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Privacy Policy

Tackle detective agency is a well-established agency since 2008. We are committed to serve our client in the most ethical and in enthusiastic manner which will make them realize a quality work done by a professional in every sphere of services provided by us. We not only focus to provide our clients the best detective services, thus we target to win their heart by our quality and time bounded services so that they can rely on us for the continuing of maintain their diverse needs about the investigation and detective services.

For us the trust, honesty, privacy, goodwill and reputation of the client are the major concerns on which our business stands. We are bound to protect and maintain the confidentiality to the cases and the information about the subject as well as client. We are strived to maintain and not disclose the client’s identity of anyone in any case. We keep all the information in a top secret and in a highly secured manner and never allow anything relation to cases to come out in public.

For us, at Tackle Detective Agency from the very beginning of the business we are completely focusing on our motto i.e. ‘Trustworthiness’. We assure our every client that we will take all the necessary decisions to maintain and protect our clients interest and build a good trusty relation. While performing our investigation we came across a lot of information and a personal stuff through the enquiries and the surveillance we perform, but we never allow any misuse of that data. Form the beginning till the end all data collected either it is personal or anything related to case, we maintain a secrecy at every step in the investigation process.

Tackle detective agency is a disciplined, reputable and a licensed venture who execute each of its case In a highly professional manner thorough its diverse team of young, energetic as well as experienced investigators and always the identity of the client. However, is some circumstances when it comes to legal proceeding, or the involvement of the Police or some Govt. Official approach us relation to the cases for Indian law, we help them in every manner, as we are also bound by the law. Otherwise we never share or furnish the case related data to anyone. 

We also assure you that we never disclose, sell, rent, or lease the data of the client’s identity, personal information, financial status to any third party irrespective of the offers they give. We are strictly bounded for protecting the client’s data. We, at Tackle Detective Agency, have the right to change this privacy policy or update it any time without giving any prior notice to anyone. By using our services or solutions, you accept or signify to accept, or abide by, the terms and conditions laid down in this policy.

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