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Is the detective agency working during Covid-19 in Delhi/NCR

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Is the detective agency working during Covid-19 in Delhi/NCR

Detective Agency working in covid19 , As we all know that Covid-19 has come as an epidemic all over the world. The whole world is in the grip of this epidemic, which has caused the loss of life and property of many people. We pray to God that we can get rid of this epidemic at the earliest.

Did Covid-19 also impact Detective Agency work?

The impact of this epidemic hit the detective agency like every business, due to the complete lockdown, our Investigators could not work on the field, but in some important cases, we have somehow worked by making a moving pass so that our customers do not face much problem.

What service is the detective agency giving in the era of Covid-19

As you all know, Tackle Detective Agency never disappoints its customers nor backtracks to help them. We are ready in the service of all of you for the last 12 years as private detectives in Delhi, we do not consider any work to be small or big.

Even in this Covid-19 era, we are trying to give our detective service as much as possible such as:

  • Pre Matrimonial
  • Post Matrimonial
  • Pre Employment Screening
  • Background Verification
  • Matrimonial Issue
  • Extramarital Affairs Check
  • Corporate Investigations

Detective agency is offering a discount on Covid’s time?

It is the duty of all of us during this disaster that we all continue to cooperate with each other so that everyone can face this disaster well, if we can become each other’s support during this disaster, then what would be the good thing.

We are very happy to say that our agency has taken a decision for our customers, we have claimed to give a 20% discount to all our new customers and a 30% discount on old customers. We will happy to serve all kinds of detective, hire us for detective’s concern, Detective Agency working in covid19

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