bharathidasan Museum and National Park, Arikamedu, Duplex statue and Raj Niwas.

Expert Detective Agency in Pondicherry

So, to explain Extramarital Affairs in simple words it is basically where either husband or a wife goes out of the sacred relationship known as ‘marriage’ and gets involved with some other person.

Now, after knowing about its definition and other information in detail, you might be wondering, how do I stop my husband/wife from having an Extramarital Affair, in that case, you should definitely know some other cases about Extramarital Affairs.


Causes and of Extramarital Affairs or Why Married People Cheat ?

Unhappiness – How do you expect your spouse to stay with you if they are not happy with you. Everybody wants happiness, and the couples after marriage also expect their respective partners to keep them happy, but if you fail to build up that happiness in your marriage or relationship then i guess after sometime you must watch out your partner.

Dissatisfaction – To be honest, if you cannot satisfy your partner sexually then you are in big trouble because it is believed that sexless marriage is what forces couples to split as one of them cannot satisfy their sexual desires. Tackle Detective Agency in Pondicherry helps to know the truth.

Lack of Commitment – Sometimes lack  or in some cases fear of commitment even after marriage leads to a breakup in relationship as the other person is afraid of committing something to their partnet that they fear cannot give to them.

No Appreciation – Nobody likes being neglected even after puting so much hard work in the marriage or in handling everything related to household. These days both the partners work and then blame each other over everything that the other person is not careful regarding their responsibilities and this is how cracks build up in a marriage because nobody like being undervalued.

Here are some other factors –

1. Domestic Violence
2. Emotional Abuse
3. Lack of Respect
4. Lack of communication.

And there are many more.

So How do you Stop you partner from having an Extramarital Affair ?

Its Simple, make sure that none of the factors given above are present in your marriage. These are the only reasons why your partner finds the other or the third person more attractive because they treat them with respect, they ask about each other’s days and so many other things.

Most of the people have doubts about their partner having an affair and without having some solid evidence, they just for the sake of teaching their partner a lesson, get involved in an Extramarital Affair.

And at last it all stands on the person’s feelings and their choices. Even after satisfying their every need they cheat on you, you have divorce as an option as many couples do. But if you really want to finish these stressful times between you and your partner, communicate with them try to boost or growing up the bond.

Tackle Detective, a Delhi Based Agency presents a wide range of services like Pre/Post Marriage Investigation, Divorce & Maintenance, Extra Marital Affairs, Loyalty Test, Background Test, Surveillance & Corporate Investigation. In this day and age, it’s normal to have suspicion on our beloved ones and thus, it’s necessary to trace their fidelity towards you on a regular basis. However, it’s difficult to trust someone to perform these kinds of tasks in a stealthy manner because a single misstep and your whole relationship may fall apart.


So, to help you with this, we at Tackle Detective in Pondicherry are determined to deliver the best and most efficient investigations within the stipulated deadline at very budget-friendly prices. You will receive timely updates on the go from our highly motivated and trained private detective agency in Pondicherry in easy-to-read reports. Furthermore, it’s our prime objective to genuinely help our customers to see the hidden truth which they otherwise couldn’t see. Therefore, we would really urge you to place your trust in our trustworthy private detective agency in Pondicherry for various problems looming in your personal or corporate life.

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