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Know which girl Arjun Rampal was having an affair with.

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Know which girl Arjun Rampal was having an affair with.

Famous film actor Arjun Rampal started his family life with Gabriela Demitriad, while Arjun Rampal was already married as well as a father. Arjun is married to Meher Jessia, who also has two children. He promoted extramarital affairs without divorcing his wife.

arjun rampal image

After this, questions were raised about extramarital relations between people in the society. The matter became even more complicated when the news of his girlfriend Gabriela Demitriad becoming a mother came to light.

Questions started arising regarding the matter among the people. Between common people, it became a matter of discussion that is it right to have a second relationship without divorcing the first wife?

Arjunrampal affair image

In many cases it has been revealed that men have more extramarital relations than women. About 15% of this is done in women and 30% in puruso.

What does extramarital affair mean?

Having a relationship with someone after marriage is called an extramarital affair, which is a crime.

What are extramarital relationships like?

– Sexual relations
– affective

However, there may be other reasons for this, but relationship experts point out that due to weak relationship or partner, such main two relationships are formed.

Although it is not wrong to love, but what kind of relationship is that and how serious you are about it also matters.

Why do women have an extramarital affair Women can crack their conversation in a much better way than Puruso and can also share their talk. When women do not get along with their husbands So she looks at the other side to fulfill her need where their needs can be fulfilled, sometimes this need may be in physical form. Due to their busy lifestyle, husband and wife lead parallel lives. Because of which unki do not have any interaction and do not get a chance to spend time together. Even on weekends, couples stay severed. After the birth of children, men start seeing women as the mother of a child, they do not see them as their girlfriend or wife.
During these cases, men may have to go through legal problems. If he is financially strong then it is okay otherwise he may have to face a lot of problems. During these cases, the fate of the children is most likely.

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