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Life is composed of many memorable phases like a new job or a matrimonial alliance. Times are rapidly changing and the truth you see can be masqueraded. Important decisions at work or personal frontiers require some thorough background check and we are here to help you. The tackle detective agency in Ghaziabad is a pioneer in the industry and is a one-stop solution for all kinds of investigation services.

It is a trusted brand and is committed to one hundred per cent of the confidentiality of its clients. Its trusted team possesses the skill set to spot the nuances and provide you with genuine results. With over 12 years of experience, we offer specially curated services for each client. Have a thought on your mind? Book a consultation with us today.


Expert in Pre/Post Matrimonial Investigation


Marriages are decided upon in heaven and it needs good understanding from both sides for a successful bond to flourish. Tackle detective agency in Ghaziabad could be a thoughtful choice before making your move as this will not only clear your doubts about your immediate partner, it will also help you build a strong bond.

Many times, it turns out that the in-laws wanted dowry and they were just pretending before marriage. In that case, the girl can be forced to bear that stigma throughout her lifetime and in some cases, the male partner is on the suffering end. In both cases, it is good to get the pre matrimonial investigation in Ghaziabad done and understand the history of the family where you are planning to marry-off your daughter or son.
The pre matrimonial investigation in Ghaziabad will also make you understand the friend-circle of your future partner, which is very important to understand to get along with them for the lifetime. Would you want to marry someone whom you are not compatible with? Or would you marry someone about whom you are well aware of and sure that he/she is the correct choice? The ultimate choice is yours.

Marriage is a beautiful relation that is based on love, trust, and loyalty, but sometimes it gets worse when somebody cheats. Sometimes it can be a misunderstanding or sometimes it can be a deliberate move that can hurt the relationship. The reasons for infidelity cannot be determined until somebody gets the truth out with exact and undeniable proofs.
Reasons for suspicion can be a sudden change in behaviour, uncertain outing and office work, suspicious phone calls and messages, unwillingness to spend quality time, and unreasonable arguments.

The post matrimonial investigation in Ghaziabad service is the best option to unearth not only the truth but also all the facts with conclusive proofs. It can save your marriage if it is a misunderstanding or reveal the truth if it is a deliberate and desirable move of infidelity. We inspect every activity of the suspect and evaluate every delicate information. Our investigation is not just to collect the facts but to verify them so you can not make any wrong decision.

We cover all the points given by the client and work undercover on every single fact to clear every doubt of our client with strong and conclusive evidence, identification proofs of every person, photos, and videos.


We offer following detective services in Ghaziabad

1. Pre matrimonial
2. Post matrimonial
3. Surveillance
4. Personal Investigation
5. Background Verification
6. Adultery Case
7. Divorce and maintenance case
8. Loyalty test Investigation
9. Missing person investigation
10. Cybercrime
11. Corporate investigation
12. Sting operation
13. Undercover operation

Need for our detective agency in Ghaziabad


The inquiry is vital in every discipline, irrespective of nature and output received. Here, if we hire anyone for the domestic work, finalizing the candidate for the job, or making progress in a matrimonial relationship. The background check helps you to get rid of various problems, which you might encounter if you do not make the prior check for the person’s nature. For example, let you are planning a marriage with the girl and you are making progress, without having the prior check.

Now, are you aware, what all adverse consequences happen with you? There are several instances, where the girl is having an extra-marital relationship with several men, then develops a matrimonial relationship with the man, and after few days, they take all the valuable items of their home, wipe out all the money from the bank and leave the home. Now, it is too late and you can’t do anything. Therefore, take the proactive decision, do the background check. And, once you are fully satisfied – go ahead with the further strengthening of the bond of love.

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Phone: +91-9711330254
Email: ghaziabad@tackledetective.com

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