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Tackle Detective Agency in Manali knowes for their best service in detective agencies. You can join us to solve your problem without any confusion.


Tackle Detective Agency in Manali is the most trusted and fastest-growing detective agency among all detective agencies in Manali. You can get rid of any marital problem whether it is Pre Matrimonial, Post Matrimonial, or Divorce case by joining Tackle Detective Agency.
Apart from this, Tackle Detective Agency in Manali also provides corporate service.
The detective agency in Manali detectives has a very experienced and honest team who solve any case very easily in working hours no matter how complicated the case may be. As the Detective Agency is the most reliable in Manali, we do not disclose the identity of any of our clients because we believe in the quality of work and not on the count.
Manali Kullu Valley Kare is located near the Beas River at the northern end. The areas around Manali are very important for Indian culture and heritage as it has been described as the house of Saptarshi or seven sages. Manali is a hill station in the state of Himachal Pradesh nestled in the snow-capped ranges of the Himalayas. This place tops the list of most popular tourist destinations in India. The hill station is surrounded by huge forests of snow and cedar, due to which its beauty is very attractive.
Manali is considered an ideal place for those wishing to experience mountaineering, trekking, and skiing. There are many places to visit in Kullu Manali for nature lovers and adventure lovers. The view of snow-capped mountains, river valleys, amazing cafes, and quiet places is visible all around.

Is pre matrimonial necessary

Imagine, if you are not so sure about your neighbor with whom you are living for over a year, how can you be sure about a stranger with whom you are planning to spend your entire life.
There is a lot about a person that you only get to know, once you start living with him. But changing a spouse is not as easy as a neighbor. That is why the pre-matrimonial investigation becomes important.


While most people plan everything from costumes to food and honeymoon, they forget the most basic and important aspect, which is the background check of the person they are getting married to. As a result, sometimes the relation becomes sour when the truth is revealed and your world turns on its head. In a conservative society like India, divorce is never easy and females are often considered guilty. Tackle detective agency in Manali investigator solved many complicated cases
At Tackle Detective, we ensure that you are tying your nuptial knot with the right person. Our team of experienced professionals will inspect a person’s character, age, nature, education, income and family details, health, criminal cases, etc. to ensure that you are getting into the right relationship.
Get in touch with our experts to get a peace of mind before entering in a relationship

Why post matrimonial is important

Marriage is a holy bond of two souls that brings two people together for a lifetime. We all have heard the “honeymoon phase” where a couple celebrates the most delicious moments of their life. Once this phase is over, most couples find themselves back to the routine, and things may also get monotonous. Nevertheless, things also go unwell in a marriage because of the interference of a third party or what we call as “extramarital affair.”

If either party is dubious about their partner, you don’t have to get your hands dirty. Instead let us handle the chores, and see how well Tackle Detective makes all your worries go phew. Our team of post matrimonial investigation services gathers the right evidence through anonymous sources that help you prove your point in the legal environment.

Do not dwell doubtful about your marriage anymore, hire us as the expert detectives, and get every bit of information gathered for the court proceedings.

We provide post matrimonial investigation and all kinds of matrimony investigation services in major cities of India. Get to know all the communication patterns of your partner, and have the truth revealed for a better life!

Why does surveillance

Surveillance is to keep a check on a person, place, or can be a group? It is done because any person or a group of people can do some false doing which is not to be done as per the guidelines or norms are given by the Government, which could be in a public place.


For example, the Government has placed multiple cameras in public places especially on roads to make sure every citizen is putting a mask as per the situation under pandemic, this could also be done to maintain other rules such as not jumping traffic lights or not wearing a seat belt could be captured on camera with their number plates on any vehicle which helps the traffic police department to fine them by sending the fine charges at the residence directly.
There are specific types of surveillance which could be done by any person or any investigation team to take out the information from or for a specific person and one of the modes which I mentioned in the above example is by checking the camera if the incident got to be under any surveillance camera.

Why do extramarital affairs happen

An extramarital affair can be a sexual relationship between two people, a romantic and enthusiastic friendship, or a passionate attachment between two people.
Extramarital affairs are relationships formed after marriage, which can be romantic, emotional, or sexual relations.
Many people claim that the reason behind a person’s extramarital affair is his/her own unsuccessful marriage where the husband and his wife are unable to please each other. We can consider this as serial polygamy.
1- Long working hours
2- Possessiveness over mobile phones
3- Secretive and mysterious behavior
4- Change in attitude
5- Avoidance of sexual intimacy.

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