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Post Matrimonial Investigation

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Marriages are the most important decision of life which if not taken in the right manner may result in worst circumstances. This may lead to spouse infidelity, extramarital affairs, separation or divorce. It is rightly said that the best marriages are made through wise decisions and not merely by following traditions.

Post- matrimonial services not just help in seeking the proofs against the spouse but also help in saving relationships. Sometimes it is just the factor of misunderstanding which results in divorce. We strongly believe in solving each and every doubt in the mind of our client. It may be true or false we give best solutions for every confusion.

Undercover operations will be performed in order to get the best available information to the client. The Tackle detective investigations services include documentation of all places visited and identification of all people met by the spouse beside also the provision of video and photos of them.

Some warning signs:

  • Changed, defensive and accusatory behavior, hiding phone calls and messages, odd hours at work, sudden lack of truthfulness and trustworthiness sudden change in sex drive, and other questionable or unusual behavior.
  • Too much of time spent with some friend or colleague of opposite sex.
  • Frequent unofficial or official trips.
  • The repulsive behavior of every good aspect you, avoiding family and spending most of the time out of the home.



All the information provided by the client along with its credentials are deleted once the job is done. Also,we never try to reach our customers after the work is done until the customer first take the step to approach our agency. The plan created for each case is unique and as per the convenience and instruction of the client to provide results in the best possible way.


Delhi is not just known to be the capital of India but the capital of divorce. It is seen that the maximum divorce is happening not for the sake of justice but monetary benefits. Divorces cases are of any type but the one can win only on the basis of right proofs.


We help in solving child custody disputes by shadowing the ex-spouse and his or her behavior with the child. Our detectives also follow the ex-spouse for the information of his or her present lifestyle, living condition, lifestyle, and affair if any. At the time of the investigation, any unethical behavior or activity noticed with the child by the ex-spouse of any of his or her peer will be video-graphed by the detective for reference to the client.

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