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Loyalty Test Investigation

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Loyalty is the basis of every relationship. Tackle detective helps in solving every possible doubt of client to get proofs of clear the misunderstanding. A doubt may or may not be correct, can spoil the relationship to a large extent. It is better to stay alone rather than staying with a wrong person.

At Tackle detective loyalty tests are performed by creating a situation on the basis of the brief description given by the client. On whom it should be performed?

  • Boyfriend
  • Girlfriend
  • Business Partner
  • Spouse
  • Employees

Our loyalty test helps you with the proofs against your partner’s extra-marital affair or hidden marriage. The test is performed in such a way that we find out strong physical or virtual proofs against the convict or we perform this act with the help of one of our trained agent to act as a friend to convict.

In case of mere misunderstanding, it is necessary to get it checked. We just don’t believe in bringing proofs but also resolving issues which may occur because of misunderstandings. Our detectives just don’t check the person with whom your partner is meeting but also the reason behind that meet. The aspects checked in our loyalty test:

  1. Schedule of the convict
  2. With whom he or she meets?
  3. Context of meeting.
  4. How does he or she present your image in front of other?
  5. What does he or she talk about you at your back?
  6. How much do they give you priority?
  7. Will they fight for the sake of relationship if it gets worse?


Business Partner

Business partner loyalty tests are performed in such a way that information of every single penny earned by your partner will come to your table. We also find out whether he is working with some other people too, without your information.

Business partner test is also performed by creating an offer in front of the partner to understand the real picture behind his commitments to you.

Employee Check

Now a day Companies are using this kind of investigation to about the loyalty of their employees, especially to fight against the poaching act of other companies.

In this check, activities of employees are checked by regular surveillance to check their involvement in any kind of wrongdoing which may affect the firm. Many times fake poaching is tried to find out their possibility to switch to the other organization.

Loyalty check is also done by bribing the employees to find the level of honesty they have towards there organization.

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