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Tackle Detective Agency in Jaipur is the solution center of all your problems. Contact experienced detectives of the Tackle Detective Agency to overcome any of your problems. Tackle Detective Agency is a privately Wilksite detective agency that operates in Pan India. The detective agency in Jaipur has gained popularity in a short span of time based on its highly professional and orderly work environment. It is easy to hire a detective to solve all your problems.  In Tackle Detective, ensure the complete privacy of the client.

We ensure that we provide complete satisfaction at the end of every espionage mission. We keep work as our priority. Tackle Detective Agency in Jaipur handles many cases ranging from pre-matrimonial investigation to corporate investigation. For every case we do, a unique team of detectives is selected according to its circumstances and requirements.

Jaipur’s Tackle Detective Agency 12 years in many items like pre-matrimonial investigation, post matrimonial investigation, corporate investigation, divorce and management, background check, loyalty check, and protected information, all types of moral inquiry about personal or professional Is serving her. Tackle Detective takes a lot of time to solve each case. Tackle Detective has never failed to degrade a client. We are proud to receive appreciation from over 300 clients for almost 400 cases. Tackle Detective’s real stakeholder is its customer.


Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, is the first choice of indigenous and foreign tourists. Which is also known as Pink City. While creating Jaipur city with magnificent palaces and buildings, 7 gateways were made for it. The city of Jaipur, where it is inhabited, once used to have 6 villages. The city is full of beautiful cities, Havelis, and forts. , The weather and climate in Jaipur are hot. The city experiences three important seasons, summer, monsoon, and winter. Jaipur does not get much rain, yet monsoon rains wash the city.

Why a Detective Agency is required

Marriage is the most important decision in life. The majority of arranged marriages in India were done via mediators having enough information about both parties. But today with an increase in online matrimony sites in India, relationships are born online without knowing so much about that person. So, you need to keep enquiry of every detail of the bride or groom because in just a few meetings you can not build a trust to spend whole life together. So, to get rid of this insecurity, TACKLE DETECTIVE comes into play to clear your all doubts.


Tackle Detective team is a professional in the industry with huge work experience. We investigate every detail in a pre-matrimonial investigation like :
. Social status
. Character
. Financial status
. Background check
. Past relationship
. Daily behavior
. Family reputation etc.
So, all you need to do is provide us with a person’s name, photo, and address and we will start a thorough investigation. At any point in the investigation, your identity will not be revealed and all the information provided by the client is deleted once the job is done. So, contact us and get it done.

Many people do not know that marriage investigation agencies exist and this can save the marriage. In this era of social media, the intensity of any kind of extra-marital affairs or infidelity has come to a raging level that has gone uncontrollably. Divorce is good, but divorce without the proper knowledge of your partner can ruin two lives. Marriage with suspicion cannot last long. It is important to solve your post matrimonial problems which are the source of your grief.

Conflicts of interest, misunderstandings, arguments on petty issues are enough to break up the relationship, causing us to lose the relationship. Thinking where the two are separated and zero increases with the passage of time.

The urge to fill this void motivates us to get in touch with people who may or may not be close to us. Which is named after the Extra Marital Affair, which later becomes the reason for divorce?

An extramarital affair occurs when a married person engages in a sexual or emotional activity with a person other than their spouse. The term can be applied to a person having a sexual or emotional relationship with a married person. Such cases often occur due to resentment towards the partner. When he engages in extra-marital affairs, he wants to feel empowered. Such sexual relationships made inadvertently seek therapy. Even the best relationships face infidelity. Emotionally cheating on your partner is as bad as having sex with another person. This type of infidelity occurs when a person lacks a relationship or time with their spouse.


If your partner is cheating in you or you suspect that might you are getting betrayed. So why don’t get confirmed through a loyalty test?

Couples, these days are often suspicious about their spouse or partners. And if you too feel like, your emotions are getting hurt, then I would suggest a loyalty test is the only solution.

The loyalty test, not just proves your partner’s loyalty and honesty to you, but also provides you with mental peace too. It relieves you from all the unnecessary stress and thoughts which are running over in your mind.

This test is conducted, in a series of patterns and steps. You can manage to process out the loyalty test, by simply observing your partners’ regular behavior or you can also approach an expert to help you with the same.

This test is mostly divided into 5 steps, as mentioned by experts.

If you too feel the need or urge to run your partner through a loyalty test, then without any hesitation or second thoughts, you can approach our firm and team, and we will make sure to leave you satisfied, with guaranteed and assured results.

We, here at Tackle Detective, make sure to provide our clients with 100% genuine and true answers. Also, we try our best to clear all your doubts and insecurities as well.
Just in case, if you find yourself stuck in such a situation, feel free to contact us, without any second thought.

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