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We at Tackle Detectives have strived hard to be known as one of the top-ranking detective agency in Kolkata today. With over 12 years of expertise in the field of private investigation services, we stand as a forerunner in the country. The company is helmed under the prowess of the industry expert, Poornima Singh, who under her runs a team of diversely skilled detectives.

Tackle Detective Agency in Kolkata has a list of detective services to offer that are broadly categorized as matrimonial detective services and corporate detective services.
In today’s world of online matrimonial matching and marriages, there could be more to a person’s life than what we can infer from their matrimonial profile which we will help you uncover. Under the matrimonial detective investigation services, we offer:
Pre matrimonial investigation
• Post matrimonial investigation
• Surveillance
• Loyalty Tests
• Background check
• Divorce Cases
• Extramarital Affair

Under the corporate detective investigating services, we offer a range of services that a corporate company might require for assuring smooth functioning of their workforce, such as:
• Employee background checks
• Employee criminal record checks
• Financial Fraud investigations
• Labour Court Cases
• Sting Operation services
• Undercover Agents for hire
Tackle Detective Agency in Kolkata has clientele all across the country and branches to take up cases in all major cities in India. The company takes care to ensure 100% clientele confidentiality in all their operations and strives to complete an operation keeping in mind the client’s time frame.
Do get in touch at info@tackledetective.com to schedule an appointment on call or in-person to discuss how we can help you.


India’s best matrimonial detective agency in Kolkata.

Marriage is an important decision that one must take on practical grounds rather than emotional. You might have fallen in love with someone at first sight. The one might have helped you a lot and you feel he is your soulmate. But, you never know, what is going on at the back of his mind. Especially if you know him only for a couple of months or years.

It is not so easy to find out about the way one actually thinks and one shows the way he thinks. People often have different shades of personality and they consciously and sub-consciously present themselves to different people. Tackle Detective Agency in Kolkata can be a little help in finding out all the relevant information related to your loved one.

This investigation will involve telling you about all the people with whom your love partner meets and all the places he visits. It looks into the linkages one has that are beyond friendship. This can also help in knowing if your love partner is engaged in any illegitimate activities. If it is found that your partner goes to any place that is not okay for a normal citizen or civilian, you will be lucky to find the reality and will be saved from him. You can also take necessary action either to bring him to the right path or inform the right authorities.

Finding out about the family’s hidden details is also an important part of this investigation. One gets connected with the entire family after marriage. One is held accountable for the actions of the family members apart from the spouse. You will also get to know about every important detail associated with your lover’s family members and their occupational activities.

Tackle Detective Agency in Kolkata makes sure you are playing safe. It is, after all, the question of your whole life. You might feel bad about yourself for not having faith in your partner. It is advisable to have a strong foundation for building the multi-story building of faith. Later, you can compensate for it by being more dedicated. Take care!

In India, there has been reported an exponential rise in divorce cases. The matrimonial bond which was treated as the holiest, sacred and pious in the previous generations is no longer strong enough to bind young couples. The primary causes resulting in divorces are ego-clashes, the unearthing of extra-marital affairs, infidelity, domestic violence, and many more. But it has also been noticed that more than 95% of these reasons are fueled with suspicions and doubts.
Tackle Detective Agency in Kolkata is growing thick and fast for conducting discreet and confidential investigations through private and expert investigators. These people unearth key evidence that proves instrumental in strengthening the divorce cases. Relying on a Tackle Detective Agency in Kolkata is the best means to vindicate one’s stand-in divorce proceedings especially when he/she is up against infidelity, alimony, or maintenance claims, child custody issues, etc.
One should always consider going for a post matrimonial investigation if he/she has been married since long it helps in ascertaining whether a suspicion is wrong or right. If wrong, there is a possibility to patch-up and restart all over again.


Why is it important to have a corporate investigation?

A corporate investigation or Business Investigation is the assessment conducted by a private investigator of an organization to make the following points.

  1. To check the viability of the system.
  2. Find out wrongdoing committed by management, employees, or third parties.
  3. Protect the misuse of the company network.
  4. Prevent a damaged reputation.

The need for corporate investigation in Kolkata:
• Businesses and corporations use corporate investigations so that they can make the best decisions for the business and ensure the company’s success.
• An investigator is an unbiased source that will provide you with reliable information. Often, large corporations will have internal investigators so that they are always aware of every movement of their company to provide suspected unlawful activity and protect the firm from potential threats by Conducting background checks for new hires and new partners.
• A corporate investigator can provide legal and expert evidence so that they are more likely to be respected by the court.
• Protect organizations from competitors and those who wish to take advantage of the company with the help of intellectual property investigations.
Types of Corporate Investigation:
Depending on what you need, an investigator will conduct one or multiple investigations:
Undercover Investigation: An investigator will look into employee misconduct like theft, substance abuse, or harassment. Investigators will often use covert surveillance for their inspection.
Financial Investigation: An investigator conduct a financial investigation and discover money laundering, fraud, and other white-collar crime.
E-Discovery / Electronic Investigation: electronic investigators can gather electronically stored information to collect the necessary evidence. They can also potentially restore lost data.
Corruption Investigation: corruption investigation can uncover bribery, illegal foreign exchange, corporate fraud, and industrial espionage.
Services conducted during a business investigation:
Services provided by Tackle Detective in Kolkata include due diligence, integrity testing, countermeasure sweeps, computer forensics, financial investigation, surveillance, background checks, and security penetration checks.


Why is it necessary to have someone’s background checked?

The Importance of Background Check or Background Verification
“A man is known by the company he keeps” is a popular saying of all times but nothing can be predicted about a person’s character which is highly influential and transitory.

In order to establish the true conduct and the basic character of a person or individual, background check or verification is absolutely essential, particularly before venturing into a professional agreement or a commercial deal. Background check not only validates the superficial or fabricated claims or statements of an individual but also reveals the undisclosed facts intentionally suppressed for profit or gain.

It cannot be said for sure or assumed rationally that a person’s character will remain the same over a lifetime. Social status or professional designation of a person does not certify any individual’s character morally. There are numerous validated examples of highly reputed persons who have been convicts or suspects of highly illegal activity such as frauds or scams. In order to ascertain the merit or genuineness of an investigation case, a comprehensive check strategy incorporating the latest technologies at disposal would be more beneficial and reliable to the investigating agency and its clients.

There are a lot of Detective Agency in Kolkata at present and a fair number of such agencies are emerging regularly. However, from the trust and reliability point of view Tackle Detective Agency in Kolkata has no doubt established itself as one among the most preferred Deetective Agency in Kolkata, and it is expected that very soon it will prove to be an outstanding one.


What causes divorce?

Divorce cases in Kolkata have been on the rise for the last many years. There can be several reasons to explain this sudden surge but the major factor here to me seems women liberation. After living in subjugation for years they are now more upfront in talking about their problems and needs. Thanks to modern education and developing India.

Until a few years back not many women would have had the courage to speak out against domestic violence in marriages and asked for a divorce but today women know their rights and are more assertive. Today women without any inhibition approach the civil court for filing a divorce in an unhappy marriage. The proceedings take time -a couple of years- but they (women) stand firm for their rights.

A divorce case does not only gives the woman a right for separation but also lays emphasis on her maintenance. This is the amount paid to the wife after divorce to sustain herself. The court after taking into consideration several factors decides upon the amount to be given. However, this is not the end of the turmoil that a woman faces, there are several other societal norms that she has to battle at every step.


Why do we need to get the loyalty test done?

One of the most significant belief systems to me is loyalty. Any effective relationship, regardless of whether it be business, love, or companionship, includes reliability. A business assembles dedication with its clients by constantly giving great items and administrations to its clients with the goal that they will return rather than search somewhere else for their requirements.

Without client faithfulness, the business wouldn’t flourish as well and for as long. This is equivalent to adoration and fellowship. Without devotion, the relationship gets conflicting and delicate. Me by and by, I need to have the option to believe in my relationship with others. Those that I know are trustworthy, solid, and where there is no need to scrutinize their devotion. Some other sort of relationship would be viewed as a misuse of my time, sincerely.
Reliability can come in numerous structures and can mean different things relying upon who you ask, yet to me, it implies giving somebody your predictable love and bolster regardless. It implies not fleeing when times get hard, staying faithful to your commitments long after they left your mouth, and
experiencing both the highs and the lows of life, together. To me, dedication resembles an implicit bond. Being faithful isn’t something you can simply say you are, Or maybe it is something you demonstrate through time, penance, and commitment. Anyone ready to humble themselves, be benevolent, and focus on you, is a significant companion in reality.

Life can get insane, and it is a consoling inclination to realize that you have somebody in your corner to assist you with traversing the tough situations and commend the great occasions also. Which welcomes me to my next point on reliability. I feel like the vast majority will, in general, perceive an individual’s devotion more when something awful happens.

It’s in every case great to realize that you have somebody who will stick through the unpleasant occasions with you and assist you with showing signs of improvement place, yet I feel like individuals don’t perceive a companion’s devotion as much as they should when something great is occurring as well. Numerous individuals can say they need the best for you yet I’ve seen that not everyone has the best expectations for you.

Tackle Detective Agency in Kolkata is providing loyalty test services.

I’ve heard individuals state you should take notice to the ones who get you when they see you tumble down, yet I trust it’s similarly as imperative to focus on those supporting your prosperity too. Not every person is going to applaud when they see you succeed. Some will get desirous and take a gander at it as to a greater degree a rivalry, however, somebody who is faithful to you will partake in the good times of your prosperity since that was the objective in any case; to be a sacrificial, certified companion and succeed together. Those are the sorts of individuals you need in your circle.

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