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Terms And Condition

By purchasing any kind of report from Tackle Detective Agency you agree to the terms and conditions and notices mentioned here.

1. As a client while signing this agreement you assure us that you will not use this information either intentionally or unintentionally to violate any applicable local law, state law, Indian Penal Code, Federal or international law or regulations.

2. By purchasing Tackle Detective Agency Services you agree that you will not use any and all information provided to you by Tackle Detective Agency and its employees only for a personal use which will not harm any person in any case emotionally and physically.

3. By purchasing the services of Tackle Detective Agency you agree that you are atleast 18 years old and have the legal authority of signing this agreement and use the services by accepting all the terms and condition mention here in this agreement.

4. All payments will be made in India Currency with application service taxes either in cash or bank account transfers.

5. We reserve the right to change the terms and condition of the services offered by us at any time and without notice.

6. Tackle Detective Agency will have no commitments and obligations to the client or any outsider for any delay and disappointments due to the circumstances beyond our control.

7. Evidences and proofs will be given to the fullest extent provided by the law and not beyond that in any circumstances.

8. Further Tackle Detective Agency or its employees and any affiliates agents are not liable to any party or any special situation which may arise between the client and his/her subject due to the information provided by us. We are not bound to attend any type of reunion occurs due to the services purchased from us.

9. Client will protect Tackle Detective Agency from any of the claims, liability or the damages if occurs while working on the case for gathering data.

10. All notices hereunder shall be given in writing to Tackle Detective Agency. by certified mail or prepaid postage to the address of the Tackle Detective agency or handed over to the authorized personal of the said agency.

11. If any action shall be brought on account of any breach of or to enforce any of the terms or conditions of this agreement Tackle Detective Agency shall be entitled to receive from client a reasonable legal advisory fee.

12. Tackle Detective Agency assures the client that it will work with most efficient and cost effective manner and use its best means and full potential to gather the desired information as required by the client.

13. The client is responsible for giving all information about the subject correctly and completely as this is our only means to begin and complete the requested report. Once the payment has been made for any research, no refunds will be given to the client.

14. Once the research or investigation has started on behalf of the client, he is duly responsible for the payments as it is non-refundable whether the client needs or do not want the investigation further.

15. We strive to offer the best of services and solutions to our clients, however, the results might vary sometimes, may be negative in some cases, or not on the expected lines, due to the circumstances or nature of the cases. Irrespective of the results or outcomes to, clients are liable to pay the payment or full amount agreed upon at the start of the project

16. Full and final payment has to be made at least a week before proceeding in any of the assignment of any nature. The payment received is non-refundable irrespective of the conditions/situations for where the clients changes the mind and don’t want the services anymore.

17. All information gathered through this investigation, details will be treated with utmost integrity, discretion and in the strictly confidential manner.    

18. You, or anybody else who enters with us in an agreement, is /are bound by this terms and conditions to not post anything disgraceful against us, on any channels or in any networks on the internet, ever. You are also bound to not write anywhere on the internet anything that harms the reputation of Tackle Detective Agency, or harms the brand image or puts the negative impact on company, irrespective of the results or quality of services or solutions provided or offered by Tackle Detective.  

19. If however, you are not satisfied or unhappy from our services or the solutions provided by us, you can first write in to us, email us, or contact us through any of the channel for disposal of your matter. Still if the problem exists you are free to go through a legal procedure but not in any situation you will publish anything negative against us on the internet.  

20. Irrespective of your location, not within the city, area, region or country where you live, all disputes or dissatisfaction related cases will only be furnished to Delhi judicial, or any legal case against Tackle Detective Agency can only be pursued under the Delhi jurisdiction.    

21. We offer Information to the client either verbally or in writing, depending on the nature/ Kind of assignment.

22. In case of any police case, litigation etc. against Tackle Detective Agency or any of its offices/members/agents arising out of the above case, all the cost/expenses including expenditure in Court cases, if any arising while concluding the case, will be paid/ bore by the client.

23. Tackle detective Agency will always be safeguarded, defended and protected by client from any and all claims, damages or liability whatever arising out of the services.

24. Expenses would be based totally on the requirements of the customer query/issue.

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