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Karan johar give some advice about the extramarital affair-

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Karan johar give some advice about the extramarital affair-

Karan johar give tips to Ayushmnn Khurana how to avoid those things on a famous radio station” Ishq FM”


Ishq FM, it knows as Ishq 104.8fm is a piece of romantic music. Fm radio channel in India that radiation that aired in such cities Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata. It was in starting launched as mean FM, which was a lecture-based program and worked in Delhi, Indore, Mumbai, and Kolkata. It is India today group enterprises and its that form was operated at a female spectator. The channel got attractive for its likable advertisement on the best buses. It had also proposed by “meri meow”. A social network for its fans. In 2010 in September the channel had to skip its name to oye FM and programming to a filmi formate.
in December 2016 it naming to the current lookup Ishq 104.8fm
channel introduction-
Ishq FM is India’s first romantic channel broadcasting over the FM frequency of 104.8 MHz. it propagated era agnostic Bollywood blockbuster from the romantic genera 24*7. The program’s catchy jingle “do the Ishq, baby” has been made up by Sachin-jigar.
the program will have aimed audience of 25-34 years.
we all know very well director Karan johar and actor cum singer Ayushmann Khurana . on the famous radio show “Calling Karan” Ayushamann Khurana comes as a guest is part of the second season of 104.8 FM’s famous show.


Karan johar give some advice to Ayushman Khurana about how to avoid extramarital affairs.
irritating by the initiative by females on his behalf for an extramarital affair.
Ayushmann asked Karan johar how to solve it with it on this, Karan johar answering,” tell them very smoothly, you know very well that I am a married person.. how can I do such good work.
Karan replied Ayushmann Khurana, “whatever the woman says, laugh at her and reply,” you are very funny. My wife likes you very much or says you are looking very beautiful, what is the mystery of this? Tell me, I would also like to gift it to my life partner. There are 100 tricks to tell that girl that you also have a wife

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